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Submitted by Alexious 921d ago | opinion piece

Where did the Xbox innovation go?

A look back at what made the first Xbox so great for hardcore gamers, and what is lacking right now to fuel the passion of fans. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Abriael  +   921d ago
Totally agree, I'm actually baffled that they thought this was ok.

Mind you, I'm sure they'll show plenty games at E3, but all they achieved with this conference is basically passing the message that yes, there'll be games, but gamers aren't their core audience anymore.
Alexious  +   921d ago
It's sad because, in a way, they are forgetting much of what made the Xbox so great in the first place. And as I mentioned in the article, core gamers are a sensitive crowd - if they feel slighted, they won't go easy.
guitarded77  +   921d ago
But that's a good thing. Being critical is what drives the industry. Look at PS3 at launch, and where it is today... Sony heard, and saw the sales, and made one of the most impressive catalogs for any console, and improved PSN into what it is today. Hopefully MS hears the roar and listens. I don't mind all the TV stuff, but XBOX should be a gaming console first and foremost.
Blank  +   921d ago
As sad as im saying this core gamers was the gateway to the living rooms they took advantage of the core gamers dedication to their hobby flipped around playing on the core gamers hope on a turn around to appeal to the volatile casual grand market over the smaller core gamer hobbyist safe grounds im an example im still hoping E3 they turn all this around if not well I still got my wii u and soon to be placed in my cabinet PS4
RE4PER-DE4TH  +   921d ago
Seriously guys, everyone is acting like the console doesn't play games. Gamers will first and foremost play games on their consoles. Nothing will ever change the fact that the reason why the VAST MAJORITY of people buy video game consoles is to play games. All Microsoft has done is literally give you an immediately accessible way of getting to other content.

Seriously, you guys are flipping over what's essentially an alt-tab for a gaming console???

So what if the reveal only showed their plans to integrate tv services into the UI...simply alt-tab back to the game and start playing again lol.
Alexious  +   921d ago
We're not disputing the fact that it plays games. We're disputing the fact that Microsoft's own focus is not on games anymore.
RE4PER-DE4TH  +   921d ago
Well here's some food for thought:

Their focus IS on games. The reveal was literally just ONE hour of showing their plans to bring more stuff to the Xbox Live service. Obviously the big picture here is to keep subscribers paying for gold membership. The gold membership brings them more members and more money. Money brings positive investment...members brings in more developer interest. More developer interest brings in more games.

Now consider that you've met with all the heads of these so-called game developer companies. You asked them "what can we do to get you to bring games to our console". They would say "we need hardware. we need stream lined dev kits. we need install base." Ok, so there it is. The most surgical and precise way to get install base is put the machine at the center of the living room experience. By making the brand synonymous with TV services they open up to the entire living room audience. Not just the gamers but everybody. And it's nothing new, they're just adding live TV to their already wide set of services.
GotHDGame  +   921d ago
"Gamers will first and foremost play games on their consoles." Yes that is why so many were disappointed by the unveiling. It had little focus on games. Sony unveiling it was all about the games, and everything else was second in that presentation. I was a little annoyed with with Sony's focus on "sharing" but maybe that was just me. Nintendo the E3 Unveiling of Wii U, was a little disappointing as well. We saw allot of Tech Demo and that was it. For me at least, Sony wins the unveiling, and I usually would lean more in Nintendo's favor.

This comment in no way is meant to say that any console is not going to have great games. All 3 will. It just depends on where you want your gametime and dollars to go. I don't care if Metroid 4, or Zelda are not quite as pretty as Halo 5, I like the games, so I have to choose Wii U, and Sony has really upped the anti the past 3 years with Sony IP'S so I have to choose Sony as well.
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fossilfern  +   921d ago
I agree. I LOVED the original Xbox it was a fantastic machine and it was my primary machine for multiplats. But MS shift in focus is painfully obvious and I dunno why MS bother half the time.
himdeel  +   921d ago
The Innovation is a Timed Released for the Xbox Two...everybody knows this.
Festano  +   921d ago
I hope microsoft at E3 that can impress the audience as they did with the first xbox
Alexious  +   921d ago
As they say, hope is the last thing to die. I'm hopeful to, but I don't truly believe in a change of course.
SexyGamerDude  +   921d ago
Even with the games, all these restrictions on gamers turn me off of the X1.
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Alexious  +   921d ago
That's surely another point for debate.
byeGollum  +   921d ago
Why's there so much negativity? I'm sure it's exclusive to the Internet.
Alexious  +   921d ago
That's exactly the point of the article.

Mainstream may be mighty fine with what was showed, but mainstream is also volatile, like Nintendo is noticing right now. The backbone of Xbox was hardcore gamers from the start, and it might not be good for them to leave the boat.
-GametimeUK-  +   921d ago
swishersweets20031  +   921d ago
Sports.. watercoolers.. TV.. Apps.. A Puppy !
sway_z  +   921d ago
They turned the Xbox into a glorified voice commanded TV remote with a glorified TV guide....oh and apparently it can play blu ray games that force a full install onto the modest 500GB HDD so that your friends cannot borrow it.

MS want to own YOU and YOUR living's rocket science powered stuff according to the X1 reveal.

The only place X1 will sell well is N. America...MS just waived bye-byes to Europe and have even less hope in Japan with this rubbish.

PS4+Wii U FTW :)
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Festano  +   921d ago
And we want to add Xbox One has no backwards compatibility !!!
strigoi814  +   921d ago
Its a rocket went to the roof and didnt explode and drop back to MS
Grimhammer00  +   921d ago
Kinect "I see you are trying to play a retail game"
You "yes I am....but it says I have to pay $60....I already payed $45!"
Kinect "please understand. You are playing a second-hand game. Please pay full price and I'll happily unlock the game for you."
You "&@&@@@"
Kinect "please understand, if you try and disconnect your online connectivity you will still need to connect online at least once a day."
You "really!"
Kinect "don't be upset...and don't bother calling customer service. I'm happily transmitting all relevant info you are expressing both verbally and physically to MS for data of course are anonymous"
You "kinect?"
Kinect "yes?"
You "how am I to return your sorry arse if I shouldn't unplug you?"
Kinect "please understand"
RE4PER-DE4TH  +   921d ago
Voiced by Michael Fassbender from Prometheus. Lol.
Jake_the_Dog  +   921d ago
It exploded while doing the "rocket science" needed for the development of the console.

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