PlayStation 4 Will Struggle Against Xbox One

Microsoft and Sony both have very different machines ready for the next console war, but who will win out in the end?

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JoGam1856d ago

I don't think Playstation / Sony will struggle with the XONE at all. Actually, I honestly think both systems will do fine.

theBAWSE1856d ago

This site has been spreading rubbish since yesterday... There either very butthurt or ms has shares in them ad wise

1856d ago
a_bro1856d ago

"Sony's going to be thinking 'what shall we do for the next ten years?'"

umm, the same thing they've been doing for the last 7 years and will do so with the remaining 3 years of the PS3's 10 year plan, coming out with more know, the reason why you buy a console to begin with...

Why o why1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

'Plastation 4 will struggle against xbox one' pissing off its fanbase


thechosenone1855d ago

After seeing the huge..HUGE backlash the Xbone has gotten just over the past two days tells me that it's Xbone will be the one that languishes next-gen. And I'm starting to truly believe that MS won't make it out next-gen in one piece. I think Nintendo will have a resurgence and the Steam Box will pick up MS' slack.

b163o11855d ago

OH! I've totally forgotten about the steambox. I think the strambox will be better then the X1, mainly cause they'll offer the same game, minus exclusives, for a cheaper price, don't have to pay to play, wouldn't have to overpay for DLC, it goes on and on. I really think that M$ is almost where they've always wanted to be, integrated in the living room. PS4 is about and will be about the games...

andibandit1855d ago

Struggle in the tv department perhaps

sikbeta1855d ago

PS4 = just games, some social features, online, kind of the same as 7th Gen

XO = games + social features + online + tv + dvr + OS + apps + cloud + more

PS4 = PlayStation Gamers

XO = broad appeal: Gamers + COD players + NFL fans + TV users + Social junkies and more people...

garos821854d ago

Come on bless them.the x box faithful have literally nothing to show from the reveal in terms of gaming, especially on a site such as n4g
So they got to spread stupid articles such as these in order to keep the system relevant in terms of gaming.

As far as I'm concerned, from what I've seen as a gamer from the reveal the, xbox1 has nothing to interest will have to take an impressive showing at e3 to win me over but somehow I don't see that happening.

Boody-Bandit1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

As a gamer who has favored MS products in gaming for the past decade+ over ALL others. I will say without a doubt, as long as the consoles are similar in price at launch, Sony will strongly outsell the X1 worldwide BUT MS "might" hold on to North America since their X1 appears to be tailor made for this region and they have a big user base here.

I am not liking the X1 even a little bit. It appears MS made compromises to the X1 hardware to make it a more efficient multimedia hub. Gaming is no longer their primary focus and I'm a gamer.

If I want to social network, watch sports and movies? I have tablets, smart phones, smart TV's (2 of which that have motion controls which I never use. Tried them once or twice but don't use them now), broadcast receiver that has apps and a gaming PC hooked up to my triple panels in my gaming room.

I can watch sports, surf the web, game and text or social network all at the same time now. I don't need to purchase an entertainment hub when I already have the best of all worlds.

I need a new gaming console that's primary focus is giving me the best games possible not an all in ONE device when I, like most, already have it all.

Elit3Nick1854d ago

Lol I'm likely getting the Xbox one and even I see this article as nothing more than for getting hits. XD

shoddy1854d ago

N4G really heat after May 21.
I had fun reading comments.

jrbeerman111854d ago

Based on reveals,

ps4 will have more games and be more dev friendly and indy friendly,

xbox1 will use cutting edge tech to replace the input button on my tv remote.

pixelsword1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

The PS4 will struggle... keep their stock supplied in stores.

X1 to the next 1.

RedDevils1854d ago

This article will make xbox fanboy feel so much better lol

insomnium21854d ago


You have it all? I doubt it. You don't have all the fees that come with XB1's online. XB1 comes riddled with all kinds of fees and restrictions that make all other consoles feel decades old.

