10 Playable 3rd Party Characters We Want in the New Super Smash Bros. writes: "A couple weeks ago we pointed out 10 Nintendo characters we want in the next Super Smash Bros. game. Today we will be giving you a new list of third party characters we would love to see in the game. Most of the characters on this list are 3rd party exclusive characters which seems to be what Nintendo would want to contribute in order to promote other games that have appeared on Nintendo consoles as well."

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Snookies121800d ago

Chrom and/or Lucina! I was loving the heck out of Fire Emblem Awakening.

kirbyu1799d ago

Who's that in the picture?

TwilightSparkle1799d ago

If beyanetta is in it imagine what kirby would look like when he copies her powers.

Animavicion1799d ago

what the fuck is beyanetta

3-4-51799d ago

some random game with women main character.

Somehow people think it belongs when there are probably 30 more deserving characters.

She's not even an interesting character.

SexyGamerDude1799d ago

Sora. They need Sora! Come one Nintendo. Don't let that buddy buddy relationship with SE go to waste. KH has had multiple Nintendo exlcusives.

kirbyu1799d ago

SE? What's that stand for?

SexyGamerDude1799d ago

Square Enix. They made the Kingdom Hearts games on the DS and 3DS. I think they also made The World Ends With You.

Starbucks_Fan1799d ago

Anyone know when the Nintendo Direct conference is? I wish they would show it already.

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