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Submitted by lifesanrpg 990d ago | news

Gamers prefer PS4 over Xbox One, according to social media buzz

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "So who won the first round of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One reveal? If you're judging by social media buzz and response, it would have to go to Sony and the PS4. Fizziology, who last week provided us with a social media breakdown of hype leading up to the new Xbox reveal, has followed up with us, revealing that this week's Xbox One reveal "didn't quite live up to gamers' expectations."" (PS4, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   990d ago
Gamers should wait until E3 to make final judgements.
Maddens Raiders  +   990d ago
^^^ hahaa -
tell that to Forbes. Tell that to Always On. Tell that to draconian-like DRM restrictions on used games. Tell that to Kinect requirements and XBLive subscriptions in >>> 2013. Something tells me E3 won't fix this hot mess.

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MariaHelFutura  +   990d ago
You can't cover sh!t in syrup and tell people it's pancakes.
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Eldyraen  +   990d ago
@Maria: They can and they will. However it could still be pancakes in there somewhere... At E3 we get to finally find out what the case may be.

MS though still dropped the ball IMO as the reveal was nothing special. If they had shown it at CES sure but this close to E3 they should had at least one big exclusive game to close with. CoD/EA Sports being shown and partnerships reaffirmed is simply not the same. Even a true CoD live play would had been better than what we got (on par with Modern Warfare reveal--the last one I cared about).
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SexyGamerDude  +   990d ago
MS already told us about their plans to put restrictions on gamers.

Nothing at E3 will fix that.
Shadow Flare  +   990d ago
I think you'll find orange ponchos, cirque du soleil and french miming a new Kinect game might

And microsoft's subscription will make sure of its positive reaction
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ABizzel1  +   990d ago
@Shadow Flare

What would be too funny is if all the Xbox fans raid the MS conference and actually boo all the things they don't like. I would die.

MS better have a private event this year. LMAO.
admiralvic  +   990d ago
Games can help, but no amount of exclusive / first party (which no offense to M$ fans, but M$ isn't known for) will make up for fundamental problems.

Between requiring the Kinect, that Kinect patent that I guess might restrict you based off the number of people in the room, decreased gaming focus and increased media focus, rumors of 1 online sign in a day being required, HDD can't be replaced and no BC (though Sony couldn't accomplish this either), it will take more than Halo 5 to get people even remotely interested in it.
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colonel179  +   990d ago
I don't think the games are the problem, the games will come sooner or later. People obviously felt disappointed when Microsoft focused more on an All-in-One device instead of a gaming machine. However, what is really upsetting everybody is what has been confirmed about used games, some-kind-of-always-on, and having kinect required for the Xbox to function.

EDIT: About used games: Microsoft is not understanding what gamers want. They confirm that people will be able to get used games, but that is not the only problem. What about loaning? They are treating this as if people only buy games for themselves, and never lend or borrow a game.
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GT67  +   990d ago
Hell, i'll make my judgement now im sure everyone will agree.

dboyc310  +   990d ago
4>1 do the math people ;)
You can bet Sony will bring the big guns at E3. Can't wait!!!
JackBNimble  +   990d ago
4 - 1=3 , I can't believe MS hasn't figured this out yet.
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DivineAssault  +   990d ago
Sony showed gamers GAMES that are in store for PS4.. Thats all we needed to see... We got a look at the new dual shock, seen the new x86 architecture, seen the ram, & seen how happy devs are with it.. Why wait til E3 to make a decision? MS showed TV, they showed more TV, they showed sports, they showed halo tv, they showed kinect, & showed where its focuses are.. People dont want to install all their games, dont want to pay to play used games on their system, & dont want a system thats 90% dependent on the internet.. I shouldnt say they dont WANT it but im sure most would prefer to own a console thats going to provide plenty of software from both eastern & western dev companies & not just sports or shooting..
wantonGamer  +   990d ago
Please change your name and your avatar buddy, you're part of the problem.
pop-voxuli  +   990d ago
No, yesterday was the day to show the goods. Telling a gamer to wait is the kiss of death, E3 is to late.
TheBrownBandito  +   989d ago

Marketing 101........if you've got it, shout about it.
3-4-5  +   990d ago
Yea E3 and those 15 games are the only thing that can save Xbox One at this point.

