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Submitted by agentxk 997d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One, Why Does Everyone Hate You?

FrontBurnr: Seven years of waiting for a new Xbox experience,met with a landslide of controversy and negative reaction, I'm left wondering if I witnessed the same #XBoxReveal as everyone else. (Xbox One)

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Rushing_Punch  +   997d ago
I don't hate it, i want to see games though.
StraightPath  +   997d ago
Xbox one is for mums and children to watch television programs.
Philoctetes  +   997d ago
In fairness though, who wouldn't want to watch The Price is Right on their console? It has Plinko and that game with the yodeling guy who climbs the mountain and new cars all over the place.
Pyrrhus  +   997d ago
Xbox One is for a single demographic, Americans. Would love to have Netflix and see NFL, but we Australasian countries don't have it so well.

Well done to MS for segregating the rest of the world.
Mainsqueeze  +   997d ago
Honestly Microsoft is doing it to themselves. Its not exactly about what they said but about what they didn't say.
shoddy  +   997d ago
Console war is over
Conzul  +   997d ago
I hate it because of their used-games policy and their need for always online.

And if that isn't galling enough, they will probs *CHARGE* for it, unlike Sony which will be free as usual.
Up_N_U  +   997d ago
your kidding me they don't want used games?
CerebralAssassin  +   997d ago
You dont know their used game policy. Stop judging things they havent talked about. Stick to the facts.
A2X_  +   997d ago
@CerebralAssassin, fact? here are some facts for you :

Every game you buy will be locked to your account. You can't buy used games or trade them.
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fermcr  +   997d ago
"I hate it because of their used-games policy"

Do you realize that the PS4 uses a similar policy (in spite it being optional, it's likely most developers are going to use it).
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   997d ago

No official policy.
darthv72  +   997d ago
no "hate" from me
just more questions that need to be answered. Game sharing/used/renting seems to be a big one though. no matter what you read there is contradictory information.

Well what happens if your system dies and you get another one? will it be like windows when you install it x amount of times, you have to call with an unlock code to get the license transferred?

The price is a big "?" right now too. Ms can announce their price at e3 and sony can undercut them or they can hold off revealing the price and see if sony does theirs first and back and forth.

I just think its too easy to attack what we know without fully understanding what we dont know.
omi25p  +   997d ago
im going to put this in a logical way.

Why did Microsoft spend money on a show right before E3?

To show off hardware. They spent alot of money to show off the console. They barely showed software. Why? Well what are they going to show in there E3 conference?

They literally said at the end of the reveal, Stay tuned because E3 is where we will reveal everything.

They have 15 exclusives to reveal to release within a year.

Ryse is confirmed for the E3 shows due to the countdown the the website. Quantum Break is confirmed, Forza 5 is confirmed, Halo 5 is bound to be a launch title. So that leaves 12 exclusives to be shown.

From a business stand point it would be insane to have 12 kinect games because casual users wont buy that many. Its the core userbase that will buy as many games as it can and Microsoft know this.

Just look at sales for Skyrim, Red Dead, Cod, Fifa, Battlefield, Halo, GTA. They sell millions. Why would a company that loves making money completely ignore the gold mine that exists.

Say what you want about Microsoft but they know what they are doing when it comes to making money and Exclusives are what will sell the consoles at the beginning
cpayne93  +   997d ago
Not all of those exclusives will be kinect, but plenty will be xbla games. They won't all be retail, that's for sure. They better be dropping bombs come e3.
Urusernamesucks  +   997d ago
Yes those games do sell millions, but have you seen wiisports?
r21  +   997d ago
So they decided that the best idea to start off their reveal was to show off the hardware and software that gamers DONT want? Smart move right there. Brilliant!
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TwistedMetal  +   997d ago
i hate it! i want to see it die! i dont want it to walk this earth for one second longer. its the jodi arias of consoles.
Bathyj  +   997d ago
Xbox! Show me games!
Godmars290  +   997d ago
- Poor general presentation?
- Unanswered/muddled concerns over online and used games?
- Orwellian implications of Kinect?
MikeMyers  +   997d ago
1. Some people don't like Kinect being mandatory or that it always has to be connected.

