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Microsoft May Be Bigger Douchebags Than We Realized

The Stylish Jerk: I hate to be so crude, but I can’t think of a better title to explain this situation. There is the principle and the idea of making money, and then there is flat out greed. If serious changes are not made, Microsoft is running into greed territory. After the reveal of the newly titled “Xbox One” (that is seriously the name folks), Microsoft showed that most of the rumors of the past were not only true but they were actually worse then we realized. Here are a few examples explaining this situation. (Xbox One)

Godmars290  +   496d ago
"Microsoft Must Think We Are Stupid"

Yes. Yes we are.

People are honestly arguing that intermittent 24 hour connection is not "always online" when its the literal split hair.
stylishjerk  +   496d ago
Exactly it might as well be always online. So if a consumer ever has to move or God forbid live in a rural area where internet is constantly disconnected, that consumer better hope they can get access in the next 24 hours or they game is unusable. If that isn't always online I don't know what is.

-Also I guess the men and women who serve our country and like to play games better just "deal with it" and hope the armed forces get with the times and have internet in all of their stations around the world.
ZombieKiller  +   496d ago
....or just get a PS4

4 is greater than one.
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Godmars290  +   496d ago
Thing is we don't know Sony's online plans. More than likely they aren't going to do anything like MS. More than likely games like Warhawk and Fat Princess will be there to coax and keep people online.

And even then once you've bought the physical copy of a SP game it will be playable on a PS4 that will never be online. You're not going to be required to find a connection - I hope.
Maddens Raiders  +   496d ago
^^ serve whose country lol? -
anyway they are not bigger db's than we realized. We realized it before... just didn't think they would reinforce it with such vigor at the XBOX1 reveal.
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Shadow Flare  +   496d ago
The sheer level of douchebaggery at that event was unprecedented, I didn't even expect that. Microsoft always surpass my expectations. I was expecting it to be bad but its douchebag level went over 9000 this time. Achievement unlocked.
Oner  +   496d ago
And people wonder why I have such a disdain for MS...you'd have to be a complete dumb@$$ to continue to fall for their BS.
SexyGamerDude  +   496d ago
I wonder what happens when your disconnected for more than 24 hours. Will it lock you out or something?
HammadTheBeast  +   496d ago
The game is unplayable until you do connect to the internet.
Chapter11  +   496d ago
"We won't always kick you in the balls, just once a day!"
Oner  +   496d ago
That's a good one. +'s
lol xbox will be successful no matter what.

Dumb fuk gamers...

They want to be like apple and are staring to get that delusional non thinking crowd following. They will happily pay more for multiplayer.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   496d ago
no fanboys are stupid,i was just on YouTube and i saw this Xbox fanboy that always made fun of Nintendo fans that said wait till e3 do the same exact thing,then he says all of this media connectivity that has nothing to do with games is amazing,and the final straw is oh yeah but they have 15 exclusives that will release this year,yet he fails to realize that maybe most of those wont be AAA,and could be kinect games, or in Microsoft fashion will just be shooters.

He also said he thinks most media is controlled by Sony fanboys,to which i say,are you serious,so all of those ps3 and vita is doomed articles never existed,fanboys are retarded.
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Conan-O-Brady  +   496d ago
I highly recommend reading this article in its entirety. It lifts the veil on what MS is trying to do and at the same time shows how a lot of gaming journalists are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
I can't find the link, but there is a video with Adam Sessler, Geoff Keighley and the guy from Kotaku and they are basically saying we gamers are being irrational with our questions and skepticism.
I will not be purchasing the next box if MS doesn't sort this bs out.... E3 can't get here soon enuff.
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Godmars290  +   496d ago
Found it:

And really, you're expecting Keighley and Kotaku to talk in favor of consumers in any way?
Conan-O-Brady  +   496d ago
Thanks for the link.... What I expect is unbiased journalist, I know that's asking too much from the likes of kotaku, Keighley, Sessler and many more in the industry today.
Why o why  +   496d ago
Damage control musketeers. That kotaku guy was the worst. Cheques probably already in the mail. We cant expect these guys to be too outspoken though.. not the done thing

Interesting article btw. Raises some important points.
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stylishjerk  +   496d ago
Thank-you for the kind words. The biggest thing I want gamers to realize is Microsoft really wants to have their own online store. With a verification code you will not be able to sell your games. You will have to depend on MIcrosoft to get some type of trade value, making the disc you payed for useless and the gamer no longer has the power to sell their personal property at the price they want to sell it.
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mmj  +   496d ago
They took the **** with Xbox 360 and most people had no complaints, fanboys even defended them... so you can't blame them for taking things a step further.
darkride66  +   496d ago
That's been kicking around the back of my mind as well. Microsoft got away with so much last gen, from launching a broken console and actively lying about it for as long as they did to expecting people to continue paying for online play from the old Xbox days when online play had become the standard.