Also you can't TELL your devices to start up and stuff. You have to push buttons and that's sooooo last last gen and ancient history. What is this like 2009?

seanpitt231854d ago

Well I will be buying shares in Sony thats how confident iam in Microsoft lol

CommonSense1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I am in the minority on this site because I prefer my 360 over my ps3. in fact, i almost never play my playstation. but, after that xbox reveal, i can safely say that if i get a system at launch, it will be a ps4.

the problem i have, however, is that i love gaming online, and i absolutely cannot stand the sony community. it is teaming with rabid fanboys that completely ruin the gaming experience. N4G is a prime example of this. Just look at these ridiculous comments. immature hypocrites.

perhaps i'll just continue to favor PC.

DirtyMagician1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )


If you are going to do a comparison, then don't just pick and choose what to say about each console just to make one look better. It's a waste of time.

From each reveal so far PS4 is focused on games and Xbox One is focused on TV. That's how I feel after both reveals.

inveni01854d ago

"PlayStation 4 Will Struggle Against Xbox One"

No it won't.

Bobby Kotex1854d ago

Or they're a bunch of click whores. Anyone who clicked on that article fell for it.

Cam9771854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

They're so butt hurt that their butt ceases to exist. Yes, they are that butt hurt.

ThanatosDMC1854d ago

Check out this rabbid xbox fanboys sucking on kinects gonads.

It's ridiculous that they would rather have TV and that failure kinect than actual games.

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bintarok1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

The PS4 should be fine because it has the core gamers market. The XO should also be fine too (if the price is right) because it's targeting the non-core market. Each market still attracts millions, depending on geo location.

No doubt the PS4 will be the fastest next gen console in terms of raw power (more CUs + GDDR5), but price, latency, and power wattage can also be higher. The XO is just better in thermal/performance balance. Hopefully next gen games will tell us which one has better real world performance.

SynGamer1856d ago

Until we have the full details on the hardware for each system, it *appears* the PS4 has a slight performance edge. That said, MS's reveal yesterday completely turned me off. It felt like a "hey, don't forget about me" show, very disappointing. Considering how bad the reveal went yesterday, Sony is in a good position to capitalize at E3. They just need to make sure they show and say the right things.

nthstew1854d ago

Xbox one may succeed in Metropolitan areas in USA not ouside that because of high bandwidth for online requirement and paying for used games.
outside USA most of the countries will Don't care about american sports, Netflix and other media stuffs other than playing video games on a console.

eliasg1854d ago

I am an XBOX fan but i wished every one here would have been as constructive commentator as yours mate.

Thatguy-3101856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

It has shown that Microsoft can't compete against Google and apple which clearly show the direction they're going with. Sony isn't it's main competitor anymore which clearly gives them the upper hand as THE gaming console.
4>1 simple math ;)

DonFreezer1854d ago

Which areas of the Xbox One will you be focusing on at your E3 presentation?


Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):
Games. Games. GAMES :)

Care to explain this comment by Major Nelson ps drones.I have watched almost all the Microsoft E3 presentations from 2008 and after and they never said anything like this before.So expecting Microsoft to blow our minds with the number of exclusives.

kenshiro1001854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Just like they did last E3?


DarkZane1854d ago

Too bad Sony will also focus on games, rendering the M$ focus on games completely irrelevant.

linkenski1855d ago

Fuck, i disagreed with you because of your first sentence. I can't take it back :(

Conan-O-Brady1855d ago

I gave him an agree to make up for your disagree, I also gave you a bubble up for being so

linkenski1853d ago

Bubble up to you for being helpful mate :B

Psn8001855d ago

Why is he shouting his mouth off after that dreadful display .