2. They don't like the restrictions on used games

3. They didn't see many games

4. They don't like it has to be connected at least every 24 hours.

E3 should erase the #3 concern.

Hopefully both Microsoft and Sony (who have also not gone into full detail) go into GREAT detail about the used game scenarios. #2 is a big one for many.

I think #1 is actually a good thing. Many will disagree but because every system has one more developers will take it more seriously. It also helps dramatically on the OS and functionality of the system.

#4 is not a concern either. I've never had my internet go down for 24 hours. If it is only required to verify used games then I may have an issue.
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Godmars290  +   997d ago
Isn't #3 honestly the other shoe waiting to drop as far as the "console wars" are concerned?

I mean in the PS3/360 "war" while the 360 was repeatedly easier to program for, such only showed itself on multiplatform titles and even then there were exceptions. Now that Sony supposedly - certainly on paper - has both system access and power what;s going to happen?

What if come E3 where MS shows off titles which aren't much of an improvement over current titles, Sony does visibly and generally better?
MikeMyers  +   997d ago
"What if come E3 where MS shows off titles which aren't much of an improvement over current titles"

They already showed Call of Duty running on the Xbox One side by side from last gen to the new one and the differences were night and day.
Boody-Bandit  +   997d ago
They didn't show Call of Duty running side by side. They showed character model differences. Not even close to being the same. MS didn't have ONE gaming running at their reveal. Not one. It was all trailers and cutscenes. That is why people want to know about games.

And of course we are upset about rentals and used games. That means my son can't play a game I purchase unless he pays a fee to play it on his own console with his own XBL account? That's beyond greedy. It would be different if there wasn't a set MSRP.

Personally I'm not hurting for cash but I rent and purchase used more than I do full retail. Most games that I like to play can be completed in a few sessions. Why would I want to pay $59.99 +tx for a game I will complete in a couple to few days and most likely never play it again? What's next, charging for demos?

Seriously. And let's not forget on the XBOX ONE it appears everything will be proprietary and no backwards compatibility with any controllers, fight sticks, racing wheels or even gaming headphones.

I don't mind the always connected but I am not paying a fee if I want to rent, play used games or share with friends and family. I don't understand how ANYONE can defend this for ANY reason. Boggles my mind. It's people that do as to why DLC has gotten completely out of control and now they want to nickle and dime everything that has to do with gaming.

Sorry but I think this is a very frustrating direction MS appears to be heading.

Hate them? NO.
But I am so frustrated I'm contemplating not purchasing an XBOX ONE and I have never not purchased a gaming console at launch since gamings inception in the 70's.
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Testfire  +   997d ago
Who the hell would be ok with a device that in order to work the camera/mic MUST be connected? That's some crazy ass gumption MS has. Maybe some are ok being spied on, but not me. And living in the US or UK both governments freely spy on their citizens without shame or consequences. The DHS is building a MASSIVE data storage facility in Utah where EVERYTHING you do and say over the net/phone will be recorded. The US government probably loves MS right now.
IcicleTrepan  +   997d ago
I still don't know where this is coming from. Where did anyone officially say that the X1 will not work at all if Kinect is not plugged in?
Testfire  +   997d ago

After a Microsoft-hosted London event around the Xbox One reveal, Xbox's UK marketing director Harvey Eagle has said that the console will not function without Kinect connected. Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes," he said.
NYC_Gamer  +   997d ago
I don't hate the console just dislike the used games solution
agentxk  +   997d ago
Well said, 2 weeks though, right?!
denawayne  +   997d ago
Because we know each exactly how it works right?
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creized1  +   997d ago
You're Ugly
SexyGamerDude  +   997d ago
Because it hates gamers. It's made to set fees, nickle and dime, and put restrictions on everyone who buys it.
Conzul  +   997d ago
Good to see some people finally admitting to M$'s B$.
maxgamehard  +   997d ago

So far we mandatory game installs, incompatible headsets, no ability to change hard drive, used game fee, every 24 hour internet checks, and mandatory kinect.

