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Submitted by ArchRider 995d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft admits they lost the console war with Xbox One

SemiAccurate writes "Xbox One is just announced, while Microsoft admits they have lost the war against Sony PlayStation 4 in the most subtle way during their “reveal event” May 21, 2013." (Xbox One)

Update Mod note:

Some users are reporting getting a warning from their antivirus when following the link. Please proceed at your own risk. We can neither confirm nor deny the validity of said warning.

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Godmars290  +   995d ago | Helpful
Getting a virus alert from the link.
Sky_Walker  +   995d ago
Me Norton went off like the 4th of July.

Edit: You night be Norton has went off on me for visiting CNN before so I would not be surprised.
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Godmars290  +   995d ago
Could as well just be your/mine settings.
DarkBlood  +   995d ago
i have norton 360, the max best you can get i believe? instead of the antivirus second tier package

i havent checked the link yet but i could to see if i get if if you suggest so?
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   995d ago
it's a false positive.
deadpoole  +   995d ago
Someone please explain which console is better for gaming.

And I mean using hardware specs of both consoles as a comparison metric.
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CRAIG667  +   995d ago
Why do people use Norton? it's awful!
morganfell  +   995d ago
Didn't notice site issues as I am on Linux (Ubuntu) with Chrome but the article is actually fairly informative with a middle ground tech breakdown (not layman and not engineer).
Aquanox  +   995d ago
Don't worry. Nothing to see here.

We can't make our minds before E3.
inveni0  +   995d ago
This is actually a nice write up. And I'm not getting a virus warning, but I'm on a Mac right now, and so I don't even have anti-virus...
loulou  +   995d ago
because of my gf, we get free kapersky... and that just blocked the site
GT67  +   995d ago
lol, everybody know this article is fake and now talking about Norton anti-virus haaaaaaaaaaaa

I'll put it out there guys bluntly!!!!!! whoever buy X1 is a damn fool!!!! simple as that.
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waltercross  +   995d ago
I use Windows defender in Win 8, It works good for me and no Virus warning on that website.
NatureOfLogic  +   995d ago
Anyone else getting their n4g submissions blocked? I seem to be the only one.
pixelsword  +   994d ago
Even if there was a virus, it's worth the virus.
Muerte2494  +   994d ago
Here's where...
proponents were saying that the ESRAM would push it pass PS4 176GB/s.

"All wrong. The devil is deep in the details, remember the large chunk of eSRAM for the graphics? So the Xbox One system uses 16 pieces of Micron “D9PNZ” DDR3 memory modules on-board, a little Google search give us the exact model number being MT41J256M16HA-093, which is 4 Gbit density modules running at an I/O frequency at 1066 MHz, that’s DDR3-2133 data rate for those who don’t know, and these modules will provide 34.132 GB/s bandwidth under a dual-channel configuration. And thus, the eSRAM contributes over 166 GB/s bandwidth. However, the two numbers were added up for obvious marketing purpose, and in reality the two numbers should be seen in parallel with each other because, as we mentioned earlier, the GPU will treat the eSRAM as a very-fast last level cache, so the bandwidth here doesn’t serve the CPU cores at all."

This was just a PR move, and actually misleading. CPU doesn't benefit from the extra bandwidth, only the GPU.
Starbucks_Fan  +   995d ago
I got an alert too.
iamtehpwn  +   995d ago
saw this after I clicked the link, have no virus protection, fml.
TwistedMetal  +   995d ago
a lot of people bash nortons but it actually works. them other virus packages dont work that well because i got a virus using the other stuff and had to reinstall the os and such just to get rid of it. sometimes some little computer tricks work to get rid of a virus and such but you get tired of searching for it and getting rid of it manualy. with norton you dontn have to do a dang thing catches everything all the time.

with that said xbox one lost next gen just need ignorant gamer fanboys to realise this and get the better consoles. but some are so stupid they get tricked by tv crap and sports crap they already have and they get fooled by kinect crap to. how is milo working for you guys now?
Godmars290  +   995d ago
There are free AV programs out there.
onyoursistersback  +   995d ago
Get get Microsoft essentials it's free!!! And works great!!
Arai  +   995d ago
That's because Sony planted Agent Phil to sabotage XBone's reveal event :P