I'm saying this as somebody who owns both xbox's and never owned a Playstation in my life.

I may be making the jump, I'm not putting up with this used games BS.....80% of the games I've bought in the last 3 years have been used and it's saved me probably well over $500-700.

I could buy a PS4 + Wii U for that.

That is what Xbox One is going to cost me in used games.

Not to mention I have to install every 15-25 GB game on my HDD. So 500 GB is really only like 100GB of old.
angelsx  +   990d ago
Before the reveal: let's wait until may 21, all these rumors are lies.
After the reveal: let's wait until E3 where everything will be clear.
After E3: let's wait until it launch so we can see really how it works.

Stop the excuses, deal with it, it is a mess.
Why o why  +   990d ago
I hear ya kratos, thats how I feel but ms's practices over the past 3 years plus their reveal, we've all been told to 'wait for' has given me enough of an indication as to what system I'm dropping my p on.

All I really expect from ms's e3 is that they redress some of the negativity with games, games and more games NOT tv tv kinect kinect game. So yeah, my final judgement wont be made yet, but I sure have the right to have a preference based on the factors I've mentioned.
Dno  +   990d ago
im sorry dude but games wont cahnge the fact that some of the features we HATE!
The_Infected  +   990d ago
Guess everyone is right it's to late to fix this huge mess. Microsoft has lost it. I also have a feeling the PS4 is going to look bad ass on June 10th! That teaser showed some crazy design points. My most looked forward to game is Infamous: Second Son! I just can't wait to see it all! Damn E3 is to far away. Lol
Yi-Long  +   990d ago
Ofcourse GAMERS will like PS4 better....
PS4 is still all about games first.

The new Xbox One seems to focus on the complete opposite, making gaming more expensive, adding DRM, blocking 2nd hand games or borrowed/give-away games. Not to mention the focus on TV TV TV TV TV TV TV, and shoving Kinect up everyone's nose, and spying on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In short: PS4 is about FUN (games!), Xbox One will be about GREED.
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Cam977  +   990d ago
Indeed. It's stupid that the KINECT wasn't integrated into the new XBOX somehow as it is such an important part of the new system. The PS4 will yet again reign supremen, moreover, the PS4 is has 50% MORE raw power than the ONE (I still can't fathom the how STUPID that damn name is).
PFFT  +   990d ago
lifesanrpg  +   990d ago
Next-gen just seems to be a continuation of this one. The Xbox will continue to become an entertainment hub and get the CoD audience while the PS4 will focus on ALL games.
ZBlacktt  +   990d ago
Ya think?
GreenRanger  +   990d ago
It only took me about half an hour to completely abandon Microsoft yesterday.
If Sony pulls the same crap with used games at E3, i'll be abandoning them too.
Minato-Namikaze  +   990d ago
The 1st half hour or the 2nd? lol
GreenRanger  +   990d ago
@ Minato-Namikaze
It was the first half hour.
The second i found out that Kinect was mandatory i just completely gave up on MS.
I hate Kinect (and motion controls in general), so no feature or game announcement was going to change my decision.
PFFT  +   990d ago
We will see what Ms bring to E3 HOPEFULLY they will come out guns blazing Cause if not..........well Ms will have to abandon the gaming scene quite early.
DARK WITNESS  +   990d ago
same here.. I will just skip a gen or the the wii u (dam I never thought i would say that )
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   990d ago
i feel like the PS4 OS is based on a social network kind of thing... that might help them win
stage88  +   990d ago
Gamers prefer games consoles rather than TV addons?

