Xbox One, Why Does Everyone Hate You?

FrontBurnr: Seven years of waiting for a new Xbox experience,met with a landslide of controversy and negative reaction, I'm left wondering if I witnessed the same #XBoxReveal as everyone else.

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Rushing_Punch1859d ago

I don't hate it, i want to see games though.

StraightPath1859d ago

Xbox one is for mums and children to watch television programs.

Philoctetes1859d ago

In fairness though, who wouldn't want to watch The Price is Right on their console? It has Plinko and that game with the yodeling guy who climbs the mountain and new cars all over the place.

Pyrrhus1859d ago

Xbox One is for a single demographic, Americans. Would love to have Netflix and see NFL, but we Australasian countries don't have it so well.

Well done to MS for segregating the rest of the world.

Mainsqueeze1859d ago

Honestly Microsoft is doing it to themselves. Its not exactly about what they said but about what they didn't say.

Conzul1859d ago

I hate it because of their used-games policy and their need for always online.

And if that isn't galling enough, they will probs *CHARGE* for it, unlike Sony which will be free as usual.

Up_N_U1859d ago

your kidding me they don't want used games?

CerebralAssassin1859d ago

You dont know their used game policy. Stop judging things they havent talked about. Stick to the facts.

A2X_1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

@CerebralAssassin, fact? here are some facts for you :

Every game you buy will be locked to your account. You can't buy used games or trade them.

fermcr1859d ago

"I hate it because of their used-games policy"

Do you realize that the PS4 uses a similar policy (in spite it being optional, it's likely most developers are going to use it).

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darthv721859d ago

just more questions that need to be answered. Game sharing/used/renting seems to be a big one though. no matter what you read there is contradictory information.

Well what happens if your system dies and you get another one? will it be like windows when you install it x amount of times, you have to call with an unlock code to get the license transferred?

The price is a big "?" right now too. Ms can announce their price at e3 and sony can undercut them or they can hold off revealing the price and see if sony does theirs first and back and forth.

I just think its too easy to attack what we know without fully understanding what we dont know.

omi25p1859d ago

im going to put this in a logical way.

Why did Microsoft spend money on a show right before E3?

To show off hardware. They spent alot of money to show off the console. They barely showed software. Why? Well what are they going to show in there E3 conference?

They literally said at the end of the reveal, Stay tuned because E3 is where we will reveal everything.

They have 15 exclusives to reveal to release within a year.

Ryse is confirmed for the E3 shows due to the countdown the the website. Quantum Break is confirmed, Forza 5 is confirmed, Halo 5 is bound to be a launch title. So that leaves 12 exclusives to be shown.

From a business stand point it would be insane to have 12 kinect games because casual users wont buy that many. Its the core userbase that will buy as many games as it can and Microsoft know this.

Just look at sales for Skyrim, Red Dead, Cod, Fifa, Battlefield, Halo, GTA. They sell millions. Why would a company that loves making money completely ignore the gold mine that exists.

Say what you want about Microsoft but they know what they are doing when it comes to making money and Exclusives are what will sell the consoles at the beginning

cpayne931859d ago

Not all of those exclusives will be kinect, but plenty will be xbla games. They won't all be retail, that's for sure. They better be dropping bombs come e3.

Urusernamesucks1859d ago

Yes those games do sell millions, but have you seen wiisports?

r211859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

So they decided that the best idea to start off their reveal was to show off the hardware and software that gamers DONT want? Smart move right there. Brilliant!

TwistedMetal1859d ago

i hate it! i want to see it die! i dont want it to walk this earth for one second longer. its the jodi arias of consoles.

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Godmars2901859d ago

- Poor general presentation?
- Unanswered/muddled concerns over online and used games?
- Orwellian implications of Kinect?

MikeMyers1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

1. Some people don't like Kinect being mandatory or that it always has to be connected.

2. They don't like the restrictions on used games

3. They didn't see many games

4. They don't like it has to be connected at least every 24 hours.

E3 should erase the #3 concern.