That's a fake account btw, time will tell how MS/Sony's choices pan out for them.
Maybe they have a winning formula maybe they don't.
hulk_bash1987  +   995d ago
It's too early to call, these "articles" are pure and undeniable flamebait. Lets give Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo a chance to clarify and show us their real plans for Next Gen.
YNWA96  +   995d ago
The big 3 have different visions. I am a gamer, but want more from my machine these days. Interesting features, I will probably get Xbox One, eventually PS4 too. Was never really a Nintendo fan but they did have some games you just had to play. I am sure though Microsoft were close to a lot of develepors when designing this, so there must be more to come. Sony was in a bad spot after PS3, so they had to tend to the people more so.... next few months should be fun...
FriedGoat  +   995d ago
I didn't see any interesting features. PS4 for me, I want games not TV and crappy motion control.
pabadamus1  +   995d ago
The article itself was actually a good read. I wouldn't go as far to say that MSFT has lost any battles but their reveal does show a skewed focus towards television entertainment. I am not an alarmist so I do not believe MSFT has abandoned core games or gamers but it does appear that our interests have become a smaller portion of the pie.
GamersRulz  +   995d ago
Haha,they called Xbone (The big bulky boring black box) BBBBB or 5B for short!

MoveTheGlow  +   995d ago
Right? And here we were months ago, watching Microsoft pick on Sony for not showing a black box. And then theirs looks like some late 80's Betamax player that lost its wood-grain finish after someone took it from their Grandma's house and moved cross-country. Meanwhile Sony starts posting teaser videos about their box, and even the blurry thing's more pleasing to the eye. Nice try, Xbone.
PtRoLLFacE  +   995d ago
and i though i was alone haha no!...
The are rebooting xbox and want to forget what it was. Now xbox 1 is something else.
Syntax-Error  +   995d ago
Specs mean nothing
Last time I checked the PS3 had better specs than the 360 and we saw who won that one, so STOP with the mindless comparisons. No one is going to know shit until E3. You people don't even know what the PS4 will look like. It's not like they haven't drop the ball in that dept before.
Hicken  +   995d ago
Last time I checked, PS3 was ahead of the 360 in lifetime sales, even with a year less time on the market,and with a few more years of support to go, so stop with the uninformed comments.

It's almost a month before E3, and we know quite a bit already. If you don't know shit, that's your fault for remaining ignorant, as there's information aplenty to be found.

They dropped the ball on console looks before? When was that?
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   995d ago
Lol.... so now it's sales over quality. Have to love sony fans. That was bound to happen when two Forzas spanked GT5 in rating scores. About to happen with a new gen Forza versus a last gen GT6.

Also guess by Hicks thinking that Uncharted sucked because it didn't sell as much as other 360 exclusives. Lol..
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Waller  +   995d ago
C'mon, Syntax-Error. You know sales mean nothing, especially since Sony didn't make it up until they drastically dropped the price. It also took Sony seven years to catch up to Microsoft, that one year headstart not withstanding. This isn't a simple numbers game, and once fans start pulling sales figures to justify which system is better, you know it's a losing battle.
SexyGamerDude  +   995d ago
Yeah, sales mean nothing. But the fact that MS wants to put restrictions on the gamer does. This isn't about sales or specs. It's about who cares for the gamer more. MS loses.
waltercross  +   995d ago
What people forget is that it was MUCH harder to develop for the PS3 then the 360, also price point was higher.

The PS4 is coming out around the same time as XBO and is equally much easier to Develop for.
SegaSaturn669  +   995d ago
Nonsense! Godmars has nothing to fear from viruses!

Godmars290  +   995d ago
IntelligentAj  +   995d ago
Firefox and NoScript work wonders
FATALVISI0N  +   995d ago
My Kaspersky went off to saying it's a phishing alert
Kaneda  +   995d ago
I am on a MAC.. I got nothing...
malokevi  +   995d ago

Wen't into the article expecting a quote from MS... didn't see one. Just some guy making preposterous claims.

MS will win. PS4 may ALSO win... but MS will come out on top. At least here in North America.

Gaming is an expensive hobby. Some of us have the money/resources that will make the Xbox360 the ULTIMATE gaming console. XBL is already looking leagues better then PSO, not to mention the media/apps/dash/tv/multiproces sing POWERHOUSE that is the new UI.

This is innovation. Couple that with an amazing suite of games (and as of yet unforeseeable advancements in the persistent world MMO field that Xbox Live will allow), and there is nothing that will stand in the way of this console.

Certainly not a few people constantly complaining on the internet about how they need to always be on the internet. Certainly not people who bash an as-of-yet undetermined used game policy (for both consoles). Certainly not people who rely on borrowing their friends games to play. And definitely not from impoverished/3rd world peoples who can't afford the base costs, never mind the internet access.

