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Opinion: Xbox One reveal proves Sony was right to conceal PS4

Microsoft's muddled presentation suggests it has been outmanoeuvred for the first time in the console war, writes Tim Clark. Pop quiz, hotshots: Who knows why Sony didn't show the actual box when it revealed PS4?

Put your hands down if you think the prototype wasn't ready. Of course it was ready. The console will be released this year, which means the case design will have been done a long time ago. It's not the sort of thing you can knock out on a Friday afternoon between crafty games of Candy Crush. (Culture, Industry, Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

MasterCornholio  +   415d ago | Well said
I found it horrible that they showed off the XBONER and they didnt demonstrate any games on it. I mean sure the conference was mostly about digital television and sports but they could have had a live gameplay demo of something.

Well makes the Major Nelson look stupid for tweeting this.

"Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach"

How about announcing a console without showing any games?
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BlackTar187  +   415d ago
Announce a Video game console and show no gameplay footage
Shadow Flare  +   415d ago | Funny
Rent a crowd to clap because the real crowd don't want to

That's one way to do it
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Blackdeath_663  +   415d ago
well you get criticised for showing games but not the console, and you get criticised for showing the console but no games you can't please everyone i guess. what killed the xbox for me anyways is what surfaced after the conference, like no used games, needs kinect to function, needs to be connected to internet every 24hrs, cannot change or upgrade HDD etc...
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blitz0623  +   415d ago | Funny
Xbox, turn on PS4
darthv72  +   415d ago
its like...
they switched places this time around.

It had long been rumored that during the dev of the 360, they upped their specs at the last minute to compete with sony.

in the end both the ps3 and 360 were comparatively matched in terms of specs. PS3 had the better cpu and 256mb system ram / 256mb video ram, 360 had the better gpu and 512mb unified ram. with ms showing first

so now, both ps4 and xb1 have 8 core custom AMD cpu and 8gb of ram. sony upped their ram from 2 to 4 then ultimately to 8gb gddr5 where as ms seemed to have been set with going with 8gb ddr3 from the start. with sony showing first this time around.

this is a pretty good read actually: http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...
MikeMyers  +   415d ago
"Quote from the article:

"Take a look at the third question again. Do you know what Sony's policy for pre-owned games is going to be? I don't. The best CVG's bloodhound of an editor could extract from Michael Denny, Sony's VP of Worldwide Studios after the PS4 reveal, was some bluster about doing "the right thing" by consumers and developers. Cool! Beyond that, Sony has largely got away scot-free ever since."

Exactly. Sony is now using Microsoft to try and answer these hard questions. Both of them won't say yet. So don't start saving for that PS4 just yet, they too might have something up their sleeve, and why not? They already adopted online passed and have DRM restrictive games on PSN.
SirBradders  +   415d ago
Sony are smart now all eyes are back on them cos we know what the xbox looks like and we have seen just a small portion of games from the ps4 and i actually do wanna see the design even though its no importance.
One4U  +   414d ago
i cant wait for e3 , naughty dogs uncharted team is like almost 2 yrs into development ! cant wait for the other devs too !
turgore  +   415d ago
Wait till E3.
onyoursistersback  +   415d ago
Ever gamer is waiting for E3, why are people bringing it up...?! O wait, you still think Mircosoft is gana "wow" us?! Haha
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majiebeast  +   415d ago
Please be excited.
Killabites  +   415d ago
Don't live in hope my friend.
Y_5150  +   415d ago
I say that for the Wii U. It's going to get better for the system. But PS4 is going there with some momentum and I bet if it doesn't end up like 2005 E3 reveal of the PS3. Then it would be fantastic!
AnimeAvenger  +   415d ago
I don't know why your getting disagrees. If MS went all out, what the fuck would they show at E3? I will be waiting with you man.

LOL, just remember there wasn't really any wow factor at the PS4 announcement.
plaZeHD  +   415d ago
Oh wow ouch
sway_z  +   415d ago
MasterCornholio you are a TROLL...


'Nope because XBOX fans are extremely happy with the direction that Microsoft is going with the Xbox brand.

