UGO: Nanostray 2 Review

UGO writes: "It's hard not to appreciate the elegant simplicity of a good shmup - that's "shoot 'em up" for the gamespeak illiterate. Even the most punishingly difficult games in the genre require little more than a control pad and a couple of buttons to play. Such is the case with Shin'en's Nanostray 2 follow-up to their 2005 release for the Nintendo DS. The sequel expands on the previously vertical-only shmup by adding in multi-directional 2D gameplay and all-new support for wireless play, among other things.

Kickin' It Old School in Nanostray 2

The basic premise in Nanostray 2 is to survive through to the end of each level - boss fight and all - while racking up tens of thousands of points by killing wave after wave of enemy attackers plus the occasional super-sized solo foe. Your ship is equipped with a straight-shooting laser beam and an additional, limited-use secondary weapon. In addition, up to two satellites can be collected, both of which function as additional shots tacked on to your primary attack."

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