This product is not for everyone. Its for truly modern people who are always multi-tasking and love videogames at the same time. People like ME!

You can't handle it? WiiU and PS4 will be there for you to remain isolated from the ether.
Psn800  +   994d ago
I used my Ipad4 no anti virus prob yeah crazy or what , yeah they have lost the console war when I went on to a hardcore Xbox site they all agreed barr one or two that ms have wrecked the Xbox .
DivineAssault  +   995d ago
Great article.. I do believe it is intended for a different audience as well because they obviously turned their back on core gaming long ago & realize thats sonys playground
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   995d ago | Funny
agreed, it is more towards TV people who pay a somewhat to decent amount of games.
gamelover5  +   995d ago
OMG I was dying of laughter on the last one I watched it in slow mo cause my internet was slow and it made it so much more hilarious
azshorty2003  +   995d ago
Oh god that Airplane one was fantastic!
CommonSenseGamer  +   995d ago
If Vita sales represent core gamer sales then I doubt MS could give a damn.
Kingthrash360  +   995d ago
wow common why you always picking on the vita? go play with your tablet and save for the 5B
KwietStorm  +   995d ago
How convenient that you use the Vita, a completely irrelevant system in context, in your argument lol.
Objective  +   995d ago
Agreed that Vita is an irrelevant system.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   995d ago
Yeah no surprise he brings it up all the time considering...

kenshiro100  +   995d ago
What does the Vita have to do with the article?

Go get some fresh air.
AJ Hartley  +   995d ago
Commonsensegamer you are the biggest whoppa on here read your other comments haha utter nonsense your name should be.
Ju  +   995d ago
Looks like that's the new baseline for the one expectation left ;)

True, it'll be tough to beat the Vita with that one.
#2.2.7 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
NarooN  +   995d ago
>mentions Vita even though it has nothing to do with 5B or PS4
>fails to realize even the Vita is a better console than the 5B
Legion  +   995d ago
Leo Yim is saying that Xbox has already lost the console war with Xbox one... NOT Microsoft.

Totally speculative interpretation of events at the reveal that have been turned into some false claim that Microsoft has bowed out before the players have hit the field.

The web sight is called for a reason. They don't care about being correct.
#3 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
joeorc  +   995d ago

They are saying it because of Microsofts focus!
The web sight is called for a reason. They don't care about being correct. "

read and learn

On Target Technology News


About Us

SemiAccurate is a technology news site focusing not just on the new shiny stuff but the how and why behind the technology we use. We cover a wide spectrum of topics from hardware reviews, theoretical technology, production, security and enterprise products.

and the breakdown is pretty d@mn correct, because they saw the system opened up, how else would they know the make and model numbers of the chip i/o or the exact freaking hard drive model.

they know more about the hardware than you..that is the truth.


IT IS CLEAR if you look at the hard ware from bothe companies who built the machine mainly for gaming, and who built a entertainment box...that is the truth Sony' ps4 is a concentrated for games, Microsoft's hardware is concentrated toward living room entertainment, which does include games but is not the main focus! because if it was your box would not have three OS's running all at the same time eating system resources.

for a games machine!
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DeadlyFire  +   995d ago
I agree.

Halo 5 drops and Microsoft will survive.

To me just glancing at all three perspective consoles. It looks like PS4 will have a PS2 generation boom this time around. As all eyes are on Sony. Xbox One could do amazing well once its games are set for launch. Its graphics while yes less than PS4 will still be stellar to console diehards.
#3.1.1 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report
ZBlacktt  +   995d ago
How about you learn to read kid. You like the guy who wrote the story is just saying they lost based on what MS talked about. It's his "opinion".

Seen your reply below.... Just go. You jump the gun and now look like a fool.
#3.1.2 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Legion  +   995d ago

The title... "Microsoft admits they lost the console war with Xbox One" a totally false statement that Yim tries to make you believe by a few words here and a few MS decisions there.... but not a single truth to the fact that MS has admitted losing before the game started. It is bull shit. Regardless of what some of the hardware specs present the story itself is bullcrap.
joeorc  +   995d ago
The PR did not say it the engineer's already stated the # of GPU Core opp's/clock cycle
" Yim tries to make you believe by a few words here and a few MS decisions there.... but not a single truth to the fact that MS has admitted losing before the game started. It is bull shit. Regardless of what some of the hardware specs present the story itself is bullcrap. "

Look while i agree from a stand point of Microsoft PR not out right saying it, that does not take away from the fact in a Q&A with microsoft engineer's stating what the chips GPU instruction/ clock cycle was. that was specific enough to state what it could do.

in the Q&A engineering event, you know the guys who developed and designed the d@mn hardware stated

"So the GPU can do 768 operations in a single cycle, that means 768 scalar ALUs based off the GCN architecture."

that is 12 compute unit's! while Sony's system has 18 compute unit's you cannot be any more direct to the point then that.