This is total BS from M$ and I hope people don't support practices like this.
_LarZen_  +   997d ago
I dont hate it, but I sure dont like it either. To many negative parts with it...

Finaly a generation where I dont have to use alot of time picking the "best" console.
thelaughingwiseman  +   997d ago
I don't know what I was expecting. I just feel this need to let out a little rage
thebudgetgamer  +   997d ago
I don't hate a piece of consumer electronics, I do hate the anti comsumer things Microsoft are adding to their new console.
sway_z  +   997d ago
Peter Molyneux has said in a post Xbox One reveal interview on IGN...

"they didn't confirm CPU...that worries me, so does the ram speed"


Adam Sessler @Rev3 games implies the Forza 5 footage was misleading as it was CGI, as was the Remedy trailer.
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Sarobi  +   997d ago
Because it appears to be too anti-consumer.
thelaughingwiseman  +   997d ago
What would have made me want to get an X1 would have been: Free online play, backward compatibility, Sony type exclusives, be worth 150 dollars at launch, 1 terabyte of HDD space, 4 controller slots, and 4k resolution games running at 60fps
denawayne  +   997d ago
The PS4 must be a disappointment then
thelaughingwiseman  +   997d ago
haha, it's just a little wish list of the perfect console. You have the right to dream of you own console, and no one can take that away from you
Godmars290  +   997d ago
Really, the $150 price was too much. Yo should have stopped before there.

Though now the unreplaceable HDD makes me wonder if Sony will still allow you to switch out. And I still want to see one rear USB port for their camera - which concerns me as much as Kinect and better not be required - but more for an external HDD.
Dread  +   997d ago
Good article

I will wait for e3 before passing judgement
But i have to say i am very skeptical

Here is hopping for the best
DARK WITNESS  +   997d ago
Well they think I am stupid, I generally don't like anyone or anything that thinks I am stupid.
v0rt3x  +   997d ago
Here's a question for you: As a gamer who plays games - isn't THAT the entire reason I don't watch television?

As in: If television would be so interesting - why would I game in the first place?

I game BECAUSE television isn't sufficiently entertaining for me.

So: Why would I want a platform that focuses on television?

And you might argue: Yea but it still plays games.

Well - sure it plays games - but it also lets me watch movies, browse the internet, switch channels on voice command through Kinect - and comes with a whole lot of gimmicks I'm not going to use.

So essentially I'm paying for more than I bargained for.

Essentially I'm paying for a 4 course menu - when all I want is the desert.

Sorry. That's just not happening.
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Heisenburger  +   997d ago
For Sony games are the main course.

I'd personally take a big juicy steak over an ice cream cone. But that's just me.

Steak.... *goes back to P4*
Brazz  +   997d ago
Yeah! you said all,and this is 2x true when you are not in America...
younglj01  +   997d ago
Because of an $400 million deal with the NFL instead of developing games...

Gamespot have an article about it if you would like more info...
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cee773  +   997d ago
I'm just gonna leave this here lol
grassyknoll  +   997d ago
I hate it because of its anti consumer bullshit, online activations, Kinect spyware & it's underspecced. It would take substantial policy change to get me on board.
Gamer-Z  +   997d ago
Because it destroys everything that makes a console a console, because it blocks used games, because it has to connect every 24 hours or it turns into a brick, because you are forced to use a peripheral, because it still makes you pay to play online, take your pick.
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Up_N_U  +   997d ago
yeah im gana stick to wii U and PC sony isn't gana fool me this time with amazing graphics.
AzaziL  +   997d ago
After all the disasters with internet connections required for single player gaming, they decide to go ahead and make all games require the internet to play...-_-
Up_N_U  +   997d ago
oh and besides how long will it be b4 kids over raid the xbox live with call of duty and what not.
Imalwaysright  +   997d ago
Xbox One is dead to me. I simply can't support MS greed and their anti-consumer practices.
Heisenburger  +   997d ago

I don't understand twitter...
Mikeyy  +   997d ago
Man that author is in denial. And yes, everybody watched the same event as you, it just seems you watched it with the volume muted, because you somehow missed what everybody is bitching about.