Hopefully both Microsoft and Sony (who have also not gone into full detail) go into GREAT detail about the used game scenarios. #2 is a big one for many.

I think #1 is actually a good thing. Many will disagree but because every system has one more developers will take it more seriously. It also helps dramatically on the OS and functionality of the system.

#4 is not a concern either. I've never had my internet go down for 24 hours. If it is only required to verify used games then I may have an issue.

Godmars2901859d ago

Isn't #3 honestly the other shoe waiting to drop as far as the "console wars" are concerned?

I mean in the PS3/360 "war" while the 360 was repeatedly easier to program for, such only showed itself on multiplatform titles and even then there were exceptions. Now that Sony supposedly - certainly on paper - has both system access and power what;s going to happen?

What if come E3 where MS shows off titles which aren't much of an improvement over current titles, Sony does visibly and generally better?

MikeMyers1859d ago

"What if come E3 where MS shows off titles which aren't much of an improvement over current titles"

They already showed Call of Duty running on the Xbox One side by side from last gen to the new one and the differences were night and day.

Boody-Bandit1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

They didn't show Call of Duty running side by side. They showed character model differences. Not even close to being the same. MS didn't have ONE gaming running at their reveal. Not one. It was all trailers and cutscenes. That is why people want to know about games.

And of course we are upset about rentals and used games. That means my son can't play a game I purchase unless he pays a fee to play it on his own console with his own XBL account? That's beyond greedy. It would be different if there wasn't a set MSRP.

Personally I'm not hurting for cash but I rent and purchase used more than I do full retail. Most games that I like to play can be completed in a few sessions. Why would I want to pay $59.99 +tx for a game I will complete in a couple to few days and most likely never play it again? What's next, charging for demos?

Seriously. And let's not forget on the XBOX ONE it appears everything will be proprietary and no backwards compatibility with any controllers, fight sticks, racing wheels or even gaming headphones.

I don't mind the always connected but I am not paying a fee if I want to rent, play used games or share with friends and family. I don't understand how ANYONE can defend this for ANY reason. Boggles my mind. It's people that do as to why DLC has gotten completely out of control and now they want to nickle and dime everything that has to do with gaming.

Sorry but I think this is a very frustrating direction MS appears to be heading.

Hate them? NO.
But I am so frustrated I'm contemplating not purchasing an XBOX ONE and I have never not purchased a gaming console at launch since gamings inception in the 70's.

Testfire1859d ago

Who the hell would be ok with a device that in order to work the camera/mic MUST be connected? That's some crazy ass gumption MS has. Maybe some are ok being spied on, but not me. And living in the US or UK both governments freely spy on their citizens without shame or consequences. The DHS is building a MASSIVE data storage facility in Utah where EVERYTHING you do and say over the net/phone will be recorded. The US government probably loves MS right now.

IcicleTrepan1859d ago

I still don't know where this is coming from. Where did anyone officially say that the X1 will not work at all if Kinect is not plugged in?

Testfire1859d ago


After a Microsoft-hosted London event around the Xbox One reveal, Xbox's UK marketing director Harvey Eagle has said that the console will not function without Kinect connected. Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes," he said.

NYC_Gamer1859d ago

I don't hate the console just dislike the used games solution

agentxk1859d ago

Well said, 2 weeks though, right?!

denawayne1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Because we know each exactly how it works right?

SexyGamerDude1859d ago

Because it hates gamers. It's made to set fees, nickle and dime, and put restrictions on everyone who buys it.

Conzul1859d ago

Good to see some people finally admitting to M$'s B$.

maxgamehard1859d ago


So far we mandatory game installs, incompatible headsets, no ability to change hard drive, used game fee, every 24 hour internet checks, and mandatory kinect.

This is total BS from M$ and I hope people don't support practices like this.