TAURUS-5551854d ago

lets have a laugh at the xbox tv content...haha.

outside the usa no one gives a shit about that content besides no one will be able to watch it.

showtimefolks1855d ago

Lol yes it will believe that ps4 fanboys lol hahahhah

Now to real world news ps4 will do quite well and will outsell Xbox one from day one. Xbox360's one year ahead start and one and half year ahead start in Europe couldn't crop an over priced hard to develop for ps3. So what makes anyone think a developer friendly and a system WIYJ most likely good launch lineup and a decent price point will make Sony or ps4 struggle?

We the gamers are a lot of things but stupid isn't one of those, if ms is Dunn enough to think they could pull a quick on on us than they will see when they struggle.

Sony has done nothing but show ps4 In a great way and have really opened up their system to indie developers so I think Xbox fanbase or fanboys are in for a rude awakening

I fully expect ps4 to outsell Xbox one and wiiu from day one and never let go of the lead it will build over time

Now all this assumption is because I don't believe Sony will be stupid enough to follow MS in always online or used game blockage

Ju1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I disagree with you, because the internet trend is pointing into one direction. And while this is all just hype it'll carry some truth. I'd rather say in the worst case PS4 will launch 2:1 - or maybe even 4 : 1. LOL. And that is already a pessimistic view of some reacions which rather go 75:25 if you want to believe some stories.


I also think both will be fine down the road... Yes, MS didn't started very well, but neither did the Sony with the PS3 reveal, remember how the price was wrong, too much focus on centralizing entertainment and at release the alien architecture was tough on developers. Everywhere it was doom articles (exactly like the last two days for MS)). But they made it to turn things around by making the right decisions after that.

"A generation last years, not days" is a lesson Sony learned and may be now teaching. I'm sure MS will realign their plans as the costumer demands/pays for, in fact both companies will, the day one plan usually gets ajusted down the road as they add new technology, new stuff go trendy and the whole gaming industry evolve.

Now the whole backlash out of always online and game licencing is a problem that may put Xbox One at more risk, but not necessarily a deal breaker. I mean, it's obviously much more a presure from publishers than it's a desire from MS (or Sony if they show any similar restriction) and the only reason they are trying this now is obviously because those publsihers had been shoving us with incomplete/broken games, DLC crap, online passes, season/elite agreements and what not for the last 7+ years and we had been eating that. People voted with their wallets and they said "rape me". So if we can take any indication, yes people will be mad and, to some extent it will hurt sales, but more than enough people will probably be willing to swell their complains and buy the games anyway, provided they are good/popular enough. Also, if people do otherwise and simply don't buy into that anymore, then chances are they'll just change it down the road (let's hope this is the case).

Games wise, I don't think we ("hardcore" gamers for the lack of better term) have a lot to be concerned. Obviously both consoles are designed much similarly, so multiplatforms shouldn't be a problem as developers won't have a bad time to either get enough power (really easy to scale) or coding for each architecture (both are PC like). First party we know Sony had it right so far and MS made a good move to acquire more studios and put 'em to actually develop new games for its machine, now it's a question of not focusing so much on Kinect and keep those guys working (which, again, only depends on where the money is going).

I do think Sony have the upper hand here, they may enjoy some earlier success that may grant 'em a more confortable position thorughout the generation, but I don't think (or want) they'll pull a PS2 and transform a lead into complete domination unless MS really mess it up (which I hope they don't, it's much better for us if those companies feel each other breathing down their necks).

delicia1854d ago

sikbeta is just delusional.
Sony is not new in this market, they've been doing this for almost 20 years, I'm preety sure they'll do fine this gen. PS4 is shaping up to be a great console.

kenshiro1001854d ago

Wooow, so Microsoft screws up their unveiling of XBox One and now these articles are trying to downplay the PS4?


ape0071854d ago

yeah the event was a let down, sony looked 10 times better but we still haven't seen the full picture, it's an all out war and im loving each bit of it

b_one1854d ago

@a_bro games are games, but PS3 is also a kind of TVBox.

mcstorm1854d ago

@JoGam I agree with you. I have said for a long time I expected the WiiU, Xbox One and the PS4 to all sell well come the end of the gen. Im looking forward to seeing what games they are going to offer us as I will own all 3 just like have I have done since the NES and Master System days.

