PS4 vs XBOX One

"With the “Big” reveal of details about the Xbox One we finally have something to compare to the Playstation 4, and at this point, the big console battle is looking pretty one-sided. Many others are talking about what a disappointment the reveal was coming from Xbox, and the ridiculous name (I can’t think about the new Xbox without imagining Keanu Reeves saying “woah”), so I’ll just say that for a video game console to talk more about TV and sports than the actual GAMES on the console shows just what kind of audience they are building this console for."- Gamersbliss

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Sam Fisher1762d ago

F#%|< land slide, that shit is on a whole new level of one side.

Zefros1762d ago

HAHAHA kaz is enjoying this HAHA

MasterCornholio1762d ago

I don't see how they are even competing with each other. Ones a cable box and the other is a gaming consoles.

Completely different markets in my opinion.

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Gamer-Z1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

i'm not going to takes sides but i'm very dissapointed in the direction MS is taking with the Xbox brand.

Saints941762d ago

Having both PS3 and a Xbox 360 showed me what I wanted between the two. Yesterday MS didn't show any of that.

SOULJER1762d ago

They be better off comparing it to the WiiU.

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