Well that seems obvious.
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brish  +   990d ago
It wasn't obvious to Microsoft or they would of done a very different reveal!
Masterman280  +   990d ago
So far i prefer the PS4. The only thing i liked from the XBOX ONE was the "XBOX on".
Zool 08  +   990d ago
I'm not surprised
chasegarcia  +   990d ago
I am honestly happy with the Xbox One hardware and software. Can't wait ;-)
DarkBlood  +   990d ago
What is this I dont even.........
Shadow Flare  +   990d ago
You'll be sober in the morning
SOULJER  +   990d ago
AAHHHHHHH. The water taste so good here.
yesmynameissumo  +   990d ago
As a 36yr old gamer, I never thought Microsoft would do half, let alone all of what has surfaced since the presser. I really look forward to the PS4.
Rai  +   990d ago
Love the people saying wait for E3 to judge...think back to the recent E3 conferences MS that they have more power in their console, they'll just pile on more of the crap gamers don't want.
boldscot  +   990d ago
I don't know what all the hate's about, don't ye guys know you can watch TV on the X-box One?
sashimi  +   990d ago
"Live TV will require a supported receiver device with HDMI output,” which is sold separately."

Oh no you can't unless you buy another addon imao
boldscot  +   990d ago
Yeah but now I can talk to it and tell it how my day went!
DivineAssault  +   990d ago
"Xbox one was made by the government maaaan" they want to keep their eyes on us with kinect & keep us connected to watch our every move.. lol nah but seriously PS4 showed everything i needed to see.. They made a console to play GAMES.. Easy to develop for, great new controller, & good hardware.. I want PS4 & will only buy xbox one if i see a lot of games that arent kinect related & arent sports n shooters..
Sevir  +   990d ago
I honestly went into MS's conference hoping that they'd convince me into becoming a dual Next gen
console owner! 30 minutes in and I knew right away that they abandoned the fanbase that made them popular. They could show off even more games at E3... The reveal of the XBOX ONE sent a clear message that the console isn't a game console but a device that caters to the needs of people who dont game exclusively or predomniantly.

I'm a gamer, thats why i spend money to buy games. I dont need to have Skype on my console, I'm not gonna be skyping my grandmother or Mom and Dad after spending a few hours playing a game or pause my game to answer a skype call from a friend. Im definately not gonna pause my game to watch a political debate or watch college basket ball or game of Thrones, i've got my Tablet and DVR set to record those things, and my phone ready to video chat my folks.

This is just a blunder on MS's part I cant believe that they are so disconnected with their audience. Who exactly were they marketing the XBOX One to, the 75+ million consumers that purchased it to game and play connect or people who want to sports and TV?

My choice is clear, My PS4 will be sitting right next to my PS3 under my 3D-HDTV. I'll pass on the Xbox One.

BTW COD on the XBOX from what i could make to be ingame looks like crap compared to Battlefield 4 and KZ:Shadow fall. And Remedy's Quantum Break's in game section isn't impressive. who unveils a Console thats suppose to be about games but talk about TV TV TV even throughout the games portion of the presentation which strangley picked up the last 15 minutes of the presentation.

if you are a gamer you have no real reason to be excited for the XBOX One unless the cool and admittedly impressive showing of Kinect made you giddy about using the slick interface. Beyond that there was nothing to please anyone who is a hardcore or even a casual gamer.
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marchinggamer  +   990d ago
Its not about games as you said its about media entertainment and then gaming it at least had game demos running on an Xbox one unlike the ps4 reveal all demos were running on a suped up top of line gaming pc
Sevir  +   990d ago
LOL, you mean CGI trailers of games running on the xbox?

Sony had Stage demonstrations which were FAR more impressive thank what was shown in the last 10 minutes of the XBOX ONE's Lack luster 1 hour TV presentation. plus a pleathora of New games confirmed for the console.