Seriously if they didnt like it then they wouldnt have supported Kinect which sold boat loads of units'

sourav93  +   415d ago
I just looked at his past 10 comments, they're all negative comments towards xbox, just the one one here. So I don't see how he's a fake. I don't condone doing what he's doing, but he's definitely not in 2 minds about it.
sway_z  +   415d ago
Ok, I take your word for it Sourav93...
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Maddens Raiders  +   415d ago
It's really quite simple -

Sony is doing amazing things.

Related image(s)
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Y_5150  +   415d ago
Picture never gets old.
maniacmayhem  +   415d ago
I don't even think Sony had a live gameplay demo. So why expect MS too?
Raccoon  +   415d ago
Shut the hell up! We expected games and core specs not TV, NFL and 5 billion transitors....
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S_C  +   415d ago
Killzone: Shadow Fall ,need i say any more
maxgamehard  +   415d ago
Knack was a live game demo as well.
maniacmayhem  +   415d ago
Don't remember Knack so that must tell me something and Killzone from what I remember looked like a demo as well since I didn't actually see anyone playing.
Adva  +   415d ago
What a nut job. Killzone was LIVE, Knack was live (On the vita aswell), pretty sure Drive was demoed though not sure about that title. Watch_dogs aswell.
HeroLv9  +   415d ago
Jimmy Fallon played killzone Shadow Fall on his show...go watch it on Youtube.
raytraceme  +   415d ago
Killzone shadowfall was played by jimmy fallon LIVE and it was gameplay because the other guy with jimmy sucked at it.

also knack showed off gameplay on both the ps4 and the vita with remote play.

And we expected ms to because they are showing the reveal 3 months after the ps4 reveal. Which could prove the leaks about x1's developement being delayed.

And don't give me bs that is was played on a pc because we actually know the full whereabouts of the ps4's architecture while we got lame vague specs from MS.

Guerilla also has a full slideshow presentation on how kz:sf was made on the ps4 MS has nothing.
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maxgamehard  +   415d ago

I am sorry but i just have to.

Qrphe  +   415d ago
>dis amount of denial

Turn off the damage control
The_Troll_Whisperer  +   415d ago
One phrase: Killzone: Shadow Fall

I have spoken

(P.S. you usually defend Sony...)
they should have never shown the box. Not even when e3 comes. It's ugly.
bestofthebest  +   415d ago
it looks like my cable box
One4U  +   414d ago
well it is the X"box"
Biohazard8860  +   415d ago
Major nelson's is microsoft's puppet.
FamilyGuy  +   415d ago
"with that big hardware reveal still tucked under its skirt"

I lmmfao at this line
horndog  +   415d ago
So they didnt show forza or remedy's new game?? True that ghost and ea's are third party games but still games never the less. I hough it wasmade clear tht e3 would be about games. Look forward to it
Prcko  +   414d ago
i agree
Majin-vegeta  +   415d ago
Xbox:Sony where's your console?

Sony:Yea but what's the point in showing a console if you ain't got no games to demonstrate??
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ronaldk   415d ago | Spam
yesmynameissumo  +   415d ago
Sony's focus was on...wait for it...GAMES. Coming out with that as the only topic (outside of tech specs, etc.) showed PlayStation as a brand is about video games. Microsoft showed the world the Xbox brand is about whatever can make Microsoft money. Glad it played out the way it did personally.
esemce  +   414d ago
Yeah now us real non fanboy gamers don't have to worry about choosing between two consoles at launch it's simple.

Hate Activision
Hate EA Sports
Hate Kinect
Hate TV
Hate Paying for simple MP
Hate Timed exclusives and dlc
Hate the lack of exclusives MS has given us since Kinect.

