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Submitted by FuzzyPixels 998d ago | opinion piece

The Xbox One Reveal Was Not For Me... Or You

Dealspwn: "In many ways, just like Sony's press conference, Microsoft's was more of a statement of intent than anything truly revelatory. However, that's where the similarities ended. Sony presented a show aimed clearly at gamers, gaming communities, and the developers and publishers of those games. Nearly everything in that show, even the lengthy waffle about social features and hardware gimmicks, most were couched in the context of the PS4 as a games console.

"By contrast, Microsoft were careful not to describe the Xbox One as a games console on a single occasion." (Next-Gen, Xbox One)

SexyGamerDude  +   998d ago
The reveal wasn't for anybody. It was terrible.
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-GametimeUK-  +   998d ago
It was for Microsoft and Microsoft alone. They are selling a product they want you to have so they can restrict the things you do for their own personal gain.
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morganfell  +   998d ago
Exactly. And why? Well, as a gamer...this...
Orbilator  +   998d ago
Honestly bud, that says it all don't it. It s defo not what I wanted to hear. Its probably the most acurate title and video on YouTube lmfao.
Maddens Raiders  +   998d ago
"Microsoft were careful not to describe the Xbox One as a games console on a single occasion" -
sadly this reveal was only for investors and partners of Microsoft.

If they don't blow people away at E3 with GAMES GAMES and more GAMES (and I really mean that) Sony will be well on their way to winning yet another console war for the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide going into the Fall season.

Microsoft has an image probelem right now that they desperately need to shake. Whether rumors speculation or hearsay the "stuff" floating around out there about the XBOXONE right now is not positive at all. Not to mention MS came out yesterday coddling and embracing some of the most diabolical, hated, and divisive gaming companies on the planet.

No this is not at all good, and besides coming up w/ things like stuffing more dollars into their accounts from gimmicks like "Gold Subs" for patrons of their products to enjoy the basics of the internet DRM restrictions and Kinect required, I have no idea who's doing any critical thinking in their board meetings regarding GAMES and GAMERS? I mean whose Idea was this? XBOX"ONE"? I'm sorry, It's just all wrong and I'm just telling it like it is.

Microsoft just goofed in a monumental way yesterday and I think this is what has so many perplexed in that they knew what was out there and had time (seemingly) to respond and when they did respond it all went pear shaped. They still have some time to clean it up though, and that's all that can be said for now.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   998d ago
In my eyes (I know opinions will differ), not even the games will save it if they are going to implement so many restrictions.

The Xbox One is an "industry" console. It is favorable for greedy third-parties like Activision and EA.

I'm not in the least bit worried. If Microsoft wants to abandon gaming, then gamers will abandon them, and then we'll have a higher concentration of games on PS4/Wii-U
PSVita  +   998d ago
There going to announce all these features and games that will likely suck or never come out based on the past 3 years E3s.
MestreRothN4G  +   998d ago
I disagree.

It is very clear that they are focusing on the broader audience, not only gamers. The reveal didn't let a doubt about the focus of their new generation.

So, yes, the target audience is very very wider now. They are selling a product that may improve the experience for about anyone that watches TV.

For gamers? Between the "fee" (full price?) to play 2nd hand games, the every 24h on stuff, the no lending games policy, there is little space to argue in favour of it against PS4.

There one other thing: What they are selling as a enhanced cable box may very well be very very old until the next next-gen, so I really hope they screw themselves ( =) ) and another big company emerges to compete with Sony.


PS: Sorry, I wrote some words I don't really know how to. =P
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kayoss  +   998d ago
I don't understand the direction that microsoft is going with the next gen. it's bad that I have to pay to play used games, it's bad that I have to have kinect for its to function, it's bad that the hard drive can't be replaced, it's bad that I have to install all my game, and now I have to check in online every 24 hours. I'm going to take my anger out on my Xbox 360.
Telling my Xbox 360, "please don't blame me blame your younger brother Xbox one for my hatred of you!" Commence throwing the xbox 360 out of a 3 story building.
CalvinKlein  +   998d ago
more like trade it in towards a ps4. NOt sure if I will trade my ps3 in but will trade the 360 in for sure.
SexyGamerDude  +   998d ago
"Did you hear something drop? I think that was XbOnes sales"

" Nonsense, that would imply people actually bought it at one point"

I can see the Sony office having this Convo in the future.
Gildarts  +   998d ago
it was for me.
it can do everything the PS4 can and more.

i really like the fact that you can just walk into the living room and say "xbox on" and everything turns on.
i also like the fact that i can skype while gaming.
and also that i can snap anything to the side.
i also like that i can switch channels with my voice.
its even connected to my cable box so no more hassle changing from xbox to tv.

They improved xbox live even more by adding 300.000 DEDICATED servers. So it doesn't need to use other players connection as servers. which means no more lagfests.

I also really like the controller. it went from the best (xbox 360 controller) to the perfect controller.

this event was not about the games. it never was, they made it clear. It was about the consoles features and specs.
E3 is going to be about the games. They said so themselves. and also that they will have 15 exclusives next year, including 8 new franchises.

This is the only true next generation console.