Look the fact that Microsoft did not come right out and say from a hardware perspective that their system is not as robust as the PS4 does not mean it does not take away from the fact that it is!

does that take away from the system's enjoyment, no, but it does show you or give you a guage of performance of the system.

on paper the PS3 was a more powerful system but unless 3rd party development studios has a Game engine made for the cell, it was not going to take any real advantage of such processor's functionality!

you can call it how ever you want it, but the truth of the matter is Sony's PS4 is concentrated as a games machine, and Microsoft's is an all in one computer entertainment system. Nothing wrong with that, hell the PS3 is an all in one computer entertainment system and at the very start you seen all the flack it was said about the PS3 right from the start and exactly what is being said about the XboxOne aside from not being hard to develop for. which is a good thing that its not HARD TO DEVELOP for
#3.2.1 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
Legion  +   995d ago

Listen to yourself.

The point is not wether MS or PS3 is going to win or which is more powerful. The point here is that he stated "Microsoft admits they lost the console war with Xbox One" which they did not in any fashion. he might think they are going to lose... but in no way. Zero, Nil, did MS come out and hold a press conference to say they were admitting defeat. It just didn't happen.

Did Nintendo admit defeat when they presented the Wii to the public against the Ps3 and Xbox 360 specs? No... because they knew what they focused their product on and what they were going to be able to accomplish.

Thinking Microsoft might have some clue what they are doing... even though I myself might not agree with many portions of it.
longcat  +   995d ago
Microsoft has been stepping down their gaming focus for a while now. Also, it was always known that the xbox was a trojan horse for them to eventually deliver media content to the living room.

I just wonder if the market has changed and their plans have not....i haven't watched tv in years
Godmars290  +   995d ago
The only Trojan Horse that worked in recent history was the DVD drive on the PS2. Because it was applied subtly. Unconsciously. Not rammed down the public's throat like MS has done with Kincet and everything else.
adorie  +   995d ago
Blu-Ray trojan horse also won. It was such a victory for Sony and the BDA that even the Xbox One has it inside.
SegataSanshiro  +   995d ago
How's the Kinect shoved down our throats? Nobody is forcing you or anybody else to buy it or play it. Everyone knows its for casuals and its games suck.
xursz  +   995d ago
To answer your question, Segata, XBone apparently doesn't work without Kinect. So if you want the console and not Kinect, it is by definition "shoved down your throat".
Waller  +   995d ago
Xursz, it's not shoved down our throats. Just because it's included with every Xbox One and (possibly) required to operate, doesn't mean you have to use it. Just have it sitting on your TV and be done with it. Nobody is forcing you to buy Kinect-only titles or even forcing developers to put Kinect in their games.
Godmars290  +   995d ago
"Just because it's included with every Xbox One and required to operate,"
... do you even...
#4.1.5 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
waltercross  +   995d ago
@ Waller

Forcing you to HAVE something you may not want or use is Forcing it down your throat.
WitWolfy  +   995d ago
The title is so misleading!!!
ShoryuSwordsman  +   995d ago
I always look at the article pic at the bottom right corner of the article. The title actually threw me off as well, then I saw that it was an opinion piece, and set my expectations accordingly :p
ronaldk   995d ago | Spam
NameRemoved0017  +   995d ago
Seriously a 500GB laptop harddrive with 8MB cache 5400 rpm thats so shitty.
Axonometri  +   995d ago
Didn't they admit they were shooting for average?
Bumpmapping  +   995d ago
dark-kyon  +   995d ago
flawess victory.
#8 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   995d ago
Screw MS I am now a proud PS4 fanboy!!!! When I get home I'm Gunna jump on my 360 and tell all my friends to kiss my PS4 Loving Xbox 1 hating ass!
Sky_Walker  +   995d ago
And when COD Ghost is released you will back on Live telling bad mom jokes LOL.

You kids are like a broken record.

