Fire Everything Ep. 69: Xbox Onederfully Awful

Join the Fire Everything crew as we discuss how bad the Xbox one reveal was. Like the show? give us a like on Facebook or send us an email!

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1829d ago

Xbox: go to Amazon!!
Xbox:playstation 4!
Xbox:1 day shipping!!

negative1829d ago

Signed up for email notification so when XBOX ONE is available for pre-order I'm on it.


Odoylerules0001829d ago

@negative: Well, one thing you can say for MS is that they managed to instill some crazy brand loyalty in you...considering you're willing to buy that PoS Xbox One the day it comes out... Which is weird...

TheBrit1829d ago

You all seem to be missing the big picture - this reveal was not aimed at the gaming side of the system, it was aimed at the multi-media side i.e. The yearly Consumer Electronics version of it.

The games / additional features / news is in 3 weeks at E3 i.e. The yearly biggest Gaming Convention.

I'm somewhat disappointed with it but gradually starting to warm up to it - don't shoot it in the foot just yet until you see the whole picture.

ickysweat771829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

The optimist of the 1st degree. You do realize that most of what Microsoft introduced at the reveal is exclusive to North America, don't you? With the name "thebrit", that should probably worry you. You also realize that Microsoft is notorious for lame E3 showings? So not sure why we should expect anything different this year, especially after we watched an hour of what Microsoft thought we wanted in a gaming console; tv, sports, fantasy football, tv, talking too tv, etc. That reveal alone shows that they don't have a clue to what we want as gamers. I hope you enjoy waiving your arms around with Kinect games, EA Sports games, and other non-core, uninspired trash at E3. Anyone who thinks Microsoft is going to bring the heat in the games department at E3 is either delusional or hasn't been playing games for the last few years. Got a feeling most of those exclusives are all geared toward Kinect. I have already seen one of the exclusive they are talking about, it is called Ryse and it is all Kinect base. The gamer was kicking and punching and jumping around like a monkey. That is their interpretation of next gen and it sucks. Also, how can you be excited about games when all they showed looked so terrible. COD looked way worse than the aged Battlefield 3 running on a cheap computer. EA sports games looked just as bad. If what they showed is taste of what's to come, then I have already spit it out.

SexyGamerDude1829d ago

I've seen the picture. The picture is full of nothing but restrictions and fees. Microsoft hates gamers.


In the foot... I would F$^king shoot it in the ballz if I had half the chance.

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