That's a lot of hate and I've still got some more.
Themba76  +   414d ago
don't forget Hate COD
cleft5  +   415d ago
Dude the xbox reveal proved you shouldn't make a console look like a betamax player. Seriously, what was Microsoft design team thinking. If Apple teaches us anything it's that you don't sacrifice form, you figure out a way to make form and function work.
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xk77  +   415d ago
whether you like it or not, Xbox will still sell because the other audience will like the DVR features more
cyhm3112  +   415d ago
I am not so sure about this, are people going to spend $400 to $500 dollars just to buy a TV box with inferior gaming aspects, a tv box with better functionality than xbone probably can be bought for under $100.
Narutone66  +   414d ago
That's one expensive remote control. You have to keep paying monthly fees to use.
maniacmayhem  +   415d ago
I mean, what were you people expecting it to look like? It's a console not modern art, it'll sit under your tv probably in most entertainment centers in some compartment. I thought it looked fine, nothing fancy or extravagant. Simple and elegant in its minimalist approach.

All good.
sparta76  +   415d ago
Elegant!? Lol
DigitalRaptor  +   415d ago
Elegant... yeah cause VHS players are what you would describe as elegant.
maniacmayhem  +   415d ago
Looks nothing like a VHS player. I get it, it's the internet and try to be funny is hip but this is my opinion. Sleek, black, with cool LED(?) lights, one logo at the end, nothing (so far) blinking, flashing or counting down as an old school VCR would do so no VCR player is not how I would describe as elegant.
Shadow Flare   415d ago | Trolling | show
Z501  +   415d ago
Been discussing this with friends since the Feb 20th reveal. Sony caught MS off guard. The ironic part is Sony is STILL putting out exclusiveS currently. With a new console dropping this year. What's Microsoft's excuse?
Why o why  +   415d ago
2 differing cultures towards gaming and their customers. One uses the hit em fast and hard then switched to the skim the hurdle approach where as the other adopted the slow and steady approach that has continued throughout the gen. 3 new core ips this year alone....vs none.

Funny thing is I've heard people make excuses for why one of the console manufacturers has slowed done. Using the impending gen as the reason. You woulda thought they would of at least had 1 gameplay footage ready with the hiatus ms's studios have had. They cant all be making motion control games
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riddick33  +   415d ago
Sony must be shaking like a leaf in fear.

I wish i watched PS4 press conference with more appreciation at least they showd some respect to the gaming industry, after Microsoft's TV DVR peace.
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OlgerO  +   414d ago
The sony press conference was absolutely amazing when you compare, I think im going to rewatch it today.
One4U  +   414d ago
i did that yesterday , no joke after watching the xbox reveal , sonys conference looked even better
JAM_brz  +   415d ago
The things are going in the wrong way.

Once upon a time in my life, I used to have a game device that plays games. Then some time later I had a game device that can connect to the internet. Then now I have a TV device that I can sometimes play some games, even that I don't be so sure.
Z501  +   415d ago
Noticed the last 4 years it's "wait til E3" from xbox supporters. It's NEVER wait til TGS or wait til GamesCon. How come you don't hear ps supporters saying wait til E3? hmmm
agentxk  +   415d ago
That happened to be the rallying cry for Vita supporters last year.
Z501  +   415d ago
'They' also said TGS. It wasn't just a once per year thing. How long has the Vita been on the market? You might have a point if Vita owners WILL be saying the same thing 4 years in a row. See my point.
TheGreatBambinoX  +   415d ago
I wonder what the people in charge of the Xbox One are thinking right now? I wish I could be there.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   415d ago
yhe only thing it proves is how inferior sony is when it comes to technology and designing OS.
boyh com[anies have the same goals to win the living room its thaat MS is doing it better,
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scotchmouth  +   414d ago
You can't even type.
Shacojin  +   414d ago
Was it too much to ask for actual gameplay footage.. for at least 1 game... just one?
Jihaad_cpt  +   414d ago
Microsoft's presentation in a nutshell: TV,TV,TV,TV... Kinect. I jest
ziggurcat  +   414d ago
i don't think showing the hardware has anything to do with the complaints people are having with the new xbox since the problems are all on the software side of things.

the same complaints would have happened even if MS didn't show the box.
Saleem101  +   414d ago
Block used games try to fight that argument my my tables has turn for the better greed is going kill Microsoft...
dollison27  +   414d ago
And the controller runs on AA batteries...WTF? Replacement controllers I would guess will be about $60 -70 and we don't get a rechargeable battery...stupid
MakiSaad2  +   414d ago
Microsoft kill yourself

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