Edit: Come over Steam and stop stressing your young life on consoles ;)
#9.1 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   995d ago
Oh man your making this to easy...first of all I can guarantee that I'm ur age or older. Second I can guarantee that I've been a live member as long as u if not longer. (Gamer tags DeexThaxGee and blkxseptember). Third I am a member of steam (gamer tag deethagee) so u can miss me with that "kid" bullshit. As far as me sounding like a broken record about me hating Xbox I challenge u to go thru my 200+ comments and show me where I bash or troll the 360 or MS...never assume anything because u only make a ass outta you...
AJ Hartley  +   995d ago
Sky walker got served lil biatch haha
Neonridr  +   995d ago
@BLKxSEPTEMBER - I think you give off the impression of being young because you use words like ur instead of your. Based on the way you do converse, I would be interested to know how old you are. How do you know you are older than Sky_Walker?
gazgriff2k12  +   995d ago
no one on here cares about pc's on this site GTFOOH
#9.1.4 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Waller  +   995d ago
I'm...I'm pretty sure this is why anyone who's not a Sony fanboy/girl doesn't like this site.
Skate-AK  +   995d ago
I just want games. My TV already has YouTube and all that
Bonerboy  +   995d ago
My god that article made my brain hurt.

My PC already does all that extra crap that I don't need or want, and 99% of TV is complete shit.

Ms sure is taking a beating at every turn. I havent seen one "positive" yet. Its all quite captivating.
#11 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KingKevo  +   995d ago
That's why it's called 'One'. Of course one reason is that it wants to be the 'one' thing that all entertainment devices in your living room are connected to, but also because it's a new start for Xbox and an Xbox for an all new audience. Xbox One marks the begining of the Xbox brand as an entertainment brand rather that the previous gaming brand it used to be.

I'm glad everyone realised it so quickly and that most people on here are very vocal in expressing their thoughts. We have a right to be pissed, BUT we, the gamers, are just a small part of their targeted audience and they can very well give a fuck about us. So the only thing we can do is say 'fuck you' to MS and don't buy that thing. I'm done with MS and it won't change at E3. This event was their chance and they failed, because they are not gonna change their long-time concept. They will now try to trick us a bit at E3, but a few years down the road games won't matter to theam at all. Look at the 360 and you'll know what I'm talking about. Get a PS4 and be a happy gamer again and let's forget about the PS3 vs. 360 'console war'. We happily welcome you on PlayStation to build the best and biggest gaming community out there.
JackBNimble  +   995d ago
Amen brother
DeadlyFire  +   995d ago
One ring to rule them all? I vote we throw it in Mordor. :P

Hardware isn't always the deciding factor in a generation. PS2 had slightly inferior hardware to Xbox and Gamecube, but it did way beyond both consoles. If Microsoft could pull something like that out of their hat then they will do okay. It depends on how well WiiU/Xbox One fight over the casual market. Sony has a mix of everything on their console. Casual, Indie, and hardcore.

I expect Sony to rule this generation with sales though. WiiU and Xbox One are nothing like what consumers have expected. PS4 is exactly like what consumers want. Controller redesigned, XBL like Network features hinted, most diverse IPs on a console some new and some old.
waltercross  +   995d ago
And much easier to Develop for than the PS3, thats a plus for developers.
DeadlyFire  +   994d ago

Still though Microsoft needs to do more than throw EA Sports, Kinect, and Call of Duty out there for me to buy their console.

Froza is nice, and Quantom Break was a split second of game footage.
#12.2.2 (Edited 994d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
MuhammadJA  +   995d ago
It will, however, outsell the PS4. Casuals eat that stuff up.
Shadow Flare  +   995d ago
Nintendo thought that with the wii u
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   995d ago
The casual have been slowly migrating to Phone games and tablets.About the same pace as the wii has been fizzing out.

Don't count on them dropping $400 to switch channels with their voice.
Shadow Flare  +   995d ago
-double post-
#14 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yewles1  +   995d ago
Isn't this a parody site?
SpartanQ8  +   995d ago
"Is PlayStation 4 really more powerful?"

Yes it is.

But what about microsoft core gamers ?

Microsoft : "deal with it"

.. Hate you m$ :) you ruined xbox for me
#16 (Edited 995d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Prcko  +   995d ago
so i guess that's it
ps4 all the way then
C0MPUT3R  +   995d ago
4 > 1 simple.
DeadlyFire  +   995d ago
I thought they understood that when they launched Xbox 360 to compete against PS3.

I was expecting Xbox 420 or something like that to compete with PS4.
claud3  +   995d ago
Finally, they reveal something worthy off attention
SegataSanshiro  +   995d ago
Get a saturn, don't be a casual
JimmyDanger  +   995d ago
I've got two!

