Address the Sess: #Xbox Reveal Edition

Live Google+ hangout with Adam Sessler of Rev3Games

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biRdy1859d ago

Address the Sess has now started

Conan-O-Brady1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

He has been in full damage control mode since yesterday. He's still underhandedly defending the xbox1's always on, required internet connection and second hand games fee....
I watched just enough to know he's gonna continue downplaying all the negatives we saw.... Is it really that hard to be unbiased and call these companies on their bs?

The_Klank1858d ago

I dunno, I think he's really letting everything settle till E3, then if things haven't become much clearer after the conference what we saw this last few days will pale in comparison.

LOGICWINS1858d ago

A one hour presentation is nowhere near enough time to create a full judgement on a console that will be on the market (and improving) over the next five years. But of course, this is the Internet, where snap judgements are a plenty.

Pillsbury11858d ago

Snap judgements? Microsoft just revealed their plans. You really can't be defending a console that has drm and always online with no focus on games, can you? Other than showing some more kinect games and a few exclusives I don't see much else to "wait and see".

HammadTheBeast1858d ago

Then why did he smack talk the PS4 presentation so much?

Conan-O-Brady1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

It was long enough for me to decide I don't like it in its current state. Just curious if you think it would be wiser to keep our mouths shut and let them think they're making the right choices for us gamers, how much do you think they would change or fix before E3?

LOGICWINS1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

@Pillsbury- Then why are you still investing your time clicking/commenting on Xbox One articles if uve already established its not for you?

@Conan- I dont expect them to change anything,I do however expect them to show more of what the console is capable of.

Godmars2901858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

"Then why did he smack talk the PS4 presentation so much?"

When did this happen? Just recently re-discovered him, so have no idea what you're talking about.

"Then why are you still investing your time clicking/commenting on Xbox One articles if uve already established its not for you?"

Sadly, because of the nature of the internet and fandom few if anyone would be question what MS is doing. Let alone complain and make jokes about it.

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SpiralTear1858d ago

Adam is a great guy and he's very educated in what he does, but I was actually pretty surprised to see him almost justifying many of the Xbox One's features after the conference.

With all of the things that the online community was so disappointed with, Adam seemed almost optimistic on them. I don't think he's taking sides and yes, E3 will be a major force in making up a lot of consumers' minds on which system to buy this holiday. I'm just confused as to why he's cutting Microsoft so much slack on things that the gaming community themselves are so disgusted by.

thechosenone1858d ago

Not being on TV and getting those steady fat checks really changes a man. lol

Conan-O-Brady1858d ago

I really didn't care for his persona when he was on x-play. I hoped he would've changed for the better once he got away from g4, but I'm beginning to see that it was the real Sess all along. He's got his followers that think he can do no wrong and that he's above reproach. I wish that were true.

Godmars2901858d ago

Just finished watching and want to say he was pretty even handed, but according to this article DragonKinght found for another "discussion", the head of Sony said back in February that they aren't blocking used games.

Conan-O-Brady1858d ago

From the article "Interestingly, I also spoke to a Sony source elsewhere at the event this evening who told me that the anti used-game patent discovered last month was actually nothing to do with PlayStation 4 at all.

The patent suggested that discs would come branded with a contactless tag that could be recognised and read by your console, which would then bind it to you and prevent you from selling it on."

Seeing as Sony are on the blu-ray board or whatever, Is it possible that they developed this tech for MS to use exclusively in their console?.... I certainly hope that's the case.

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