This 3D PlayStation 4 Mockup is Probably The Most Accurate One [GIF]

"This mockup of the PS4 looks like the closest thing there is to the next-gen console."

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DoomeDx1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

No way! Ive seen a better one. Let me see if I can find it

Here we go!

RyuCloudStrife1823d ago

Looks like tank! I like it though, PS4 FTW!!

aCasualGamer1823d ago

One thing is for sure, it will have lots of air vent holes in it. That much power is dependent on superb ventilation.

I'm sure the design team of PS4 are still keeping the stylish design of playstation consoles. As long as they don't shove it all in a box and call it a day, i'm fine.

sengoku1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

this not a bad concept.
though there are some issues with it..
i like the air flow idea.

kneon1823d ago

It looks pretty ugly, I really doubt Sony would come up with something that crappy

NukaCola1823d ago

From 4min10sec in that blur vid I really think it will look similar to the 2013 Sony bluray player s1100. But thinker and more awesome.

nukeitall1823d ago


I agree. That is fugly. I'm pretty sure Sony will come up with something better.

However, why does the color scheme reminisce of Xbox One?

There is so much similarity between the two consoles....

pixelsword1823d ago

the strips goes across the PS4, not up and down

ShinMaster1823d ago

This 3D mock up doesn't seem to be able to do that.

It's called BLACK smh

ProjectVulcan1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

KITT just called, he wants his bonnet back

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FlameHawk1823d ago

Haha that one looks like if it can open like a laptop. Imagine.... that would be f'ing awesome.

husomc1823d ago

what's with the huge hinge look ?

SolidStoner1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

it looks like american muscle car front grill.. :) maybe it can open the hood and we could see and hear massive roar :)

imagine if you start it up, it would not beep, but make car engine sound instead.. and if you play games revs start to rise up :D just like with the ps3 vents :) and we get 2 bonuses! - ps4 would demonstrate its raw power and GT6 sounds would improve :))))

or like this

Ace Killa 081823d ago

you say american muscle car i say Sony Japan in which they never believed in muscle cars. Just saying two different countries two completely different views for cars.

TheTwelve1823d ago

Yeah, I hope it doesn't look like this...mess looks like the Autobots home base

ZBlacktt1823d ago

The one in the story looks A LOT better in my opinion...a lot.

ZodTheRipper1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Since they both are based on a short teaser and still look very different, I'm guessing both are far from accurate. I'll rather wait for the final design, I'm sure Sony's designers can do better than that.

dizzy741823d ago

Check your eyes if working properly

Foliage1823d ago

I think people are wrong about the double "grill"; if you watch the video and pause on the image depicting the "grill"; it sure looks like it's a reflection off a surface under it.

The spacing on the horizontal pieces are also roughly the size of USB input holes. It could even not be a "grill" at all.

Just a thought.

showtimefolks1823d ago

i think with more and more entertainment features expect both ps4 and xbox one to have bigger actual systems, i guess few years down the road we will get slim models

Orionsangel1823d ago

While that one you posted isn't the greatest. It looks like something BOSE would make, the one at gameranx looks horrid! It looks like a piece of construction for a building.

hakesterman1823d ago

I think your picture is pretty accurate but i think there needs to be a vent on the top for the hot air to rise off the heat sink.

Psn8001823d ago

That is what you call a console not a huge brick or the Betamax 1 (Xbox1) Sorry Xbox I once loved you but you let me down so badly and now I have found my baby the Ps3 and Ps4 .

StraightPath1823d ago

that looks really ugly, Sony will come up with an awesome design I am sure.

Syntax-Error1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

LOL. That sh*t looks like a scanner. I am sure the color scheme will mimic the Xbox One since those are pretty much the primary colors of electronics. Gloss black, matte black, and polished nickle seems like the basics.

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DivineAssault 1823d ago

I think thats a cool mock.. Disc opening looks a bit small on it but still looks good

FlameHawk1823d ago

How can they be so sure that its so accurate, just saying that to get hits....

Roper3161823d ago

luckily I only care what it plays & how well it runs because that is one fugly mock up.

ZodTheRipper1823d ago

This. Of course I'd like it to look awesome but even if it'll be as ugly as that other box I won't be bothered by it as long as it runs like it should.

Raptura1823d ago

Oh, you only care what it plays not how it looks and that many people agree? Yet everyone's bad mouthing the Xbox One for how it looks.

Roper3161823d ago

if you look at my previous posts I have not bashed the Xbox 1 over how it looks in way shape of form and haven't said much about it in anyway for that matter since the reveal.

Now I did do a little MS bashing as a company because I hate the way they do things.