Fire Emblem Awakening was going to be the last FE game if it failed to sell 250k copies

A developer who worked on Fire Emblem Awakening has revealed that Nintendo initially told the team that if the game didn't sell at least 250k copies that it would be the last Fire Emblem game. Thankfully the game surpassed that goal.

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ZodTheRipper1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Glad they managed to sell enough units. The Fire Emblem franchise is still one of the best tactical RPG's out there and needs to be continued.

Relientk771827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Very happy they'll continue the series

we need more Strategy/Tactical RPGs

animegamingnerd1827d ago

good i want a fire emblem game on the Wii U

(not counting shin magai tensei x fire emblem since we have no idea what genre it is)

pixelsword1827d ago

I'm glad Nintendo is prudent enough to put it on the chopping block, but wise enough to be fair and let it sink or swim on it's own instead of being too rash.

I'm going to be honest, I've never heard of it, but I love Tatical RPGs, so I'm glad they did well.

mrbojingles1827d ago

They appear to have done the same thing with Star Fox, remains to be seen if it passed the test.

pixelsword1827d ago


...MY Star Fox?!

Well, I can accept it if there aren't enough fans to justify the development of the game, and they use their resources to make good games batter, but I can't fathom Star Fox being gone for good.

if It happens, I hope at least they live on somehow, even if someone has to buy the license.

AdvanceWarsSgt1827d ago

You should really give it a try when you get the chance. Fantastic game and a great OST.