Also you claim the specs are almost identical, then post a link to a comparison, that doesnt even post hard numbers, and speeds of the hardware. You posted a misleading chart aimed at the call of duty dudebros.

In closing you sound like a wiif.a.g. "Kinect integration is revolutionary, like the flipping wii mote." GTFO dude.

Admit you are just a dudebro all excited for the NFL bullshit. Gaming is an afterthought to you clearly.

I downvoted your website too.
agentxk  +   997d ago
Cool <3
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gnothe1  +   997d ago
Their hating JUST BECAUSE it's MS...what i saw from Xbox one got me super excited...I know for a fact that's it's gonna play the next gen COD..madden..battlefield..watc h dogs...this is FACT...then add on all the other entertainment features the console looks amazing....IF it works as fluid as they showed that's gonna be great......when Sony showed their SHARE BUTTON you Sony guys felt like that was a great that MS have took that button an wiped their ass with it nobody like added all of a sudden the Xbox one isn't a games console its a tv I stated earlier..I can play 90 percent of the same games on Xbox one that I can play on the ps4 so I don't see what the big deal is....other than its MICROSOFT....Sony said they have a KINECT LIKE CAMERA that they just haven't I bet if it does anything that the Xbox can do its gonna be the greatest thing ever....smmfh
Imalwaysright  +   997d ago
Sorry... I hate anything.... that is anti-consumer.... nice try though......
ACESupERIC  +   997d ago
Your right. It will have most games that the ps4 has and the ps4 has a camera. But the things that have everybody so mad are the kinect requirement, used games fee, DRM, and internet required at least once every 24 hours. I don't want kinect though I can understand people that do. I buy too many games used to even think about trying to pay full price for every one of them. DRM and internet requirement? Diablo3 and simcity. And sonys share button is for live streaming. Xbox1 is for recording. Now don't get me wrong. I loved my xbox and my 360 just as much as all my consoles so I'm far from a fanboy for ANY brand and I was excited for the reveal. But MS has lost me as a customer for the anti used policy alone. I don't care/want/need anything but a game console. I also don't want to pay to use services that are free everywhere else. Who thinks its ok to pay for the right to use facebook, free to play apps, hulu, pandora radio, etc... MS needs to rethink most of their strategy going into next gen because since yesterday I know quite a few DIEHARD xbox fans who aren't even considering this console. And that's only the people I know personally. How many more do you think there are? I do agree with you on the look of the console though. Not quite"amazing" but a very nice design that would have looked great in my entertainment center. Peace
ACEMANWISE  +   997d ago
The air vents at the top are a bad design. It allows dust to settle inside the unit. Dust will insulate the components and trap heat leading to a higher operating temperature.

On the PS3 you can see how the vents are small and always located on the side and bottom of the unit. Very efficient at keeping dust out. Even looked in several fat PS3s after a few years of use. Very clean inside.
gnothe1  +   997d ago
maybe thats just YOUR friends...cause all my friends that i play xbox with regularly cant wait for the system..i been on XBL for 10 years Gno the 1....look it up..same as my PSN account i cant wait for the system either...once they iron out the used game issue then theres nothing to even think about with the xbox 1 im all in....i currently have 3 360s an 3 ps3s in my house for me an my kids an we swap games other than the used/trade games issue im way more excited for the xbox one than i am for the ps4..i see the ps4 as a videogame sysem with multimedia capabilities an the xbox one as a PURE MULTIMEDIA for my american taste the xbox one gives me what i want...
bowski477  +   997d ago
Can't we all just get along and be happy we have games?
1lawrence  +   997d ago
What sucks if your kinect breaks your Xbox one is paper weight
Elzer  +   997d ago
Pupose of xbox reveal: showcase console abilities and focus on games during E3
Xbox E3: Only games! 18 exclusives released all in a years time span.
PS4 E3: Bet you a million bucks you will hear irrelvant/non gaming apsects of the console. Wonder who will be bitching then.
Xbox One Specs: ddr3? Unknown, doesnt matter! Check out the xbox one architecture panel. enlighten yourself. Xbox will have 300,000 servers, microsoft azure cloud computing service to offset the processing load to cloud. Will allow developers to offset computation for engine physics,AI, and rendering.
PS4's online service may just be comparable to xbox 360 current live service.
Those who hate kinect are problably antisocial... No offense.

