Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: PS4 wins on specs

With the first round of announcements behind us, the only thing that’s clear in the inevitable and perpetual Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 battle is that there is no clear winner.

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Maddens Raiders1824d ago

Holy Shite ....

chadwarden's here? Sony really must be doing amazing things... "Ballin'!" hahaa

Sky_Walker1824d ago

I'm rather interested to find out the clock speeds of all the hardware.

It's easy to throw numbers out there like 8-core, 500gb, 8gb etc., as those look impressive to gamers who aren't aware of the ghz and read/write speeds.

Also am I the only one disappointed with he Wi-Fi n?
All new devices should come with Wi-Fi ac! (specially media devices).

The only thing I got out of this article is the author's lack of knowledge of terminology. GDDR5 is found in the GPU for processing the graphics of whatever you are doing. DDR3 is the core system memory which allows the system to perform tasks.

kneon1824d ago

On the PS4 the GDDR5 is both the graphics and system memory. This unified memory architecture eliminates the need to copy data between the CPU and GPU memory systems since they use the same memory.

Sevir1824d ago

Digital foundry thanks to the Wired and some sleuthing through Microsoft's deliberate attempt at being ambiguous with specs have confirmed more or less the specs of the Xbox One and it comes in right on the Money, the PS4 and the Xbox One has the same CPU cores but the PS4 GPU is more powerful... have a read, its pretty insightful!

NatureOfLogic1824d ago

I may be wrong but can someone please double check my math, 4>1 right?

forum671824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Anyone comparing product's model number from two different companies and using that logic needs brain check to be done OR can be ignored due to age immaturity.

Seriously , what next ? nvidia 9600GT (2008) > AMD 7990 (2013) because of the number.

ZodTheRipper1824d ago

Anyone not understanding this as a joke needs a humor check.

S2Killinit1824d ago

its funny because its true. 4 IS more hahaha

bintarok1824d ago

You right. 4 > 1 in math logic.

However, ONE is a word, 1 is a number

In a race, number ONE > a number FOUR

Good joke though.

Brazz1824d ago

it's one... not first, and 4... not fourth.
Ya joke fail...

bintarok1824d ago

Finally someone points it's ONE, not 1.

You've just proved my point, no fail's taken. LOL

thechosenone1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Still hiding behind that old excuse I see. Sorry my friend but even the old rumors that were talked about back in Feb turned out to be true, you have to face facts this is what the next xbox will be.

HammadTheBeast1824d ago

Yeah I know right, its pathetic that the Xbox One is still hiding behind rumors. Didn't even mention their specs.

ziggurcat1824d ago

they sort of did... they flashed a few numbers on screen, but really didn't talk about any of the details.

Sevir1824d ago

thanks to the Wired and ofcourse Digital Foundry's sleuthing through MS's ambiguous PR babble and cherry picked facts... For anyone that wants a look at should take a read at this... It more or less confirms whats in the box of the XBOX One and how well it stacks up to the PS4, and sheds light on why MS took the Ninty approach and with not really specifying specs and simply glossing over the sensationalized points, like "5 Billion transistors" and "8 core CPU Custom Microsoft CPU"... its pretty insightful

starchild1824d ago

No, it has been pretty much confirmed by people who know their stuff.

And who's fault would it be that they are rumored specs anyway? Microsoft's. They didn't go into any detail at all in their conference. Boo. Such a boring reveal.

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PirateThom1824d ago

Specs are not the XBONE's biggest issue.

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