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Three Lessons PS4 Can Learn from Xbox One's Unveiling

Push Square: "We don’t think that it’s entirely unfair to say that Microsoft’s big Xbox One unveiling didn’t quite go to plan. While the Redmond-based manufacturer clearly had the mainstream market in its sights, we’d like to assume that it wasn’t planning on completely alienating its core audience in the process. It’s still too early to say what the long term repercussions of last night’s entertainment-driven press conference will be, but the company’s never been under so much pressure to deliver at E3." (PS4, Xbox One)

ThatCanadianGuy514  +   706d ago
These are pretty much given.I just want a price, release date and to see how awesome the console looks.

SE is supposed to be there too so maybe, if pigs fly, we`ll see something of versus.
Enemy  +   706d ago
Or KH. Gametrailers are setting up a KH timeline countdown this month and the timing is too perfect to be a coincidence.

Though Versus would set the roof on fire.
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3-4-5  +   706d ago
I saw that too. Is the game called timeline or is it a teaser for KH 3 ?
SexyGamerDude  +   706d ago
Don't forget KH3.
Ilovetheps4  +   706d ago
If they announced KH3 for PS4 exclusively, that'd be huge for PS4, but I just wonder if we'd ever see it. And I think they stated that they won't work on KH3 until Versus is done. Don't quote me on that though.
Minato-Namikaze  +   706d ago
Wait i'm confused would Gametrailers have info on a KH3 reveal and thats why they are doing a time line? or is the time line just a coincidence?
Sky_Walker  +   706d ago
I loved Sony PS4 showing but dont like how they are butchering the controller.

Before you disagree, please here me out - the DS3 was almost perfect by design and just needed bits of tweaking but from what we have seen Sony is trying to put gimmicks on it with displays and having it work with the new PS Eye.

I am not sure if Sony wanted to play it safe just incase the Wii U took off or if MS was going to add a display on the new XB1 one controller but TBH all of that stuff is not needed.

Sony only showed the controller and did not go into to details so alot can change at E3...here is hoping that all of those gimmick motion thing dont affect the controller in any way...if six axis did not take off I dont think its wise to try to force it again.
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OrangePowerz  +   706d ago
The DS4 has only a touch pad, it's not a touchscreen.
Skarlett   706d ago | Spam
gamers want games!!! Sony doesn't even need to learn that though cuz they know this.

E3 I will give to sony now.
Alos88  +   706d ago
"We don’t think that it’s entirely unfair to say that Microsoft’s big Xbox One unveiling didn’t quite go to plan"
The biggest understatement since "It's kinda hard to live without oxygen."
SexyGamerDude  +   706d ago
3 lessons they learned.

Don't charge fees for used games. Competition got flak for that.

Don't forget about the gamers. Competition got flak for that.

Don't have an evil eye spy on all of our customers. Competition got flak for that.
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get2sammyb  +   706d ago
The privacy concern's an interesting one actually. It's fascinating that technology's even reached the point where this is a legit concern.
nevin1  +   706d ago
Im sorry but how can any xbox fan defend MSoft's Xboxone reveal?
Hicken  +   706d ago
Ask Jek Porkins. He's still at it.

Or edonus, or wheatthins, or greenpowerz.
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dollison27  +   706d ago
Can't wait to hear concrete details about what Sony is doing with PSN on the PS4. How much of the service is going to be free and how much is going to be a paid service?
nix  +   706d ago
i think sony learnt during their PS3 phase... sadly it was quite the opposite for MS.
DivineAssault  +   706d ago
Not to do anything remotely close to what MS did is the only lesson they need to understand
WinBuntuDroidOS  +   706d ago
I definitely hope they learned $600 at launch is just plain stupid. So are boomerang controllers.
sly-Famous  +   706d ago
Say WHAT!???

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