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Xbox One vs PS4: Which Should You Pre-Order?

Pocket-lint: ''Xbox One vs PS4 Both Microsoft and Sony's next generation games consoles are now out in the open. Factor in day one game purchases, accessories and the as yet undisclosed price of the consoles themselves and you have one expensive day at the shops.

So then, unless you are Bruce Wayne, you likely won't have the spare cash to splash on the two. So which is the console for you? Read on to find out how the Xbox One and PS4 square up against each other.'' (PS4, Xbox One)

Prcko  +   995d ago
After this microsoft show PS4.
Gonna decide after E3,but overall ps4
darthv72  +   995d ago
I dont preorder
I take my chances when they get released but ultimately i will get both.

hopefully the prices will be revealed for both at E3. Its like now each side is baiting the other to price first. If sony prices first, MS has a chance to undercut them.

If Ms prices first then sony has a chance to undercut them.

Scenario would go something like this...MS does their thing at E3 and says the price is $499 which would give sony the chance to sell theirs for $399. Similar situation happened when sega announced the saturn and then sony announced the ps1 and its price was $100 cheaper.

The mood now shifts from the console reveal to the price reveal....who's going to go first?
McScroggz  +   995d ago
Microsoft has the first E3 presentation, then Sony then Wii U (which doesn't matter in this regard). It's very possible that one or both will not release a price for the very reason of the competitor undercutting them. However, given what we saw with the XBO and Kinect coming bundled with the console (plus the better tech in the PS4 and presumably less impressive PSEye) I doubt either console can afford to go less than $349 at the absolute bottom price. I honestly expect the undercut in price to only be $25-50 because $100 is asking a lot given the circumstances for both machines.
guitarded77  +   995d ago
I say both if you have the money... But I don't have the money right now, so it's gonna be PS4 for me, for right now. I'll probably get an XBOX One later. I can't resist exclusives on any platform.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   995d ago
MS screwed up, but they have a chance to redeem itself at E3.

If they mess that up then I'm going with PS4. MS better make sure E3 is for me as a gamer, a hardcore gamer.
maxgamehard  +   995d ago
I usually buy all consoles. Currently i own a Wii U so I will buy a PS4 later this year. Until and unless M$ changes their approach on the Xbox One I will not buy it.

There will be mandatory installs, mandatory every 24 hour internet checks, mandatory kinect, used game fees. I won't support anti consumer practices. If M$ decides to not do this I will certainly buy the console.

If this console succeeds its bad news for games because we are allowing them to get away with mandatory installs and used game fees.
urwifeminder  +   995d ago
The big mamma for me will trade in one of my 360s day after e3 and 95% of my games.
godzookie  +   995d ago
PS4 unless you like never owning any games anymore
rytlok  +   995d ago
ps4 hands down
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SexyGamerDude  +   995d ago
PS4. My wallet isn't going to be raped by MS.
swishersweets20031  +   995d ago
Ps4!! because i like being able to rent games and loan games to friends.

Besides my obvious fanboyish post

Its about Killzone, future little big planets, uncharted 4, maybe another resistance fall of man type game for me. Plus i have a nice game friend list i want to be able to transfer over and keep gaming with.
HyperBear  +   995d ago
I'm thinking about writing a blog about how that Xbox One Reveal yesterday, made me go out and purchase a PS3 PS+ Bundle today and how little faith I have left in the Xbox Team and the Xbox itself as a gaming platform.

OT: I'll be pre-ordering PS4 Day One!! 4>1
McScroggz  +   995d ago
Haha, nice! A little advice:

You can click to download all of the free content then cancel out, and all of that content will be forever yours regardless of if it is taken off the instant game collection. This way you can have access to everything and not worry about filling up your HD with games you might not play for a while, if ever.

Also, if I were you every beginning of the month I'd check the official PlayStation Blog to check out what we will see in the upcoming month for PS+ so you don't buy a game only to see it offered for free the next week. Sony has been fair about helping people in that situation, but it's better to be prepared and knowledgeable than ignorant and reliant on customer service.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your PS3!
HyperBear  +   995d ago
Thanks man. Yeah I've learned a few things from the N4G crowd here about the PS+ and that was one of them. Although, with a 500GB HDD installed, I just downloaded all the games that are of interest to me anyways, plus I've downloaded then cancelled out all the Vita games that are free that I'll want to re-download and play once I get a Vita...

