The Xbox One Reveal: Microsoft Struggles to Make an Impact

For the past few months negative rumors surrounded the new Xbox. From “always-online” requirements, to no used games and Microsoft’s pledge to move more into the entertainment realm than just gaming. With the Xbox brand losing dominance late in this generation and the shine of Xbox Live Gold fading against the free PlayStation Network, Steam and the paid service PlayStation Plus, Microsoft needed to come out with a strong reveal for its next console. What it did instead was dig a hole for the Xbox One before it's even been released.

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PigPen1764d ago

That's going to far, they only had one showing.

forum671764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Agreed. Atleast they showed a console.(Good or bad , subject to Fanboism currently)

Nobody want to see iPhone launch on a Victoria secret show.Comman sense !

Console launch event -> Show console
E3 -> Show games

PS4 launch event - ???

VonBraunschweigg1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

PS4 launchevent - show what's INSIDE the console. The things that make our games run smooth and look really nice. As a gamer for me that's more important than showing a square STB. Notice MS hardly spoke about that.

And E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Xbox One is all about Electronic Entertainment, including games, yes. I expect MS to do the same at E3 as with this event, a show not focused on games but all forms of electronic entertainment. And it's their good right if they think this is what the general audience want.

I myself hardly watch TV and don't really care about social media. I want games, games and exclusive games that get the max out of the hardware. Hence, PS4. Because what's INSIDE that machine is more promising, and Sony has the gamestudios, studios that focus on hardcore games.

But we'll probably see everything we want to see at E3.

Pixel_Enemy1764d ago

Haha, PS4 launch event showed GAMES. What gamers want to see. They detailed the new system software and shown the new controller. The "box" itself will be at E3 along with MOAAR games.

You are just upset and trying to spin the negative articles for your console of choice.

forum671764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

As I quoted -"Good or bad , subject to Fanboism currently". I dont know if Xb1 or PS4 is good or bad.

All I know , $$$ is coming out from my wallet and I like to see what I am buying.

Whats next ? PS4 has technology to communicate with Aliens (written on paper).Hence it is awesome.


They have made an impact, a big impact... just not a positive one for them.

Have you ever seen N4G so united over one issue ?

infact in general have you ever seen gamers all over the net united.

Go on the xbox forum, they are mostly talking about switching over to ps4.

As long as sony does not follow in their footsteps I think we will see the ps4 hit that 100mil sold in the fastest time ever.

Godmars2901764d ago

"As long as sony does not follow in their footstep"

And that's a thing too. They apparently have some wriggle room in regards to used games. Either left "online passes" up to publishers or hold a patent which would allow them to follow suit after MS.

Still wont be as bad if games can be played by a console which never has to go online. At all.

VitaOwner1764d ago

Microsoft has one last shot, E3. Problem is May 21st was the time to make a huge statement that the next xbox was going to be a strong competitor to the PS4 by showing off new great games and gamer-centric features. Xbox will probably show off some great games at E3 but Sony has more PS4 games to show off and features that it hasn't let slip. The focus won't just be on Microsoft at E3. The world had their eyes on them on May 21st and they didn't come through.

KillrateOmega1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Their plan to focus exclusively on games at E3 is just stupid. Why would you not do it during your reveal when you have the media all to yourself. By showing off the games at E3, they'll end up having to share the same time and space as Sony and Nintendo. People won't be looking exclusively at MS, they'll be looking at the other two as well.

Godmars2901764d ago

"MS Struggles For Damage Control Amid Denial" is more like it.

Can't believe how many interviews I've bothered to read and listen to only to the impression that the PR rep can't answer a straight question. Always brings thing back to their talking points.

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