Devs express disappointment with Xbox One over Twitter

Microsoft's Matt Booty affirmed earlier today that digital publishing policies on Xbox One would be no different than they were on Xbox 360. Any hope that Microsoft would right the ship that has inconvenienced a good number of former XBLA devs went down the drain after we learned that indies still won't be able to self-publish their wares. Never mind that just about every other viable platform gives them flexible options, because Microsoft is having none of it.

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Qrphe1663d ago

The lack of self-publishing is really shocking. A year ago, I was expecting Microsoft to try to turn the system more open like the Windows OS's since they were integrating Win8 in some way or the other; it's the total opposite of what I expected.

Snookies121663d ago

I had some high hopes for the Xbox One... Maybe this is the wake up call MS needs though. If not, they're going to find themselves in a hole they can't get out of.

I_am_Batman1663d ago

Same here. I wonder if the wake up call is too late for them though. The dev reactions are the exact opposite of the ones for the ps4. Microsoft has a lot of work to do if they want to turn it around (if that is even possible at this state).

kneon1663d ago

Not necessarily, apart from the weaker hardware almost all other issues are software and business related and so can potentially still be fixed.

MikeMyers1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Microsoft dropped the ball on indies, especially when you have someone like Tim Schafer (one of the most likeable people around) saying boo.

Sony should keep advertising how well they work with them.

What's sad is it looks like Microsoft is treating indies like they do with big franchises, wanting to only support indie games they think can sell well. That's not the attitude that will help them.

BitbyDeath1663d ago

MS seem to have the same problem with the OS market as well.

Win95 - Good
Win98 - Bad
Win2000 - Good
WinME - Bad
Xp - Good
Vista - Bad
Win7 - Good
Win8 - Bad

Xbox - Bad
360 - Good
XbO - Bad

Maybe Xbox TWO will do better

HappyGaming1663d ago

@BitbyDeath You forgot Windows 99, 98 was good for its time :P

I recently noticed the same pattern. People buy XP so assume the new windows will be worth it and buy Vista. It breaks their PC so much they are forced to wait and buy Windows 7 which is good and people assume the next one will be even better.

And the cycle continues!

fr0sty1663d ago


first impressions are key, however, and this hasn't been a good one. consumer confidence in the brand has taken a huge hit.

xxV0rschlaghammer1663d ago

@BitbyDeath LOL I've been in the PC tech industry for years now and MS has always had major blunders, I do however think the first Xbox was pretty good, even though during that generation I actually preferred the Gamecube

FTLightspeed1663d ago

@BitbyDeath how was the OG xbox bad? it was better then the PS2 AND the gamecube.

Masta_fro1663d ago

I think every gamer should watch this...its hilarious!!

inveni01663d ago

We were starting a new generation, and my pocket book was up for grabs. Everything was fair game. The PS4 impressed me, but I really thought Microsoft was going to lure me back. Instead, they pushed me away. Even when I watched the trailer for Ryse, I thought, "Eh...Crytek isn't the greatest, but this might convince me to pick up a new Xbox..." And then I saw that it was a Kinect game.


darthv721663d ago

Self publishing applies to games that would appear in the "Indie" games section. That has long been the norm and is even the same case for Indie games on the PS store.

If an Indie dev wants their game put into the bigger more lucrative sections, that is where they need to partner up with a bigger publisher. there is no blocking of an indie dev to release their game.

The problem with the way its all phrased is people are assuming that if a dev cant self publish, they cant get their game on the service. That is wrong. It only applies to "WHERE" their game is listed.

Its like in retail markets. A product is generally placed where it fits. If a company wants their product at the front of the line, they pay extra for that privilege. EVERY company has the right to do that but some lack the funds to do it.

There is a false representation going on here. By all means i support indie devs but that is why they are called indie devs. they have their own section in both the Live marketplace as well as the PS store.

These smaller devs want their wares put in the bigger sections of both services because of the higher volume of traffic those sections generally have. They CAN do that but it will cost them OR they make a deal with a bigger publisher to do it for them.

I dont know if its some sort of entitlement mentality they are trying to push. Meaning that because they make a game and want to sell it on the PS store and live that they deserve the same section as games from bigger publishers. offense but that is why both services created the categories for "Indie" games. So those types of games dont get lost in the shuffle of other big dev/published games.

