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Xbox One, Used Games, and Us

There’s been plenty of buzz today about the unveiling of the Xbox One. Boasting updated hardware, revolutionized Kinect integration, and the ability to become the central entertainment hub for a living room, Microsoft is certainly pushing the envelope on gaming as we know it. They’re not only doing this through raw processing power or ease of use, they’re shaking up one of the cornerstones of gaming: used games. (Dev, Tag Invalid, Tech, Xbox One)

josephayal  +   740d ago
Bad news after bad news
negative  +   740d ago
in your opinion
ziggurcat  +   740d ago
if by, "in your opinion" you mean, "everyone on the internet's opinion" then yes... in "his" opinion.
You have to ask Microsoft's permission to play the games that you already paid for! Both new and used!!! I don't see how that can even remotely be considered good news.

I sure hope Sony doesn't get any funny ideas about used games/online DRM now that Microsoft has let the cat out of the bag.
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maniacmayhem  +   740d ago
Xbox One should play used games with no restrictions. PERIOD!

There should be an option to fully DL a game to your hard drive or just remove that feature. I have no problems picking up my well toned a$$ and swapping a disc out. Save that switching to an app to game feature for downloaded digital games only.

I loved the features of the X1, I think it would be great to have in my game room since I do not have a cable box in that room but I refuse to give up Gamefly.


Unless of course every game dev and publisher decides to implement DRM for their game. then I will take up the guitar.
edonus  +   740d ago
Come on now. We all new one day we would be going all digital. This is a little shocking because its earlier than most anticipated. Its shocking but inevitable.

And i am not convinced Sony aint doing the same. They have been really quiet and normally if something is this big they would make a comment.

This changes everything and the online requirements...... I dont know what to say. But as one door closes another one open. This could lead to lots of good stuff like console MMOs Free to Play games I was even thinking gamefly could turn digital (dont they do that on PCs now.

would you support a Gamefly app that you payed a fee like you do now and you digitally rent games for like 2 3 days at a time. Or maybe even something more like redbox were you would buy tokens like say $3 a token and with one token you could access a game for like five days.

Eventually this going to happen why else would you want games to start playing the second you start downloading and 300k servers and Gaiki. Its coming just a little sooner than we thought.

At least sooner than I thought
maniacmayhem  +   740d ago
In another post I actually came up with the idea for Gamefly (or Redbox) to have some app on either system.

It would work the same way as delivery but now instead of mail you could download the game. The selection process would be set up just like Netflix and you can rent how ever many games you want depending on your type of account. You can play and keep the game as long as you want, just like Gamefly. But once you are done with the game the app or system would delete he app from the HDD.

You are right that eventually it is coming. I have no doubt about it at all. My only concern is that prices of games will still be at 60 regardless, even though no case, dvd/blu-ray or manufacturing were required. Complete control of a game would be in the hands of a an already greedy publisher or developer.

Not to mention games that don't live up to the hype. Imagine buying Aliens: Colonial Marines at full price because you thought the game they showed earlier was the game you were getting. As a digitally bought game you are screwed.
rainslacker  +   740d ago
There are plenty of older games which are still worth playing too.:) no reason to give up gaming altogether. I probably have about 2 years worth of backlog at the moment myself.:)
rainslacker  +   740d ago
Very well put together piece. Definately worth the read.

It puts things into a new light, and shows how this is affecting gamers on more than a financial level along with showing how it can affect the smaller devs/pubs. Some of it is speculation of course, but to me, playing around with industry standards which are good for the gamer is just playing with fire.

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