Opinion: So what if Xbox One blocks Used Games

onPause writes

Who really will care about this debate when 2 or 3 years have passed and used games are a thing of the past. No PC gamer complains about the Steam marketplace as passionately as we’d think. It is really a non-issue on the PC.

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Thepharaoh1795d ago

oh nothing muc hexept for thefact that i won't be buying it.I mean how in the hell would you even be able to judge that

mcroddi1795d ago

That's the point, you have a choice!

Thepharaoh1795d ago

Im still confused as to how on earth its able to recognize that sort of thing

dedicatedtogamers1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

People who say "I play online all the time" or "I don't buy used games anyway" are COMPLETELY missing the point. Xbox One will not be a legacy console. It will not be a console onto which you can build a collection.

Every. Single. Console, from the Atari 2600 to the Wii-U, has allowed you to take a game off the shelf and play it. Point A to Point B. Simple. What happens when you want to show your kids Halo 5, years from now? Will the internet adapters in the back of the Xbox One still be compatible with future internet? Will the authentication servers be active? Will your hard drive last that long? Will you have to maintain a Gold account between now and then? If we break our console but keep our disc, will we have to re-buy our game? Will we even have the option, or will we be locked out of our own game? Microsoft has taken something so fundamentally simple and decided to turn it into something complicated.

How's that SimCity working out for you, EA?

mcroddi1795d ago

I agree, the used game thing is nowhere near as much of an issue as a REQUIRED internet connection. Regardless if it checks every 24 hours...

jc485731795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I don't think microsoft cares if you CAN play used game later on. Remember what they said about the BC thing?

-Mika-1795d ago

And I think you're overreacting. Things change. The PC market is like this and I don't see PC gamers whining about it. Second, I don't think this issue is complicated. The problem is you and other users are grasping for reasons to make it complicated.

This used game block is great for developers and as gamers that the only thing you should be worrying about. The less money they make, the less games we get. Keep that in mind.

dedicatedtogamers1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@ -Mika-

I don't know how you can say that. First of all, there's are REASONS why PCs and consoles are different. I hope I don't have to go into detail there. Second, console online stores are years behind what Steam is doing (there are, however, plenty of PC sources that allow you to buy completely DRM-free games). Steam games are cheaper on launch. Steam games go on sale for $25 when the console versions still retail for $50.

It is silly to say "PCs have done this for years" unless Xbox One also implements all of the advantages of PCs, too.

Majin-vegeta1795d ago

@Mika get out no seriously GTFO.I see you like to bend over to greed.You're one of the dumbest gamers i have ever seen.

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Godmars2901795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

But it doesn't block used games: it makes you pay in addition to the used game you bought. It also kills rentals and letting friends borrow games - unless you want to let that friend use your profile on their system.

No, no, no, no, no...

Asking someone who got something from Gamestop for $5 off the full price, is only going to go ballistic when they get home are "asked" to put up the full price to then actually play it.

At the very least, Gamestops will be burned to the ground for changing their return polices.

mcroddi1795d ago

Correct, from the rumors we heard it may charge you the price of the game to license it...

Myst1795d ago

Yeah since I rent a lot from Family Video down the road this would surely be a problem for me. I also wonder how GameFly would handle this sort of thing...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1795d ago

I'm utterly appalled that some people are trying to defend this....

NateCole1795d ago

The knock on effect will be quite bad for the gaming industry.

The vast majority of gamers that make the gaming industry as is use the second hand market. This has allowed these very same gamers to take more risk with different games and buy new games with money they get from selling old games.

Now imagine this second hand market drying up.

Imagine then no new innovation as every devlopers and publishers only create FPS that are sure to sell and only a few others because gamers are more choosy of games they buy because they couldn't get any money back from games they don't play anymore.

The results?. Lesser games = lesser gamers buying games = Gaming Industry market contraction = Dead gaming industry.

And this does not even include that fact that we will no longer own the games we buy.

The credit from the use sales market is like the grease for the gaming industry. It's the same with every other industry. For example the real estate industry. You sell your old home to help buy a new home. With out the sale of your old home you will not be able to buy a new home and such no new business. Its the same for the car industry etc.

You have to be nuts if you believe this is good for the industry.

patsrule3161795d ago

While what you are saying is correct, it goes even beyond that. Even if you never personally buy or sell used games, consumers benefit from used games. It is a simple supply and demand issue. For the last few years, most games can be found between 33% and 50% off NEW. The reason prices are dropping so fast is because the people who bought the games on release are selling their games at a discount. The new products must lower their prices to keep up with the used prices. If people can no longer get used games at a discount because they still have to pay full price, the new games will not need to lower their costs to keep up. No more Tomb Raider at $30 Bioshock Infinite $40, Injustice $35, etc. NEW this soon after release.

Look at the price of the XBLA and PSN games. Many of the games that released years ago are still at full price currently. Its because they cannot be traded back. You have no alternative. You must pay full price. Maybe you can get lucky and they put it on sale some week, but you are still paying whatever full price they set and have no alternative. It is the alternatives that has lowered the cost of gaming for everyone, even those of us who don't buy or sell used games.

SDF Repellent1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

The problem with blocking used games on CONSOLES is just a no no. People with game rental membership like Gamefly will be affected; in turn, these game rental operation will be out of business in a short time. Also, people gotta understand game trading and reselling is part of console gaming tradition like BBQ tailgate before football game. It is the very thing that separates it from the PC crowd.

MS, being greedy and a PC company first, has always wanted to implemented this so they can control a user license and gain more revenue from it. The xbox and xbox 360 were just decoys so they can fool the core gamers to buy in to their plan. Once they have established a large enough market share, then they can just implement this scheme of blocking content to gain full control of each and everyone of us. I was a sucker and now I am happy that I am free from their enslavement before it is too late.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that Sony won't go down this very path as well. If they do, it will truly be the end of traditional console gaming.

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