Xbox One New Kinect Hands On Demo At Microsoft Headquarters - Gamerhubtv

GamerHub.TV: After the Xbox Reveal, Microsoft showcased what the new Xbox One Kinect can do. Check out the motion sensor functionality in this exclusive video.

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KrisK1794d ago

Super excited about the new Kinect. Still waiting for that Heavy Rain like adventure game where I can interact with characters through motions.

LOL_WUT1794d ago

The active IR display was pretty neat and lol @ 7:02 mark. ;)

NewMonday1793d ago

K2 is an improvement, more interesting than K1, but still buggy, and no matter how fast motion tracking gets it will not be as fast as thumbs.

This could be good as a standalone tech, but can't see much core gaming application, and making it mandatory for the opration of the XB1 is a deal breaker for many.

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Starbucks_Fan1794d ago

It looks like a black version of Johnny 5

Bigpappy1793d ago

M$ is doing exactly what I was hoping they would do with the 3D Cam Tech. They are putting in the R&D and delivering innovation way beyond what was there a few years ago. They are now the leaders in this tech by a mile. I still would like to see what the new PS I will bring. Having competition brings more ideas to the table and drives innovation even further.
Excited for the holidays to get here.

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jagiii1794d ago

So now every game will be forced to used Kinect?

Intentions1794d ago

Ultimately it is up to the developers and type of game imo.

isarai1793d ago

Not for the games, but for the console yes

tubers1794d ago

Wish I don't have to use it.. might give me cancer LOL

(IK, paranoid much xD)

Veni Vidi Vici1794d ago

I'd be more paranoid about someone hacking it and watching you without you even knowing.

Gh05t1794d ago

What do you mean hack I am more worried about M$ watching me (Less watching more about sending snap shot pictures when recognizing new people are in the room). They are a data mining machine there is reason they are behind all medical records being digital and behind many technology implementations into schools. Think about how much M$ knows about you right now....

*X files them plays in background*

DDDGirlGamer851794d ago

It's really impressive, not kid stuff anymore that's for sure, it does so much!

OlgerO1793d ago

Come on guys, we are all smart enough to buy a PS4, but this video did show some impressive technology. Kinects sports is going to be really impressive.

swishersweets200311794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

kinect is watching you.

Gh05t1794d ago

That is its job, is it not?

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