How PlayStation Already Did TV Integration Right

TheSixthAxis: ''A few months ago I was a bit worried that there would be no decent PlayTV alternative releasing along with the next generation of game consoles. PlayTV’s a good service (or at least it was in its prime – we’ll get to that later) which allows users to watch, record and even pause or rewind live TV much like any other Freeview+ box available, without the need for another big box getting in the way, aided instead by the PS3′s power and hard drive.''

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Belking2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

What TV integration? Sony has yet to reveal their all their plans.

LostDjinn2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Reading's a really handy skill. If you applied it to this piece you'd know they're talking about the PS3. I mean it's right there in the OP. You didn't even have to click.

Oh wait, were you blinded by something? ;)

Edit: "Sony has yet to reveal their all their plans" - LOL. Thanks for that.

Belking2031d ago

My point still stands. When did they do tv PS3 sure as hell didn't. You are confused.

LostDjinn2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

What point? You made a nonsensical post and tried to cover you butt by following up with "My point still stands".

Am I missing something here or are you just too upset to make sense?

Edit: I'll take that as a yes shall I?

husomc2031d ago

shows how much u know about the PS3 :D

stage882031d ago


You are an idiot. That may seem harsh to anyone else but it is a reasonable judgement for you.

I have been watching TV on my PS3 since 2008. It can record shows and set time-record as well as pause and rewind live tv. Try reading about PlayTV. Hint - the article.

You are an idiot.
That is all.

urwifeminder2031d ago

Well blow my cathode ray tube out the window tv and consoles wow nice combo.

Wizziokid2031d ago

My TV does TV right... my game console should hopefully do games right and that's all I care about.

For that reason I am getting a PS4

golding892031d ago

You should get a ps4 if you need only gaming. Those that want entertainment and some gaming should get Xbox one. It may surprise you to know that there are many people out there that actually won't mind xbox one as it is.

Shadow Flare2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

" It may surprise you to know that there are many people out there that actually won't mind xbox one as it is"

Yes and I congratulate both of them

maxgamehard2031d ago

It will be sad if people still support the xbox one with the this BS.

How can anyone be ok with mandatory installs, mandatory every 24 hour internet checks, mandatory kinect, used game fees.

MoonConquistador2031d ago

Golding, Playstation has been doing more than gaming since its inception.

The first PS also played music CD's
The PS 2 was most peoples introduction to DVD's
The PS 3 was the cheapest blu ray player when it released and many people probably bought it for this function. It also played about every file format in the world other than MKV files.

If you want a console that you can watch TV on, Blu ray movies, listen to music, go on the internet, chat to friends AND play top quality games on, you can get a PS 3 right now, its been there for 6 years.

Or you can wait 6 months and get the same thing and pay MS a subscription to do so. I think I know which you'd rather do though

o-Sunny-o2031d ago

I connected my PS3 and it automatically integrated with my tv lol. I love gaming when it comes to my game console. Xbox is not replacing my Cable box with its fees. I'll stick with Sony and Nintendo on this gen. ^~^

golding892031d ago


I have both the ps3 and the xbox 360.

I am just speaking the way i see fit.

It's very simple, if you don't like the Xbox one, don't buy it.

Not sure why all the trolling is about seriously.

I won't get neither because I am done with consoles.

Bottom line is not everyone is going to like the xbox one or the ps4. Stop being closed minded and make up your own mind and not let anyone tell you what to buy. Likewise, it's unfortunate sony fans and xbox fans are trying tell anyone what to buy or not buy. It's a personal choice.

MoonConquistador2028d ago

Golding, I never once told you what console to get. Your first post was to point out that you wanted a device that can do more than just gaming. Hence my post was to open your eyes up to what you don't want to believe is true. So I told you "you can get a PS 3 which will do all that for you.

You were the one who TOLD people what to get in your first post.

"You should get a ps4 if you need only gaming. Those that want entertainment and some gaming should get Xbox one." - remember that.

You then say its unfortunate that sony/x-box fans are trying to influence others decisions. Tad hypocritical eh

Bottom line is a console is more than what's in the box. The company behind it, the strategy, the ideals are what will always steer me towards Sony. Shoddy hardware, lies and deceit and a nickel and dime attitude to its customers is why I'll never buy a MS console.

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