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Xbox One makes Your Room a Prison

The reveal of Xbox One has provoked some huge complaints among gamers. Gamers are upset with what Microsoft has shown and there are very apparent reasons why this is an acceptable emotion to be feeling towards the company. One of Xbox One’s main features seen yesterday is how the Kinect is now basically in command of the console (in ways). The console seems to rely on a device that never had a huge appeal to gamers. The thing with the Kinect being Xbox One’s true eye means that this little piece of hardware can easily turn your room into a prison. (Xbox One)

TheSuperior  +   773d ago
I am so upset with the Kinect watching me all the time that it probably will feel like a prison because I game with my family, we trade the control on singel player games and we all have a gamer profile. Gaming like this seems like it wint be supported by One at this point and for that I am a die hard 360 fan who will most likly make the move to PS4.
theWB27  +   773d ago
What's so hard about facing the camera directly at the wall?
kneon  +   773d ago
While I understand peoples disdain for the requirement to have Kinect I think the privacy issues are overblown.

It's not that different from the webcams on your phones, PC's, tablets, laptops and TV's. Sure it's technically possible for hackers to snoop on you but it's highly unlikely to happen.
Gh05t  +   773d ago
Disclaimer: I am not talking about hacking here.

The difference is that none of the things you mentioned REQUIRE use. I can put a piece of paper, tape, unplug, or disable all the options you just gave leaving ME in CONTROL. Xbox One (as far as I can determine) does not allow me to be in control of how it is used. Would the Xbox work properly if I put a piece of paper over the camera (or turn it toward a blank wall)? Can I turn off the camera since I wont be using it personally, how about the Mic? All these things I can control on everything.

Dont get me wrong I am not too worried about being spied on but I dont like not being in control of cameras in my own home. If its in use while I am intending to use it great. If its in use all the time when I dont want it to be thats not okay.

Its about control why would I allow MS to have control of something that I should be the one controlling in my own home?
kneon  +   773d ago
I expect covering the lens won't be a problem, but effectively blocking the microphone is more difficult.

But except for PCs other devices often don't give you much control over the mic and webcam either. I don't recall seeing a phone that allowed you to disable the webcam and muting the mic is useless since it can just be turned on via software.
urwifeminder  +   773d ago
Cant wait for virtua soap drop 3 then day one.
THESHAUNZY  +   773d ago
ElementX  +   773d ago
Can't you just cover it or turn it towards the wall?
theWB27  +   773d ago
If common sense were applied then there wouldn't be anything for peeps to complain about. Seriously...
Gh05t  +   773d ago
If this were truly the case than why wouldn't Microsoft build in a way to turn the camera off? Since they haven't said you can turn the camera off I am going to assume you cant just put a piece of paper or tape over it or turn it toward a wall and have everything work.
mcgrottys  +   773d ago
they already showed how you can control it with a tablet and controller so logically you can use it without the kinect, but sure there may be games where you might need kinect (like kinect sports does) or might go well with kinect but not need it (child of Eden) or maybe even not use it at all like a lot of current gen games.

Besides if kinect is watching you and everyone else I don't think you need to worry because there are probably going to be people doing more messed up things than you overshadowing whatever you do.
HyperBear  +   773d ago
Jeez...my room is already a prison :D

With the Xbox One, turns my prison into a barbed-wire cell :/
Chapter11  +   773d ago
I can't help but fell all this Kinect garbage (seeing you and signing you in, voice controls, etc) exists for the sole purpose of appealing to casual idiots who think its futuristic or something. People who have never picked up a video game in their life and want it for that one purpose.
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maniacmayhem  +   773d ago
C'mon now, there's no one on the other side watching you Matrix style. So just stop with the "Hal" paranoia.
sovietsoldier  +   773d ago
please don't give the justice department any ideas.
Gerchi-san  +   773d ago
I don't see what all the ruckus is about.
The Xbox One is as doubleplusgood as can be!
VonBraunschweigg  +   773d ago
It's a bit shady I have to agree. A camera that can film a person in full HD @ 30fps and recognize that person's voice, a microphone that's always on, perhaps only to 'hear' a few certain commands but it's stil on, and the fact the console needs to connect once a day to the internet to work.

Why? Why not let us push ONE freaking button and THEN everything is on? Or some things, just what we want.
josephayal  +   773d ago
the Xbox One reveal has been overwhelmingly negative. but why?
MasterD919  +   773d ago
My only complaints about them including Kinect is that...

A) It will drive up the price for consumers.
B) It's unnecessary for someone who wasn't impressed with the first Kinect.
C) It won't be used properly in gaming again this generation.

And as for the invasion of privacy...well, sure, but your cellphone and PC already track where you've been and what you do.
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evilkillerk  +   772d ago
Honestly I don't think it will be a mandatory thing to use, just an additional option. I know people are already nervous about it and a tad bit suspicious. Microsoft did just combine windows messenger with Skype recently as well, but I think overall that we will not be forced to use the Kinect, if we are than you will see the sales of it be lower than the PS4.

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