Happy Xbox One owner scenerio. Enter living room,"Xbox on"..."Check whos online" ..."Call Jake"(skype)... "Hey wassup want to play forza",,,,, "Xbox play forza"... "switch to tv"... "Hey jake news says it'll be raining tommorow guess we can finish halo 5 tommorow",,, jake responds, "ok, man is that cheetos I see you eating making me hungry, hurry up though switch back, are match is about to start". "Skype end call" Epicness!

Happy PS4 owner scenerio: Enters living room, looks for controller, fails to find controller,, walks to console, turns it on. Searches friends with joystick, no friends are online, searches for "play game option" game starts.

Xbox One is future proof.
Hate it or not this is the future of a great gaming experience.
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jdeane81  +   997d ago
Hey all, author here :) Having worked with Microsoft for years on retail marketing, user campaigns etc. They have given me reason to hope and perhaps deserve better than all the negativity being thrown at them.

Facts: Xbox One will play games and play them well. Publisher support is right where it has been for the 360 if not higher.

Nothing has been confirmed about used trade-in fees or online only restrictions. Kinect "spyware" is also speculative. It seems though they have added a whole suite of options for a broader audience without taking away the core aspect of what we all like to do, play games. Why is that a bad thing?

There just isn't enough out there to rail against. Maybe there will be, just arguing that it isn't the case now.
ACEMANWISE  +   997d ago
Fact #1- Kinect was never developed for gamers. It was developed for identification enforcement to lock each disc to one person.

Fact #2- The microphone was never added for gamers. It was added for identification enforcement to lock each disc to one person.

Fact #3- Microsoft is using their security technologies such as retinal scanners and fingerprint devices and masking them into future Kinect cameras and touchscreen features.

Fact #4- Motion control was never a new way to interact with video games. It was a way to limit the amount of people that can view your content.

Fact #5- All digital games that are purchased are not owned by the buyer. You just maintain the illusion they do.

Fact #6- Cloud technology is available for the day people realize they are storing your content on their devices. Then they will realize the cloud they are storing data on is the same place they downloaded it from, which is no storage at all...just your online store.

Fact #7- You are selling people a service and making people believe that the hardware they buy functions without it. You are selling people access to games, not the actual games themselves...all of which don't work without your service.

Fact #8- More than half of console makers throughout gaming history have left the hardware business. That's a chance greater than 50% people will lose their games.

Fact #9- Your final agenda is to end used games, make every person buy a copy new, make every person pay for online, use your ID DRM to get money for person specific advertisements and prices, to agree to more and more abusive agreements while holding their games and movies hostage, and to study human behavior.

Fact #10- Every person who invests in anything digital will lose everything somewhere/ somehow down the road. By that time the industry will have converted the illusion into a streaming service.
jdeane81  +   997d ago
Well, those are opinions, maybe even some good ones, but hardly facts.
Rushing_Punch  +   997d ago
Reading this rant, this dude either has an investment in tinfoil hats or watches too much fox news.

Either way. You keep saying YOU so I suppose you copied this from a rage letter to MS? Chill the hell out, it's vidya gamez.

I am most confused on this gem though: Fact #4- Motion control was never a new way to interact with video games. It was a way to limit the amount of people that can view your content.

If by content you mean watching me try to dance to Lady Gaga in my underwear, they have seen quite a bit of my 'content' already.
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PANTHER1030  +   997d ago
Xbox One, you break my heart, I'll back to ps console. PS4 first day for me!
TruthSpeaker   997d ago | Spam
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