Just accept it! the Xbox One isn't about games its like you said multimedia, which isn't at all what the xbox 360 or even the xbox was about.
WeAreLegion  +   990d ago
The PS4 demos were running on a PS4 dev kit...which is a top of the line gaming PC, like you said. ;)
S2Killinit  +   990d ago
people shouldn't have any doubts that come E3 xbox one will have a lot of games to show. Problem is, Microsoft has taken a general direction away from Gaming and wants to become more of an entertainment unit, that is where their focus is. It wasn't so different with the 360, remember they did pretty well for the first half of the generation and then droped the gaming ball completely, focusing on applications and what not. This is MS's game plan. They will have games for the early adopters, and then they will slowly abandon them once that market is saturated and try to appeal to the moms and casuals (just like they did with the 360) At that point the gamers who bought into the system will not know any better about what other gamers are experiencing on the Playstation. This seems to be MS's game plan for the One as well (if not more so). So yes, Xbox One will have games, its just not its main focus down the line. I for one, want Core gaming to stay, so I'm buying a PS4 first.
josephayal  +   990d ago
The PS4 is the one I'm going to get
solidt12  +   990d ago
Halo lovers look on the bright side. Once the Xbox One is discontinued Microsoft can just bring the series to Playstation just like Sega still does there games today.
MikeyDucati1  +   990d ago
Lackluster package so its not surprising. For one, why does everything have to be an entertainment hub? My devices will need to compete against each other in a tech arena. Why does it look so boxy? Its 2013, what happened to sleek designs? The controller looks just like the controller for that online console that no one is talking about (I forgot the name).
DigitalRaptor  +   990d ago
Of course they prefer it. Who in their right mind wouldn't after what we've just witnessed? Do you know how many Xbox gamers I've spoken to that are disgusted at Microsoft for what they shown and what they've implemented with security and restriction to play game, and the focus of their presentation? Forums everywhere consisting of all sorts of gamers are feeling the same thing about Microsoft. The damage is done.

Their conference was about entertainment features, television and sports, primarily, and even the gaming part of it was predictable and very brief. They are chasing a separate market to gamers, and like Jim sterling said their stance in entertainment is more to compete and try to take on Apple and Google in the TV application sector. It reeks of desperation, because as we know, MS have been trying to take market share from those 2 companies for years, without much luck.

Microsoft proved that they only care about the mainstream US market, with their conference and all these rumours that have turned out to be true, and all the news that is coming out about how crappy the new Xbox focus is going to be.

There's literally no going back and recovering from what they presented and have told us. The media is going to be all over this running up to E3. They would have to have not just the best games on the market for people to forget about these actions, but they'd have to absolutely blow people's minds.

Microsoft should just leave this industry. We were laughed at for calling out Microsoft for being anti-consumer, monopolistic to the degree of pure disgusting greed, and we were called fanboys for believing rumours - rumours that turned out to be true. Microsoft have shown their true colours and no one can deny it.

PS4 has all the advantages of next gen now. The new Xbox has nothing of considerable value based on its heavy restrictions. They've pretty much handed it to Sony, they really have.
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marchinggamer  +   990d ago
I've never seen a live game demo of a game on the ps4 that's because there never was one all the demos at the ps4 event ran on a top of line pc but at the Xbox one reveal I saw forza five an exclusive
DigitalRaptor  +   990d ago
How does that have anything to do with the focus of a gaming company and their treatment of consumers?

Forza 5 absolutely didn't even look anywhere near as impressive as Drive Club which was in-engine and how the game will look and play. But who freakin cares? Microsoft have played their hand. They have E3 to buy themselves back into the game, and if they don't have a royal flush, they're going to be screwed, cause the media will be all over their anti-consumer practices regardless. Without literally the most impressive games, the focus will shift strongly back on to their restrictions.
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rainslacker  +   989d ago
A dev kit, and a top of the line PC are not the same thing. Given that the hardware hadn't been finalized there was no such thing as a "real" PS4 hardware dev kit. It was a PC built based on the PS4 specs, which would include similar hardware to that of the PS4 in order for devs to develop on. Once design is finalized, those dev kits still are PC(slightly more powerful for debugging purposes) but the hardware inside is built to emulate the actual console specs. The reason for this is because devs have to make their games for the hardware. You think they're making a super awesome version just to scale it down immensely later on? No.

What you saw at the PS4 reveal, is what is going to be on the PS4. What you saw at the PS4 reveal was in-game footage, being played in real time on a PC that was similar to the PS4 specs.

