Xbox One Reveal Thoughts

Has Microsoft dropped the ball with the Xbox One reveal or was this the best reveal ever? Come check out what Game-Modo's Camille thinks.

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travelguy2k1829d ago

I know there are a lot of knocks on the name, but "Xbone" in pretty sweet.

travelguy2k1828d ago

I thought i came up with Xbone, now i read articles using that term...

I'm a trend setter hahah...

xamtheking1829d ago

Xbox One Too Many Consoles

MasterCornholio1829d ago

I didn't enjoy the Xboner conference very much.

Motorola RAZR i

sashimi1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Its going to shed light on all the sites get paid by microsoft lol and those that want to get paid by them. IGN/Forbes are already on full damage control lol. Those Xbox drONEs sure want us to think its not Xbox dONE!

Loki861829d ago

There is alot to like and some issues that need clarification, but Sony has some of the same concerns. We'll see which one impresses most at E3.