On topic - for such a negative headline, most of the article actually made me pretty interested in the hardware side of things. And he did a pretty good job of making the OS triforce sound like an appealing approach. True parallelism. Whoa.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the different architectures perform.
joeorc  +   995d ago
"On topic - for such a negative headline, most of the article actually made me pretty interested in the hardware side of things. And he did a pretty good job of making the OS triforce sound like an appealing approach. True parallelism. Whoa."

The site looks at it from strictly a software and hardware perspective, and i like you am very interested in seeing what Microsoft intends to do with the 3 OS's software, and what app's we can expect on the new XboxOne, for the slagging Microsoft is taking right now, this is exactly the kind of slagging that sony went through with the PS3. when you make an all in one entertainment device you will indeed get this kinda perception, about the product and Microsoft must have expected this. I wish them luck in their development of their new platform.
lilryanps3  +   995d ago
I also have a Saturn :D Microsoft's xbox one conference was hilariously bad.
JohnDread  +   995d ago
Great article. Expresses my thoughts on the Xbox One exactly, plus it delivers explanation on a technological level, which I myself couldn't provide. I'm actually surprised that it has already been proven that Sony indeed created the more powerful machine, although you could assume so, given the fact that Xbox comes with that semi-useful peripheral Kinect. To me it's curious that Sony once again put focus on sheer power as it did with the PS3 (and we know PS3 didn't quite take the top spot in sales).
On a side note, I suddenly have huge hopes for the Wii U. I believe this presentation is pretty much the best thing that could happen to Nintendo at a time like this.
gazgriff2k12  +   995d ago
SONY hasn't focused on power far from it. its focused on games, the ps4 is more powerful than its xbox 1 but thats only because microsoft focused on entertainment
Brazz  +   995d ago
yep... for all info that i read microsoft sacrificed power for 1 fuction to get more multi-task power... plus, they have made a hevy OS (some say 3gb memory, other say 2gb memory), they got ddr3 (good for multi task and cpu, inferior for GPU)...
In the other hand, Ps4 got DDR5, great for GPU, and focused in 1 task at time whit a simple OS... (not saying that the ps4 can't do multi task, multi task isn't the main focus, but sure ps4 will be able to do multitask.)

I realy want to see Multiplat. games, Ps4 is loking easyer to work then Xbox one... Easyer to work + more power = better game? or will things be at the same level?
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Upbeat  +   995d ago
HDD is pretty slow for next gen
1nsomniac  +   995d ago
No they didn't! That would be commercial suicide before its even started.

Yes they have lost it so far, but they havnt admitted that at all.
ZBlacktt  +   995d ago
What a total misleading title. I went looking for MS saying they lost to Leo ( guy who wrote this already done 20 times over story ) saying they lost. Way to get hits Leo. Way to get hits.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   995d ago
lmao t these ridiculous fanboy articles nd thread. desparate times for some folks.
isyourhouseonfire  +   995d ago
MS has lost next gen, just like they lost the current generation. Nevermind the higher sales figures in both consoles and games as well as the overall higher customer satisfaction rating....
titletownrelo  +   995d ago
hey Microsoft, since you no longer give two f*cks about your gaming audience, why not give Halo to Playstation? (NOT gonna happen, I know XD)
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   995d ago
@Neon....So because I used the word "ur' instead of you're in a internet gaming thread that makes me seem young? Ur logic is seriously flawed. This is not English class were I need to use correct grammar. On top of that I never used the word "ur" in my original post which is the one he replied to which kind of makes ur point null and void. And obviously ur reading comprehension is not all there because I never said that I was older than him it was more of me making a point that I'm his age or older thus not a "kid" as he assumed. Maybe you should ask him why he would think I'm a child. I am a grown man with a grown man job, a wife, and kids of my own. Trust me when I tell you that I use proper grammar were it counts and n4g ain't it!!! And one more thing, his user name is sky grown man will have such a childish name. My user name has a real meaning behind it that most people wouldn't know about unless they google its true meaning. Most 'kids" have no idea what or who black September was...grown man shit.
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monkey nuts  +   995d ago
Black September? Were they not a disco group from the 70's?
Saints94  +   995d ago
The title is misleading but from the other sites I check on it's all saying the same thing for me. Xbox One is a entertainment system, and I want a true gamer system.
SuperSteve  +   994d ago
I suggest you go buy a PS2, because that was the last of the "true gamer systems".

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 have evolved into multi-purpose devices this generation, and that trend is only going to continue with both the PS4 and Xbox One, so you had better embrace it, or find another hobby.
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