It only does everything.
urwifeminder  +   998d ago
Agreed well said bub.
Ron_Danger  +   998d ago
You two are adorable together
Majin-vegeta  +   998d ago
Lol xbot in denial.
Orbilator  +   998d ago
15 exclusive yet they couldn't even give us 2 to make it Intresting
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Zepherite  +   998d ago
They said the games are coming later. They said this before, during and after the conference.

Wait. Have a little patience. E3 is soon. That's when they will put most of their cards of the table. Then we will know if the Xbox One is just a multimedia centre, or if it's a games console as well.

15 exclusives is a step in the right direction.
Minato-Namikaze  +   998d ago
What are those specs again? They are hiding them like bush administration when reporters were looking for proof of WMD's lol.
Gildarts  +   998d ago
Dude the specs are pretty much the same as PS4's xD

Minato is awesome btw, did you read the manga today?
vitullo31  +   998d ago
lol at the hassles of changing inputs on your tv and you think sony fanboys are bad look how stupid ms makes their fanboys look
Gildarts  +   998d ago
it is a hassle.
Sometimes I'm playing a game. And maybe forgot to watch a game of soccer.

I could just switch to TV by saying it. No need to look for the remote.
kayoss  +   997d ago
And this is why america is becoming one of the fattest country in the world. "Its too much work to pick up a remote control to change inputs!"
I can picture america now, every americans will be fat and sitting in a floating wheel chair that uses voice commands to move around. The xbox one is sitting 5 feet away and the user says, "xbox one on!" The xbox one turns on, but then the user realized that he have to pick up the xbox remote control to play so he says, "Xbox one off!". The movie Wall-E pretty much hit it on the head with their prediction.
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Objective  +   998d ago
Agreed. This is a console reveal. Not a games reveal. As a console reveal, it revealed it can do everything PS4 can and more. It revealed that the functionality and parameters of the console are being pushed. That sounds promising to me. After experiencing just 1 (albeit long) generation of console gaming, I feel fatigue and lethargy setting in. There's only so much more of conventional gaming that can keep things exciting. Another shooter, another racer, another RPG being played the same tired way? Even a great game like Bioshock Infinite didnt quite do it for me anymore. Horizons need to be expanded, and the console platform needs to be able to accommodate such expansions. Consoles will die out if they stubbornly refuse to evolve. MS has the right idea, question now is execution.
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Conan-O-Brady  +   997d ago
That was so beautiful and well spoken. I almost read half of it before I pissed myself from laughing so hard.
Alos88  +   998d ago
It was for the people who almost certainly weren't watching, and probably aren't even all that interested.
kneon  +   998d ago
And who aren't likely to spend $400-500 on an add on for their TV that requires a subscription to be fully functional.
Godmars290  +   998d ago
Most of MS's presentations haven't been for gamers. Especially ones related to the Kinect.
maniacmayhem  +   998d ago
The reveal was great.

The skype chat was awesome and is the next evolution of the party chat. I can see this coming in handy very much.

The snap feature was great, there have been many times I'm playing a game and I pause it to look up a level or combo on my phone or on the PC. Having it right there on my tv playing is definitely more convenient.

Loved the Fantasy Sport app feature, and I'm a huge football fan so this was very exciting to see.

Loved the gestures and voice commands, it made the Xbox very futuristic and again that was exciting to see.


The after announcements of blocking used games or tying a game to one console has turned me completely off to the new system. For the simple fact I use Gamefly and Gamefly games would be considered used and I would have to pay a fee which pretty much defeats the purpose of Gamefly.

That and the new info on how MS is handling their indie developer even after Nintendo and Sony has made it to where indie's can self publish is mind boggling.

So unless MS can address these issues (especially the used one) I just can't get behind the new Xbox.
Brazz  +   998d ago
All the gaming comunite is mocking MS after this, look!
" " , shit like this all over!
MS realy needs step up and put games in first place! Core gamers are the bases, they make day one purchases! Casual only day 1 Smart phones and tablets!
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PSVita  +   998d ago
The gif had me rolling. thanks lol
Orbilator  +   998d ago
If this reveal wasn't for the games and gamers then why did they send the email informing me of it ? I am not an investor or partner. I am a gamer. M$ need to look back at that and say lets sack someone for that.
I don't want to see another comment saying it was aimed at a wider audience when it wasn't.
Blues Cowboy  +   998d ago
Was Microsoft's 'target' audience even watching? I can't imagine frat boys and families deciding to sit in front of a livestream at 10 in the morning US time, or hearing about the reveal from a gaming site they follow religiously. I'm sure the mainstream press are putting out some good stuff, and I'd like to believe that creating an ecosystem could make this a success, but I felt incredibly alienated by that entire hour.

"Xbox, go home" until you're ready to bring your A game. And, erm 'a game.' Any game will do.

EDIT: Agree with Orbilator above. This event was aimed at existing core Xbox consumers, but the content and focus wasn't.
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SpinalRemains  +   995d ago
It was atrocious, and anyone defending this obnoxious monstrosity is the poster child for damage control.

We are all here as gamers, so let's cut the spin and call the reveal what it was......

A letdown of gargantuan proportions.

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