PlayStation 4 Stomps Xbox One in Online Twitter Poll

Push Square: "With new consoles on the horizon, brave system warriors are marching onto online battlefields across the globe – but the outlook’s not looking particularly positive for the Xbox One following last night’s reveal."

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Prcko1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

89% omg

iGAM3R-VIII1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


I heard the Xbox is leaving

Campy da Camper1554d ago

@I gamer. Lmao that's the best one yet.

Blacktric1554d ago

After seeing the amount of great exclusive games we'll most likely see from Sony at this E3, I'll be saying the same thing for a different reason.

AliTheSnake11554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


I don't know what to say

blackbeld1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Ohh boy,

Xbox is getting a hard time this coming gen.

It's same like the first Xbox.

Xbox One = Xbox 1 (sales wise)

dendenmooshi1554d ago

At least Iran can accept the xbox one

NumOnePS3FanBoy1553d ago

here's another gif for the comments below and above

NarooN1553d ago


LMAAOO!!!! That's amazing.

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Thatguy-3101554d ago

Sony must have loved the xbox reveal yesterday lol but honestly the direction that Microsoft is taking isn't all that surprising seeing how the 360 changed as years passed by. I'm looking forward to their e3 conference to see if they dig them self deeper into a hole or miraculously turn things around. Sony on the other hand needs to keep their A game because as of now they are the one's with the positive buzz. E3 is going to be hell and I'm glad I requested that day from work lol.

Mikefizzled1554d ago

Lets face it the way things are going a lot of the people aren't going to give it the second chance it deserves. I saw a few figureheads say they felt like they was getting all the stuff that people are getting fed up with at E3 out of E3 ergo hopefully less to none on social and entertainment at E3

TheFamous11554d ago

Sony is in a great position, plus they haven't even shown off the console yet which will gain them a large amount of publicity

andibandit1554d ago

Im still skeptical about MS cloud approach(which is nothing like Sony's). I just dont see Developers embracing having to distrubute tasks to the cloud, when we all know they choose the easiest way to do things.
Also i dont fully fathom how much can be gained from this kind of distributive processing, i hope to see something at E3.

Maddens Raiders1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Bill Gates repositions his night mask and awaits the returns on the future crop of XBLive subscribers and used disc consumers they catch in the net for 2013.

Creating money out of thin air doesn't get any easier than this folks... this is an evil company not concerned about the desires or pocketbooks of gamers. Microsoft is simply reaping what they've sown.


kneon1554d ago

Gates has nothing to do with this anymore, he's working on more important things.

mediate-this1554d ago

Really now? a evil company? I agree with you up till you said evil, I totally think micro is a Money grubbing company but evil is like hitler styles to me.

IaMs121554d ago

Micrsoft was great when Gates was there, perfect? no, no company is. But Gates is actually a pretty good guy.

Sucks how the xbox went down the drain over the years. No competition for Sony anymore. If we had more competition gamers would win even more.

Snookies121554d ago

Bill Gates really is a good guy. No reason to down him.

hay1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

You guys need a reality check. Gates is far from being a good guy.
The only good thing about it is it's PR.
Among many things, it clearly admitted its aims to "reduce" about 1 billion people with its vaccines and "health care" projects, and is still loved and defended?
Damn, people are smart.

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3-4-51554d ago

Games matter. We keep telling them it's all that matters but they won't listen....why won't they? :

* They invest money in what they want to, then they push that on consumers as if it's something they need.

WE are the only people who know what we want or need and all we want as gamers, is games.

Simple concept huh ?

dasbeer881554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Remember the pointless NFL partnership Microsoft announced yesterday? Apparently they spend $400 million for it.
Talk about a waste of perfectly good money which they should've spent on Indie devs.

Rainstorm811554d ago


That deal wasn't for gamers at all, that was more about modernizing the NFL sidelines with tablets instead of clipboards or pictures on the sidelines.

The Xbox One integration was an extra perk that certainly didnt have gamers in a matter of fact nothing I've seen thus far from MS concerning the X1 is gamer friendly

insomnium21554d ago

I bet XB1 will be a huge success and it's Kinect games will sell 10 million each. This site will be filled with "gamers" rejoicing XB1 dominance as PS4 struggles to get sales.

I bet this is what will happen and every time I come here I have to read the same BS all over again. Market share blah blah. Sales blah blah. SSDD and I effing HATE it.


Aghashie1554d ago

@ dasbeer

bubble up for you. I would have said the same.

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arronax-11554d ago

really? *looks at poll* DAYUM!

Lockon1554d ago

I know this is just a poll on a Gaming forum but still...

gunnerforlife1554d ago

i dont know wtf was albania thinking -.- my people need a smack round the head!

Xandet1554d ago

Not only did the PS4 stomp the X1 in a poll propositioned by one of the internet's biggest gaming publications, it got almost identical results in polls from two of the biggest gaming forums in NeoGAF and GameFAQS.

The best part? Nobody can even claim fanboyism with such lopsided results from multiple sources. Even some of my friends, who up till recently would've jumped off a bridge had Microsoft requested it, were laughing throughout the X1 reveal and ended up asking me when they could preorder a PS4.

Microsoft certainly should be worried.