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Exploring Some of the Worst Console Reveals in Recent Memory

SuperPhillip Central writes, "It's always important to make a great first impression. It's especially difficult to maintain or even gain momentum when your first impression on people is a negative one. After viewing the Xbox One console reveal, we at SuperPhillip Central thought we'd list some of the worst console reveals that we can remember. Don't worry, Microsoft fans, we have a special place for the Xbox One reveal right on this very list. From five-hundred and ninety-nine U.S. dollars to The Killers, these are what we consider some (note the word some) of the worst console reveals in recent memory. After you're done reading our thoughts, write up your own and share your picks for the worst console reveal in the comments section below." (PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

PockyKing  +   773d ago
Haha 20GB hard drive. What were they thinking!
raWfodog  +   773d ago
I remember back when 100MB hard drives were top of the line!! People used to think that was a lot of space back then :)
guitarded77  +   773d ago
This was a 250mb hard drive in 1979 (see image). When the PS3 launched, it wasn't the 10 cents a GB it is now.

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b_one  +   773d ago
i had Conner 512MB hdd in my Amiga 1200, damn now i can buy over 1TB hdd for same money... or even cheaper
ginganinja  +   772d ago
I remember at one point, a certain chap saying, '640k ought to be more than enough for anybody.'

Wonder what him and his forward thinking company are up to nowadays...
Gimmemorebubblez  +   773d ago
They were taking a $280 loss on the 20 gig unit, they weren't being greedy thats for sure.
PockyKing  +   773d ago
20GBs will hardly hold one game install now on the consoles. Hell 80GBs was too little for me just two years into the console cycle, had to constantly delete stuff over and over. One of my favorite features about the PS3 is being able to upgrade your hard drive.
andrewsqual  +   773d ago
Better then the 12GB Microsoft launched their 360 with and didn't replace for 3 whole years with a 60gb.
Yes when the RROD Original Model 360 had a 20gb hard drive 8gbs was used for the file allocation and reserved system space.
UnHoly_One  +   773d ago
The difference there is that the 360 didn't chew up Hard drive space as fast as the PS3. Back at launch the only thing the hard drive was used for was game saves (which were always small), XBLA games (which were actually restricted to being like 64 MB back then), and DLC.

There were no game installs, so 20GB on a launch 360 went further than 20GB on a PS3.

I'm not saying it was great, but it lasted me quite awhile, until the Xbox marketplace started picking up with more and more big DLC and raised the limit on the size of XBLA games.

Now I have a 250 GB and it's damn near full. lol
AngelicIceDiamond  +   773d ago
I do remember Sony's reveal being good, until Sony over promised on everything.
bradfh  +   773d ago
lol canadians have to pay 10 dollars more for 60gb
Neonridr  +   772d ago
back then the Canadian dollar was worth significantly less. Now they are basically equal.
SOULJER  +   773d ago
My little nephew is still crying. He took the day off from school. The kid was so broken, because he's a die-hard every x-box fan. I promise my sister I would not tease him today. I stay out of his way, because if I just stare at him he starts crying. That reveal will live in his mind, as the worst of all time. Forever.
messedupworld  +   773d ago
Teasing you're little nephew over a game console. How mature you are. I'll bet you're parents are real proud. Pathetic.
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DivineAssault  +   773d ago
x1 has a 500GB HDD in it but that will be quickly dried out as every game must be fully installed.. Same mistake as last gen by making 20GB HDDs.. We need TBs in todays world if u have to install everything.. PS4 wont require full game installs so they can get away with doing 500GB but not x1.
PygmelionHunter  +   773d ago
Real time... weapon change...
_QQ_  +   773d ago
Riiiiiiiidge Racer!!
messedupworld  +   773d ago
Why isn't the PS4 on that list? The title does say: "Exploring Some of the Worst Console Reveals in Recent Memory." Sony didn't even have a console to reveal.
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Xof  +   773d ago
They may not have shown anything, but they -said- the right things. Well, mostly. While it was a far cry from "good," it was still far, far, far from the worst.
b_one  +   773d ago
gamepad is more important than some piece of plastic, they showed games, plans for future... also this was not E3
Neonridr  +   772d ago
"Recreating famous battles that actually took place in Japan..." - Giant Crab enters screen

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