Payday 2 Preview: Oh Boy There are going to be some angry Parents - Zero1Gaming

Drew Pontikis pulls on a mask, grabs a sawn off shotgun and delivers a preview of Payday 2, something a little bit different in the FPS genre

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Skate-AK1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I have Payday on PS3 and it's awesome. Just a few bugs here and there but nothing that bothers me. I am jealous of all the really cool masks that PC got though. Hopefully Sony will let company's patch games for a smaller/non existent fee.

SolidDuck1857d ago

Maybe instead of getting angry, parents should not let there kids play it? What a crazy idea. On a diff note I'm excited for this game the first payday was a lot of fun.

iRocket1857d ago

Spot on. It's funny how the people have the feeling that all games are for kids and so on, then proceed to buy the next Call of Duty to their 12-year old, and then complain that the games they play are too violent. How about checking the ESRB or PEGI rating before complaining...

WeAreLegion1857d ago

Literally playing it on PC as I type this.

ThatCanadianGuy5141857d ago

One of the best new IP's this entire gen if you ask me.Payday at it's problems but it was one the most fun games i ever played.

Last of us, Payday 2, splinter cell, Beyond, GTAV.
This gen is going out with a bang.

kingPoS1856d ago

All a parent has to do is say - NO Jimmy!! You can't have that game pick another. Or G_d forbid [GASP] actually use the parental controls.