What does the Xbox One’s new “No Second-Hand” games policy mean to you?

Jonathan Bester from ITF Gaming writes: For some time now, one of the biggest fears in the gaming community has been that Microsoft, and for a while even Sony, would implement some sort of Draconian locking system, which would prevent console owners from either trading in or even loaning their games to a friend.

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Yi-Long1644d ago

... but the sheer fact that I can't simply loan a game out to a friend for him to enjoy, is reason enough to not want this console.

(Among the many other reasons they've given us...)

PSVita1644d ago

Same here. I'd rather buy a new game but if I can't GIVE it away to a friend that's ridiculous.

Crazyglues1644d ago

What does it mean to me...

It means Xbox One is a No Buy -period-

papashango1644d ago

I was onboard with Xbox one yesterday till this issue popped up.

I'm sold on a ps4 unless it launches over $500. If it does im just gonna use the WiiU as my media console.

I game on pc so the whole excl00sives!11! thing doesn't apply to me. I bought into it on ps3 but seeing as how Sony exclusives have 0 replayability. I sold it.

loulou1644d ago

i said this in the other thread and i'll say it again

this will be the standard on both ps4 and xbox1. this has come from the publishers.

it pretty much explains why nintendo has no 3rd party support, and sony said that they will "leave it upto the publishers/devs"

this is not exclusive to xbox people, even the benevolent uncle sony are involved.

so i take it that no one will be buying next gen consoles then???

papashango1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


I wouldn't be one to argue against that. Sony never really showed their stance when it came to the used game market.

I guess all I can do is wait till E3 to see what I'm sold on.

If sony is going to take the same stance as M$. It would be stupid to wait till E3. It would just about guarantee them being outdone by M$. At this point M$ coming out about it now means gamers can vent now instead of during e3.

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GT671644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

"what do xbox 1 no second hand policy means to you??"

it means nothing not buying x1

ps4 pre-owned (ps3) and new games ALL day everyday!!

-GametimeUK-1644d ago

Even if I never bought used games and never borrowed games I would still not support the console. If you settle for restrictions to things you should be entitled to do then eventually your experience will be completely controlled. I do not want that.

FunAndGun1644d ago

I feel the same way, except I put my foot down when they started with paying to play online.

maxgamehard1644d ago

Ain't that the truth. Well said.

If you give them an inch they will take a mile.

They started with paid online and non mandatory kinect. Now they have upgraded to fees on used games and console locked games, and mandatory game installs.

I will not support these anti consumer practices.


maxgamehard1644d ago

Sometimes when I am unsure of a game I go out and rent it. This won't even let me play rentals. Plus for some games I let my friends borrow them and now I won't be able to do that.


Anon19741644d ago

I sometimes trade my games but I also just loan them to family. With one console I can do that, with the other, I can't (or maybe I can but with restrictions..who knows).

It's very clear cut for me.

Sky_Walker1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Interesting stuff.... there are a couple underlying themes at play here that are indirect.

1) This solves piracy for Microsoft and game houses. It won't be possible for pirates to rip/play games. This could minimize the hacking community for Xbox One.... like it or not in a good majority of cases, hacking is based on wanting the ability to pirate. Not in all cases...for some its homebrew and curiosity.

2) This is another step forward in eventually moving to digital / download only licenses on consoles. This change in direction inoculates gamers to this practice and next iteration of consoles will be download only. This new generation may even reach a point where new games are download only.

3) If Sony does not have a DRM strategy such as this, it could potentially lead to more exclusives for Microsoft. Developer and software houses may stick with the console that gets them the most return on their development. With Microsoft potentially making it difficult and not worthwhile to trade / sell second games (speculative)... software houses will look at that as a huge win for them.

Edit: I hate the idea of not being able to lend or give my game to someone but lets be honest here the one that truly benefits from this most is Game Stop when they give you $10 bucks for a used game and sell it for $39.

3-4-51644d ago

I bought a 3DS last summer. never owned a DS. There is no way I could have found all these games I bought if it wasn't for used games and gamestop.

online is a lesser option as it takes longer. If I want a game....I want to plat it that day.

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tigertron1644d ago

I like to buy pre-owned games sometimes, especially with games I'm not sure about. This has put me off the Xbox One.

kma2k1644d ago

i get all my games from gamefly. No word yet if there is going to be a rental deal worked out, im assuming not. If there is no deal with Microsoft One ill be going the ps4 route.

Ive had gamefly for almost 3 years now & have played basically every major release to come out this gen & a lot of not so major ones. Dear god ive played 199 games this gen.

thehitman1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Well I am assuming that there will be a way to still play used games/rentals BUT there will be an additional fee for each game you rent probably to activate it for your account since you are not the original owner. Price of that ? who knows but its kind of inconvenient for businesses that depend on these sales. I know Sony already does this for their first party games (for online only) starting with I think the last Resistance. Only thing I have a problem with is that the money kind of seems it will go to MS for even games they are not publishing which seems like not only are they stealing from publishers but also gamestop/gamefly and the other stores that depend on used games. Seems morally wrong and MS need to watch how its implemented.

Number-Nine1644d ago

I like to buy used games later on in it's cycle, maybe to replay some classics that have dropped down greatly in price.

O well, I'll just stick to Sony.

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