Xbox One: Has Microsoft Lost The Name Game In The Console War?

The Independent: ''On Tuesday, before a roomful of panting games journalists and sore-thumbed enthusiasts, Microsoft unveiled its latest games console. The curtain was pulled, and the Xbox One was revealed. As gamers ruminated on the implications of the ’box (not hardcore enough? Better than the forthcoming PlayStation 4?), some of us were left confused.''

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pop-voxuli1949d ago

You could say that. But its not just the name game they've lost...

DanielForth1949d ago

We all thought "Wii U" was Lame until Xbox 1 was revealed.

pop-voxuli1949d ago

I know right? I never thought something would make the Wii U look good to me but they (M$) did it!!

Hicken1949d ago

Actually, I don't really mind the name.

It's everything else they've shown that's a problem, to me.