It truly is a Win-Win system right now!
Kratos_1986  +   995d ago
<---- close his eyes and click PS4
seanpitt23  +   995d ago
It should not be "which" you should preorder but "what" your should preorder and that's the ps4 baby.
Chuk5  +   995d ago
PS4, for me right now.
MS might have something up it's sleeve gameswise , and I will consider continuing my relationship with MS if they do. But PS4 has the indies behind them, (some of the best games I've played are gen and are drying up on the 360), F2P games are gonna flourish there, and the Sony is targeting gamers and doubling down on the hardcore.
Corpser  +   995d ago
Xbox Order PS4
Xbox Go Home
greenpowerz  +   995d ago
Most people will wait and see if Sony actually shows a console first and then wait until after it launches to see if its delivered as promised. Sony has a history of false advertising. I'm speaking from a general Xbox fan stance on getting the console. Xbox for sure.
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MasterCornholio  +   995d ago
And Microsoft has a history of false advertising as well.

Didnt you remember all the staged Kinect demos?

Anyways who cares what the console looks like at least Sony showed off some gameplay demos at their conference which is something that Microsoft didnt even do. And what Microsoft showed didnt look next gen at all especially Call of Duty Ghosts.
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PS3gamer4life  +   995d ago
Ps4 all day all you 360 fans about to get raped by the new xbox lol but you 360 fans font care lol dont try in switch to the ps4 side lol
THEMIGHTYDOOVDE   995d ago | Off topic | show
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Gameland  +   995d ago
For games and resale value PS4 and Xbox one when they patch/fix online only and rentals.
McScroggz  +   995d ago
Allow me to be hypocritical:

It's much smarter to wait at least 6 months before you buy either to see what the software is like, what potential problems the consoles have and to possible get a small reduction in price. However, that being said, I'm confident enough in Sony that I will be buying a PS4 day one. I understand that it's not the pragmatic thing to do, but the allure of a shiny new console beckons me.

What I will say is make sure you get insurance no matter what and understand what the first year or two of a new console will likely be like. I won't be trading in my PS3 and I have a big backlog (plus I'm getting Kindom Hearts HD, Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD and the new Disgaea, roughly 500 hours at bare minumum), so I'll have plenty to play if and when I don't have anything for the PS4.
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Zcarnut  +   995d ago
Neither have got me excited enough yet to preorder. Is Sony going to remain free or pay to play online? If they both offer paid services, how will they compare? Whats MS going to do about used games? How much will either cost? What kind of games are in the pipeline at E3? The multiplats will be there for both, but will either have a exclusive I just HAVE to own?
Its amazing how both companies have told me so much about what they have coming, yet I still have some decision making questions.
The biggest mistake ive seen so far is that the ONE or PS4 will not be backwards compatable. That could have been used as a way to retain 360/PS3 owners. Now as it stands with neither having it, theres not much incentive to not jump ship and run to the competitor.
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WhatchaTalkinBout  +   995d ago
anybody in there right sane mind, thats a easy choice .... how can anyone buy into this microsoft shit like really !!!!... easy choice ps4
jay2  +   995d ago
I'm not a lazy bum or in a wheelchair. I have working hands. Show me something thta would make me by an xbox three..............sorry one or no money from me MS.
dannyboi212  +   995d ago
dont see how people can moan what the best console is at the end of the day if ur an xbox fan ul by the xbox and if ur a ps fan ul by a ps4 it all goes on what ur pereference is its all about what console your used to and half of the people that are gamers dont even know wot ram is or a cpu,know one who plays xbox360 is gunna choose ps4 and know one that ps3 is gunna get a xbox one
dannyboi212  +   995d ago
xbox 1 is for people that dont just bum gaming
theasylum11  +   994d ago
People can be so ignorant and blind. Both systems will be great, and both systems will offer a different experience. The playstation consoles are mainly gaming consoles, and the xbox consoles are mainly entertainment. They also both have there flaws. The playstation console lacks a party chat and has weak online servers compared to the xbox. Since xbox players pay to play they get better servers. The xbox lacks exclusives and a variety of games. xbox games focus on one type of game genre and that would be war games. In retrospect both next gen consoles (Xbox1, and PS4) will have very similar hardware, they will run the same games, and will both offer online services. The way you experience your time playing your new console will come down to which friends of yours buy what console. So no more bs talk fanboy criticism from anyone. We all know people who buy consoles based on their point of view, and knowing that the ps3 and xbox 360 are basically the same system and have the same games and run the same, people still don't realize that you buy a system that everyone you know will play.
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Stevelevario  +   994d ago
The Xbox one over an eight year period will cost twice as much as a ps4 if u play online as I did I owned the 360 since 2005 and to think I spent over $400 on an extra service that comes free on the play station kinda made me wonder why I wasted that money with Internet expenses as well as game and dlc cable bill cellphone do I need another bill no not this time around they've gotten too greedy I remember calling there support and the lady hanging up on me when I asked her her name cause I wanted to speak to a supervisor literally hung up over a call trying to recover an account never again!

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