Support the indie developers by buying their wares and word of mouth. The more popular their title becomes, it would naturally escalate up the ranks in the service and could help them get picked up by a larger publisher which can lead to them being put into the same category as the bigger arcade games on both services.

andibandit1663d ago


quite a wall of text, but i read through it like a Dan Brown book. Nicely written.

blackbeld1662d ago


Hahahaha that was funny awesome!!

Thank you for the laugh.

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Ashlen1663d ago

Windows 8 is the most closed version of Windows to date. Most people agree that the direction Microsoft wants to move is towards a more ap based system where they can control what makes it onto there system like Google and Apple.

maxgamehard1663d ago

It looks like M$ is no longer competing with Sony and Nintendo rather they are competing with Google and Apple.

showtimefolks1663d ago

sony and nintendo both offer developers to self publish so its shocking that ms isn't allowing that with xbox one

but also i think MS is testing the water and will make the proper changes at E3, atleast i hope because some of their moves are head scratches to say the least

Godmars2901663d ago

Sony and Nintendo are largely following the example MS set. Which still doesn't excuse MS's inflexibility.

Darrius Cole1663d ago

Microsoft isn't going to right any ship, they are doing exactly what they have wanted to do all along. They want to eliminate the used games market. In order to do that small developers must be forced to play ball or else. Can't have them going off the reservation later.

jetlian1663d ago

what does the used market have to do with indie devs Darrius? indie game would be dled anyway so there is nothing to sell used.

I think it has to do with people like phil fish not being able to pay to fix their game! If phil fish was backed by EA or Activision they would have payed the 30k or whatever it cost to fix the game so as not to stir the pot

maxgamehard1663d ago

Look at what the creator of Minecraft said.

And even Tim Schaefer is upset.

Did M$ not see what Sony has been doing. Or have they seen what they are doing but just don't care because they are making this console for a different crowd.

RandomDude6551662d ago

You're talking about the company that had a funeral for the iphone when windows 8 phone was about to launch.

They are a bit delusional and are suffering a large amount of groupthink.

Tsar4ever011663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Ya'll should look at these 2 guys rants at youtube, Sooo hilarious!!

Pintheshadows1663d ago

I like the angry metal head.

WayneJ3601663d ago

Its gonna be running 3 OS's you guys need to listen to everything they say Im sure Windows 8 will be one of the 3 since im running Win 8 now and has some functions on 360 already :)

otherZinc1662d ago

I'm not buying a next gen console for indie games!

TheLyonKing1662d ago

Missing out. Indie games are amazing and well crafted like Fez, journey and bastion.

Cueil1662d ago

Journey was published by Sony and Fez and Bastion initially got their starts through Microsoft who clearly wasn't draconic and made them stay exclusive. Most indie games are on PC and even with a basic rig you'll be able to play 99 percent of them. I'm holding out hope we see some verion of XBLIG as well as the ability to publish apps through the Win8 store to Xbox One.

waltercross1662d ago

You're truly missing out!.

Cueil1662d ago

seems Major Nelson was hinting at something as did Aaron Greenberg... perhaps we'll see some form of XBLIG come to Xbox One also there is the Windows side that theoretically you can put your Win8 game apps on. There are still a ton of things and this is software based so maybe the voice is loud enough that the people who want it in Microsoft will get the boost to give it the go ahead.

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SexyGamerDude1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I really had high hopes for this system. All it has turned into is Microsoft forcing their crap onto us. The fees, the forced installs, and the internet requirements are all crap. Now they do this. They want to be another Apple or Google.

You could have at least worked with Google, so One buyers (whoever they are) wouldn't have to use that crap IE.

FlameHawk1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Lol even the Console exclusive dev are talking bad about it; Super Meat Boy and Fez. Lmao what a blow to Microsoft.

SexyGamerDude1663d ago

The creator of Minecraft even commented. Do you know how popular Minecraft is? Every time I hop on my dashboard I see a Mine craft add. What's going to take it's place now?

Sarobi1663d ago

"But honestly, after their reveal yesterday, does anyone really WANT to make games for it?" - Terry Cavanagh

Indie support goes a long way, and right now MS doesn't seem to be getting it.

M-M1663d ago

It's amazing how rumors and developer praise for the PS4 are all coming to together and are starting to make sense. I honestly can't believe what Microsoft is doing, what were they thinking?

Rusty5151662d ago

Haha. I read the last sentence in the avgn's voice.