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Should Nintendo Stop Making Consoles And Stick To Games?

The Wii U is having a really rough time. Is it time for Nintendo to switch to just making software and bow out of the console war they aren't really a part of anyway? Den of Geek's Daniel Hill discusses. (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

Yi-Long  +   425d ago
IF at this E3 the Sony press-conference would start....
... and it would start with the Mario-theme song....

... then after some amazing Mario Footage, someone would walk on stage and say: Next-gen Nintendo games, coming exclusively to PS4!

It would be game, set and match for Nintendo and Sony, and game over for Microsoft. Like, COMPLETELY.

It won't happen ofcourse, unless Nintendo is in worse shape than we think, but it COULD be a very nice partnership for everyone involved.

Considering the past between Sony and Nintendo, it will never happen.
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-Mika-  +   425d ago
I think that would be great. All I hear from nin fans and even gamers are they only buy nintendo hardware for their games. So nintendo might as well cut out the middleman and just develop games only. The console market is not going to get better for nintendo. Not with MS and Sony as their competition. As for their handhelds. That a dying market. Tablets and phones are getting better by each year. Kids are getting their gaming fix on the go from their mother phones. Outside of japan, handheld gaming is dead. I try to picture a future 6 years from now, where nintendo is doing well in the handheld market and console market but I just don't see it. I just don't.
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SpiralTear  +   425d ago
Wow, you really hate Nintendo, don't you? I mean, not like typical fanboy Nintendo hate, but sheer vehement, unrestrained want-them-to-fail-on-every-lev el hate.

By the way, won't happen. Putting Mario on another console doesn't magically change or improve Mario.
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KillerPwned  +   425d ago
I have to disagree on the handheld market especially with Nintendo they are still dominating and yes gaming on tablets are picking up but its no where near the experience you can get on a DS or 3DS. I see gaming on devices such as phones and tablets is meant more for casuals that just wanna boot up a game for a quick 5-10 minute session then get back to whatever they are doing.

As for the console market I am still fully confident in Nintendo sure its nothing like Sony in the terms of getting your shooter fix. But they have stuck to their roots for the past few generations and it does not seem to have cause them any great harm if they still keep on going it then the strategy must be making a good sum of money.

It seems some people have become to quick to judge Nintendo and I see it a lot personally. Like the Wii U sure its nothing amazing at the moment but is any console when its first released?

I see this is one of those articles yet again all it is judging way to soon and trying to give out negative feed back. Its one persons opinion which does not stick out for the hole audience.

P.S. Mika your statement is wrong just in my own opinion. I am a long time Nintendo fan I do not buy their hardware for the 1st party titles. I buy it because of the quality in both games and hardware. The innovation that I see within the gaming consoles themselves. When I buy a Nintendo console I do not expect a media power house. I expect a full fledged console made for the gamers. Its called a gaming console for a reason and for that Nintendo has stuck to their word since the beginning of it all.
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Donnieboi  +   425d ago
No with M$ going totally casual, and tv-focused...we need all the hardcore companies we can get. Even Valve's steambox looks like it won't happen (their not even going to E3).

So Sony (and YES Nintendo too) are all we got. I endorse Nintendo now as well as Sony. Nintendo has a HUGE opportunity now to get the hardcore back. Hell I might even go buy a Wii U with my PS4 this holiday season. Anything to support REAL gaming companies. To hell with "CableBoX One", I wan't some REAL hardcore gaming.
kirbyu  +   425d ago
If that happened, I think I might have to kill myself.
CalvinKlein  +   425d ago
well if Nintendo should get out of the hardware business because the wiiU is struggling and hasnt been on the market for a year, then I guess sony should too as the vita is doing worse and has been out longer.

Ohh wait, they can easily sell way more wiius than n64s or gamecubes and the 3ds is selling quite a bit despite a "dying handheld market." The only reason the handheld market is preceived to be dying is because the vita is a huge flop. Dont get pissy with me as I have a vita, but the thing is a huge flop so far. I like the games but theres no doubt that some of the games should have been better and there should be more quality games from 3rd parties on the thing by now. Its pretty clear why the thing isnt selling with such a high price point and the two best games being unknown by casuals, gravity rush and Soul sacrifice.

Basically, all you fanboys can say this type of stuff about nintendo, but it all applies to sony as well as they are currently the owners of the biggest flop so far this generation, the vita.
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PigPen  +   425d ago
Are if Nintendo was on stage and Sony announced exclusives for the Wii U. There will not be a console that can challenge it.
ABizzel1  +   425d ago
Love Nintendo games, consoles not so much.

This would be a dream union for me, but it'll never happen until one goes bankrupt, which I wouldn't want either.
Animavicion  +   425d ago
bullymangLer  +   425d ago
If i buy Need for Speed on the wiiU and i am able to with just one game disc, play multi-player, one person on the t.v. and another on the wiiU gamePad, with just one game disk, without the cumbersome spLit-screen, then nintendo, if you can read me, keep making them consoLes!
PopRocks359  +   425d ago
Same question, same answer; no. No real reason for it. Nintendo profits off of consoles, even when they don't sell record numbers.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   425d ago
With how much the 3DS is selling right now
AND with how much the Wii sold last Gen...

Isn't it too early for all this?