Then they got away with their non-refundable point system until the courts took them to task on it. Only being able to access Netflix if you were a Gold Subscriber was a particular low blow. They started feeding ads to people who were already paying for the service, which people grumbled about but still swallowed anyway, wiped off their chins and asked for more. They took in billions for a "service" that everyone else was giving away for free.

Who can blame them for being emboldened and taking it further. They already took Poland from gamers and no one really complained, hell..next stop Paris! And already people are lining up to defend their new policies and blatant cash grabs. What's it going to take before gamers refuse to take it any more?
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MasterCornholio  +   496d ago
Well they did make some really dumb decisions with the conference by turning their backs on their loyal 360 fans.

But hey at least theres two other options on the market which are Nintendo and Sony.
Roper316  +   496d ago
not me! I've known all along how they work, all you had to do was look at the 360 when it launched.

No Wifi - adapter = $100.00

No HDD - 120gigs for $125.00

HDDVD add-on - how is that defunct addon working out for the people who dumbed another $100.00 on that.

a HD console with no HDMI port? Really?

Netfilx of course we have Netflix, with a fee to access it of course! I guess I will just hit the button on my TV remote and watch Netflix without a extra fee to access it.

Then throw in the fee riddled XBL and what do you have?

A unreliable money pit of a console with nothing but the same handfuls of games over & over.

When was the last new exclusive IP MS released? 2,3 4 years ago?

If people are dumb enough to throw their money at MS then let them I say.

I know nothing will change this gen either, they will release a few new IP's early and then just keep releasing them over & over & over.
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Bumpmapping  +   496d ago
People are slow durrrr we just realized this? Microsoft have and always been One look at there history it explains it all.
Bonerboy  +   496d ago
MAN! I am by no means a fanboy for any system. Play what ever the hell you want I couldnt care less. ...But MS has really alienated and completely screwed their huge loyal fan base with this Mt Everest of pernicious bullshit. I was considering buying a xbox down the road , but there isnt a chance in hell of that after all that I have read regarding their slimy business practices here. I dont care if the have the most stellar games ever made, I still wouldnt buy "One". They want to tap into the mobile games market and casual nonsense? Well shit Ms sorry to tell you, that market is taken by people are playing that shit on ...thats right...their fucking mobile devices. What a wasted effort.

I told myself that "MS couldnt possibly be so retarded, they are smart business people and will make this console work for gamers", but man was I wrong there. Its all rather baffling as to how they could so royally fuck this up. I dont really care about the "semi always on" or how ever you want to phrase it; thats just the tip of the steaming pile of shit MS is serving up. I dont give a shit about social media connections, skype and netflix streaming hoopla etc etc . I really dont. I want a game machine. Period. I have a pc for all that other garbage I get for free that ms will try to sell me. Get fucked MS. What gamer is going to buy into this endless cash-grab at every turn. Sure as hell isnt me or I would well imagine the probable millions of other gamers who are now disillusioned with MS's crap and will jump ship to Sony.

Who is/are the utter morons responsible for such 'out of touch' decisions? How could they not realize that gamers are some of the most fickle kind of people out there? Absolutely insulting and atrocious.

Good job MS you've already shot yourself in the foot before the race has even begun. Im sure Ms will carry their crappy system through thick and thin just as ps3 did for the first couple of years, but I feel it will be a lot tougher for them than sony had it. Oh how the tables have turned in such a drastic way. It's a shame really.
I cant wait to see how they plan to manage this train wreck throughout this new gen. Should be a most entertaining show.

It's going to be ps4 for me without question.
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OneAboveAll  +   496d ago
I think the Xbox One is awesome. I'm not poor, so have no need to buy used games. I'm always connected the the internet too so I could care less about always online because I AM always online.

Haters can hate.
kevinsheeks  +   496d ago
It's even hard to troll for the console you can't do it ninja style because of the flaws of the system

so when you try to troll it just stands out -.-

but good try; I guess Microsoft isn't only killing game stop and game fly their wiping out trolls to -.-
DigitalRaptor  +   495d ago
Remember who were the ones discussing for years about how slimy, controlling, dishonest and anti-consumer Microsoft are?

Remember who were the ones saying that Microsoft were moving away from games and showing less support for the people who were with Xbox from the start?

Remember who were the ones saying that Microsoft would screw over gamers even more than they already do with charging for P2P online connectivity and free apps?

Yep that's right...

I do kinda feel like an apology is due from certain people, but SCREW THAT, the fact that MS have exposed themselves monumentally, without me needing to play that role anymore, it's already enough.

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