Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer Reveals A 'Fake' Lighting System

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Thomas’ has sent us this image, highlighting some interesting features. As we can clearly see, there are sun shafts at places where they should not. This particular scene can be noticed at the 0:26 mark point, and we’ve checked it ourselves to verify that the bright light source at the center of the screen is the sun."

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NYC_Gamer1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Its still running on that old ass Quake engine?

john21823d ago

Indeed. It's an 'augmented' and not a brand new one

m2stech1823d ago

Wow, these guys are so cheap...wait never mind, people will still buy it.

Intentions1823d ago

It's probably a jpeg background too. :P

Apart from all the mockery, it looks better than what I expected it to. So I guess it's alright.

But imo they should of invested time into making a proper new engine. Seeing as they have so many studios working on CoD now.

Enemy1823d ago

Well, there goes that BF4 vs. COD:G graphics face-off.

Pandamobile1823d ago

They could easily have a team behind the scenes work on a whole new engine while not disrupting current Call of Duty development, but they don't.

There's a startling lack of care from Activision to push the series forward.

There's less of a difference between Black Ops 2 and Ghosts than there was between Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, and that was only an 18 month gap in the same generation.

AliTheSnake11823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Let's wait for gameplay footage, then we can judge
Did You think Frosbite 3 was a new engine ?
It's an upgraded frosbite 2.
Same story.

Pandamobile1823d ago

We've already seen some gameplay footage of Ghosts. It looked exactly like the last Call of Duty.

At least Frostbite 2 to 3 is an iteration on an already next-gen ready game engine.

Not update #15012 to Quake 3's tired old code.

Autodidactdystopia1823d ago

for real did anyone not expect this?

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camel_toad1823d ago

Activision is using the formula Minimum effort = Maximum gain and sadly it's working for them.

PurpHerbison1823d ago

They have always done this. No surprise here.

BlmThug1823d ago

With all the billions they make from CoD, one would expect some money to be spent on a new engine

ZodTheRipper1823d ago

Sadly we learned from an investor's call some weeks ago that they are only increasing marketing and sales efforts to be competitive ...they know that people will buy it anyway. Very sad.

ssj271823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Well I don't think the Quake engine has much to do here.. most games even new Unreal engine run on old codes but improved in every way..

every game running on the XBOX1 look and felt weird, just like a polished 360 game with new animations.. the new remedy games to felt cheap.. EA games and Fifa look underwhelming and is sad from a gamers perspective point of view..
now the PS4 power will be limited by one... and they say PS4 does not have bottlenecks? well it has ONE.

gamers should thank Sony for evolving the gaming industry.. PS4 will have the best games and it will do well in every way... PS4 is a masterpiece ..

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Pandamobile1823d ago

We've had those fake-ass light rays in games since Half-Life 2. I'm actually baffled that IW couldn't get a proper implementation of sun shafts going when Crytek themselves published their methods from the original Crysis.

elhebbo161823d ago

nobody goes full-crysis.

duli141823d ago

I was surprised at how bad this game looked. I mean wasn't expecting much in the first place but still.

ZodTheRipper1823d ago

It looks like it can run on this gen lol

kayoss1823d ago

It probably can. I remember one of the iw rep saying that the next gen is unnecessary as of right now. It sounded like he knows that when the next gen is out, any game released for it will suffer in sales due to smaller adoption when compared to current gen. They want to release as many cod games as possible with very little change. It's like the same game with different skin.

Axonometri1823d ago

Not to bust anyone's bubble, but volumetric light, or light rays, don't always come from the sun. Light is like liquid. It can come and go places by reflections and radiosity. That light looks like it is beaming in from something picking up the direct sun light and being cast back into the canopy of trees from another angle. You can see this in real life everywhere.

Go google some photos.

The_Klank1823d ago

What big shiney metallic surface would there be in the middle of a jungle?

Axonometri1823d ago

light does not just reflect off chrome. It could be from clouds.

The_Klank1823d ago

Hogwash Ax, light does not work that way, Pandamobile nails it.

Enemy1823d ago

Flying saucers can definitely shine in the middle of a jungle. Aliens confirmed?

Pandamobile1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Not like that. The light source would have to be REALLY diffused to begin with, and there's just no way that light shafts with that strong of a direction aren't coming from a separate light source (which should be non-existent).

Pandamobile1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Well, the burden of proof is on you. Light emitted from the sun comes in (basically) one direction to Earth. You're not going to see light shafts perpendicular to the direction of the sun in a realistic environment. Not without a giant specular surface hovering just above the tree line anyway.

"light does not just reflect off chrome. It could be from clouds"

Correct, but light reflecting off of clouds is very diffused, and hence has no real direction.

The_Klank1823d ago

I don't even..., ok so I did as you said and googled it, the deflected light in your examples all stem from the same source of light. Which in this screenshot obviously isn't happening.

Axonometri1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Light scatter is real and happens.. what I will give you both is the fact that the rays of the light at that angle being broken that hard in the volume of particles is far far too hard. If the light was scattering off say a bank of really white clouds low at the right angle... it would be more blurred and diffused.

Unicron1823d ago

Light scattering does happen. What you're seeing in the shot are typically referred to as god rays though. They come from one of two points, the sun, or the point in the sky opposite, not perpendicular.

This is basically a rookie mistake or an artist embellishment in the screenshot.

kayoss1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

You're telling me that the light reflected off the very white cloud has the same intensity of brightness compared to the direct source? It's time to pass us what you're smoking.
Let's say what you're saying is true, from the angle of where the ray is coming from the clouds have to be many miles away and higher then the source to get that kind of light reflected angle. But in this image the light ray have the same brightness as the source and the light ray is evenly position with the source that means that it have to be real close to the source for it to reflect the same intensity when compared to the source (sun). But it doesn't explain the angel of the light ray. Either you're right or god is shinning a few flash light to help te soldier find his way. Just a reminder the game is called C.O.D. Not G.O.D.

M-M1823d ago

@Axonometri, Google "brain".

specialguest1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Suppose your statement in a rare case is true. So you're saying that COD's lighting tech is sooooooo advanced that it's even capable of creating this rare case where the light ray of the sun magically bounces off a white cloud that COD devs purposely placed in the sky which we will never notice it being there in the first place just for that effect?? What a load of far fetched crap! LOL! C'mon man, just give up and admit that they faked it and got caught.

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hesido1823d ago

Axonometri: Why would they waste resources accounting for "Volume caustics" before they account for the primary light rays that should be coming from where actually the sun is? This is clearly fake lighting (and even if it were physically viable, which I think is not, it doesn't make sense to waste your GPU cycles on.)

wallis1823d ago

Jesus Christ you are so wrong it hurts.

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