(And to be honest the WiiU is ahead of where PS3 was at launch same time- But now PS3 is doing fine).
jc48573  +   425d ago
I expect more people to support the WiiU right after the reveal of Xbozone.
SpiralTear  +   425d ago
No, and here's why: the same people who say Nintendo should go third-party complain about how they re-release Mario and Zelda so much. Would putting those games on another console instantly make those games palatable to Xbox or Playstation owners? No, it won't.

End of story. Now stop making the same article over and over again about a question with a definite answer that didn't change since yesterday.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   425d ago
hmmmm not sure if Nintendo is one to hold a grudge TBH.....i mean after the hole Sony/Nintendo Partnership before the PSOne and such.......the Japanese is a proud people and wont bow down easily...........just saying
thaimasker  +   425d ago
and here we go again
Sarobi  +   425d ago
Nah. I generally like their handheld stuff so..
kaozgamer  +   425d ago
dont do what sega did
ronaldk   425d ago | Spam
kirbyu  +   425d ago
If they did stop making consoles, they should just keep making games for their old consoles.
LOL_WUT  +   425d ago
That wouldn't make any sense... Nintendo would might as well sell all their games on PSN and Live. ;)
DivineAssault  +   425d ago
none of EAs sequels are going on wii u so whats next for them 3rd party wise besides ubisoft? Nx gen is incoming & wii u will be missing out on a lot.. Good thing they make good 1st party titles.. If not, id sell it

PigPen  +   425d ago
Nintendo will do fine. They might not get all 3rd party but they will get some. More 3rd party games then little. With XboxOne out of the way, the Wii U will see more. They might see more then you imagine since most gaming studios can't afford to go the next gen route. The Wii U is what I have my money on.
Magnus  +   425d ago
Bad enough Sega dropped out of the console race. I still play my Sega consoles. But if Nintendo were to take the same path as Sega and just focused on games it wouldn't feel the same. Playing Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Star Fox on a machine that doesn't say Nintendo or have a controller that doesn't say Nintendo on it won't be the same. As actually playing those franchises on an actual Nintendo machine. Nintendo has to pull a great idea for the Wii-U or scrap the current Wii-U and start from scratch and make a machine that can compete with the XboxOne and PS4 Nintendo would then have to market the machine to the audieance. Nintendo machines have been around for a long time most of us grew up playing those machines. Nintendo won't go without a fight.
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GotHDGame  +   425d ago
No, they should not. Nintendo had some great systems for gosh sakes. They WON HANDS DOWN last gen...and if you really think Xbox One is going to take over gaming, well I don't think so. Nintendo Wii U may not have the power, BUT PS4 does. Both company's (Sony meaning in terms of consoles) are in it to win it. Consoles should be consoles with perks, but their main objective should be GAMES. 1stXbox or is it Xbox One...Oh hell I don't know. As a gamer Turned me off. I don't want a freaking PC in front of my TV(and that is what it looks like, that or a big old VCR). Most of us at this point in time could just hook a PC up to our TV (and allot of us do) BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT....We want games...
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HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   425d ago
If Nintendo were to stop making consoles I would like to see them join forces with Sony for them to go Sega rout and just become a 3rd party company will make they top franchises look less appealing.
Theyellowflash30  +   425d ago
After the shitty Xbox One reveal? Hell no. Always Online, no backwards compatibility, used games fees, shooters, Xbox Live fees, too much TV BS.

The Wii U is going to crush the Xbox One this fall
PigPen  +   425d ago
Nintendo make consoles that fit their games. Mario has as much or more star power then Mickey. Why is this always a question for Nintendo. Should Sony stop making consoles and stick to games? How about Microsoft, anyone. With Sony selling buildings that's more of a reality. With the XboxOne reveal that can be a reality. Just leave Nintendo alone.
tweet75  +   425d ago
no because if microsoft and sony dont allow used games to be played on there systems nintendo will win the new generation consoles with wii u. Since it does play used games.
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ylwzx3  +   425d ago
There is so much BS tied to the Xbox One I can not even seriously think about buying one.
ceballos77mx  +   425d ago
After the M$ reveal ill probably pick a Wii U to keep my ps4 company. I was going for a ps4/Xbox combo next gen but not after yesterday.
Kos-Mos  +   425d ago
Should journalists stop asking questions in a headline?
Yes, because both the question and the error of putting a question in a headline seems like a work of 6 year old girl. No offense to them, but they just don`t know better at that age.
RAFFwaff  +   425d ago
youve just answered your own question. nintendo are not part of the 'console war' anyway. they have always prided themselves on giving consumers something different and a loyal fanbase has stuck by them for their innovation, creativity and software. second screen gaming with social/media functions is the future whether you embrace it or not. nintendo know this. microsoft will utilise smartglass more and sony are scrambling to bring vita compatibility with ps4. with some great first party exclusive software, like it or not, nintendo are perfectly placed and prepared for this next gen to unfold.
WPX  +   425d ago
This question has been asked a million times... for the millionth time, NO!
ZeekQuattro  +   425d ago
Should wannabe gaming journalist stop making the same lame articles over and over again for hits? Yes!!!
Upstate8987  +   425d ago
great discussions here!! Thanks for the responses, guys!
InTheLab  +   425d ago
God no. We need Nintendo now more than ever.
o-Sunny-o  +   425d ago
Nintendo is fine where its at. I loved Nintendos consoles from the past and looking foreword to Wii U games coming out. If anything needs to go its just the name Wii that's all. Nintendo is here to stay until they say they are done. ^~\\

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