Xbox One vs PS4: Which Should You Pre-Order?

Pocket-lint: ''Xbox One vs PS4 Both Microsoft and Sony's next generation games consoles are now out in the open. Factor in day one game purchases, accessories and the as yet undisclosed price of the consoles themselves and you have one expensive day at the shops.

So then, unless you are Bruce Wayne, you likely won't have the spare cash to splash on the two. So which is the console for you? Read on to find out how the Xbox One and PS4 square up against each other.''

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Prcko1794d ago

After this microsoft show PS4.
Gonna decide after E3,but overall ps4

darthv721793d ago

I take my chances when they get released but ultimately i will get both.

hopefully the prices will be revealed for both at E3. Its like now each side is baiting the other to price first. If sony prices first, MS has a chance to undercut them.

If Ms prices first then sony has a chance to undercut them.

Scenario would go something like this...MS does their thing at E3 and says the price is $499 which would give sony the chance to sell theirs for $399. Similar situation happened when sega announced the saturn and then sony announced the ps1 and its price was $100 cheaper.

The mood now shifts from the console reveal to the price reveal....who's going to go first?

McScroggz1793d ago

Microsoft has the first E3 presentation, then Sony then Wii U (which doesn't matter in this regard). It's very possible that one or both will not release a price for the very reason of the competitor undercutting them. However, given what we saw with the XBO and Kinect coming bundled with the console (plus the better tech in the PS4 and presumably less impressive PSEye) I doubt either console can afford to go less than $349 at the absolute bottom price. I honestly expect the undercut in price to only be $25-50 because $100 is asking a lot given the circumstances for both machines.

guitarded771793d ago

I say both if you have the money... But I don't have the money right now, so it's gonna be PS4 for me, for right now. I'll probably get an XBOX One later. I can't resist exclusives on any platform.

AngelicIceDiamond1793d ago

MS screwed up, but they have a chance to redeem itself at E3.

If they mess that up then I'm going with PS4. MS better make sure E3 is for me as a gamer, a hardcore gamer.

maxgamehard1793d ago

I usually buy all consoles. Currently i own a Wii U so I will buy a PS4 later this year. Until and unless M$ changes their approach on the Xbox One I will not buy it.

There will be mandatory installs, mandatory every 24 hour internet checks, mandatory kinect, used game fees. I won't support anti consumer practices. If M$ decides to not do this I will certainly buy the console.

If this console succeeds its bad news for games because we are allowing them to get away with mandatory installs and used game fees.

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urwifeminder1794d ago

The big mamma for me will trade in one of my 360s day after e3 and 95% of my games.

godzookie1794d ago

PS4 unless you like never owning any games anymore

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