What you saw with Forza(and all EA's stuff) was a pre-rendered cut-scene using who knows what hardware(possibly rendered from a 3D modelling application) not unlike many GT trailers are made early on. There were two glimpses of in game footage, and that was with quantum break. It lasted for about 2 seconds. The other was with COD, and there is no telling what they were using for that video.
younglj01  +   990d ago
Yea I was disappointed after the reveal.As an 27 year old gamer I don't understand this route MicroSoft have taken.Xbox gamers not "customers" should be your main focus.The fact that you closed your reveal with CoD just left an bad taste in my mouth.It seems like you is only relying on the CoD brand too sell your consoles.

But the best thing too come out of your showing.You just gave your rival companies great ideals on DVRs in the future.But if at E3 you drop megaton after megaton "exclusive" games not DLC then its possible you could recover from this nightmare because I'm trying too.

Also I think the reason the Xbox One look like an VCR player is because of the comments made about Sony not showing their console.I truly think Sony caught MicroSoft off-guard.Hopefully MS can get off the mat and get ready for round 2.

Because as an gamer it seems like you are slowing moving from gaming more into entertainment.Which is an brilliant business decision.If this route is true I could see the next Xbox been named OBox.Hopefully I'm wrong because MS you were the only gaming company too really challenge the Playstation brand.

E313 needs too get here now....
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marchinggamer  +   990d ago
There is a lot of Sony fanboys/trolls on here that are comparing a media console that also plays games to a game console
DigitalRaptor  +   990d ago
There are none without a cause in this scenario.

- Microsoft charge to play games you've already bought online.
- They charge you to use free apps.
- They're going to charge you for used games.
- They're going to charge your friend if they want to borrow your game.
- They're not going to let you play games without connecting to the internet at least once a day.
- Kinect is a requirement to use the system, and is as good as always-on, always-listening, always-watching.
- Every game you want to play MUST be installed to a 500GB hard drive. Think about how big next gen games are going to be, and that's about 5 games you can play at any one time, without having to uninstall and re-install. So this way they can charge you for their overpriced HDD add-ons.
- Microsoft are chasing after the Apple and Google television application demographic at the expense of the gamer focus, on what should be a dedicated gaming console.

All of these justify STRATOSPHERIC criticism and MS need a strong push out of this industry if this is how they treat gamers and their long-term consumers.

Sony demonstrated that they are all about games and developers. Microsoft has demonstrated that they are all about television, sport, entertainment focus, and growing extortion.
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ronaldk   990d ago | Spam
cyhm3112  +   990d ago
I don't understand why people say specs doesn't matter, it is all about the games. But if it really doesn't matter, why produce a new console? From the specs we have seen from the articles over the web, I really don't think XBOX ONE will truly produce next gen graphics with that DDR3 ram and significantly weaker GPU than PS4, PS4 is about the minimum specs you can get which can produce truly next gen graphics and experiences.
Kayant  +   990d ago
Personally am bit scared to see sony's stance on used games because when asked it was not a clear cut yes or no but "We will do the right thing" What exactly does that mean?

I guess now we see the real reason EA where more than happy to stop online passes especially with the news on the xbox one's fee supposedly being full retail price which is stupid if true...

Is anyone else worried?
Jake_the_Dog  +   990d ago
I just hope Sony does the right thing and continues to have used games operate as they do now. It would be really stupid to implement a game blocking feature after the backlash that Microsoft has received. It'll be the final nail in the coffin for xbox if they cling to their anti consumer features and the competition has none.
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ScouseSG  +   990d ago
I'll be getting the xbox, i have no interest in any thing sony has to offer, nor the pad.
ScouseSG  +   990d ago
You can add a usb hard to increase storage.

I'll be adding my 1tb drive to it.
theoldguy  +   989d ago
With three kids, each with their own Xbox 360, they can all shares games. Does MS REALLY think we are gonna blow the cost of three systems, THEN another $180 for the same game PLUS another $180 for Xbox live each year? The kids all voted to go to the PS4.
theoldguy  +   989d ago
Blind loyalty to microsoft is one of the more stupid reason to stay with them, and to have to add massive storage via USB to compensate for the system ineadquacies is another reason to drop them. Sheesh..................
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