DeadlyFire1854d ago

XB1 will likely be the one struggling. Nintendo tried a similar approach with WiiU. XB1 is just an HD glaze over what Nintendo is doing.

Sony is doing the same thing as well as having a diverse and open environment for all type of game developers. DirectX no problem, No big publisher then no problem, and so on.

XB1 and PS4 both will utilize the cloud to assist in many apps in the future that might slow down one day on the hardware.

TAURUS-5551854d ago

hahaha cmon we ll know xbox1 cant compete with PS4.

Gardenia1854d ago

I'm not worried about the games that will come out for the PS4. With Developers like Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream and others there will be more than enough good games to come.

Xbox on the other hand have to come up with some serious good exclusives if it still wants to be called a game console

Retroman1854d ago

both system do well???? i hardly think so unless MS pull a miracle out of there ass in 5 days before E3 its not happening. if anyone STRUGGLING is MS so-call console. "the all-in-one" machine . not console as in gaming console that was toooo damn good to be true. but all in one disaster no one want machine.

bassmaneric1854d ago

How can they struggle against a company banking on the average joe to buy their machine to use for tv? Everyone already has a cable box or directv, etc. I can surf the web on my cable box, watch and record tv, watch movies on demand. I don't understand their point. Also, doesn't ps3 and xbox360 do all of the the same shit as well? prettier new package is all. If they focus on tv and web, they will not sell many units at all. Gamers buy game consoles. Television watchers buy TV's and pay for cable

Kaneda1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

If I am a developer, would I make game for a system focus on game or tv and game?

Easy to decide which system will likely to have more support and effort from game developer...

avengers19781854d ago

It is very likely that all the features of the PS4 have not been revieled... With there new camera and there console I really didn't see anything Xbox one showed that they could not do on PS4.... So I see the PS4 doing everything xb1 showed, but there focus is on gamers and developers...
Sony also said that there machine will function with absolutely no Internet connection, MS on the other hand has said you will need an Internet connection... At least to check in online once every 24 hours.
Both may have some sort of block on used games... This maybe the way of the world, but really that just puts Nintendo and Wii U in good shape to out sell both x1 and PS4.

As of right now XBOX 1 is in trouble, it's been all negative since there reveal, and PS4 is looking like the choice for most people

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smashcrashbash1856d ago

We shall see.Over confidence is a business's worst enemy.That is why only we do that and they don't.

Lucreto1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

One thing the article forgot is that the TV stuff in the first 20 to 30 minutes of conference won't work outside of the US.

Europe won't get of the TV stuff at launch as confirmed by Microsoft. If could take 6 months to a year before they get content.

They want you to watch the digital TV you're paying for, through the Xbox you spent hundred of euro on, so they get more ad revenue from their subscription-paying userbase.

sway_z1855d ago

The Brits care only for Football, Cricket, Tennis and Rugby...all of which are in partnership with Sky...or free on regular TV. The Entertainment aspect of Xbox One will FAIL in Europe.

Clearly MS have no strategy outside of U.S.

Autodidactdystopia1855d ago

Was it the UK TV license comment?

My apologies haha

ChipdiddyChip1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

No, it definitely wont. I watch sky on my xbox 360 regularly, its so convenient.

@Autodidactdystopia The TV license is for BBC since they dont show ads on their channels, still stupid though.

garos821854d ago


I agree fully with your statement

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AceofStaves1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

That's an important flaw in MS' 'all-in-one box' strategy, and one that certainly should be stressed by media outside the U.S. Simply put, the TV aspects of X1 are immaterial outside of the States. Heck, I live in Canada, on the same bloody continent, and our content licensing laws prevent us from having anything near the same amount of content found on the U.S. version of Netflix on

MS can emphasize the TV content all they want. I won't pay more for a console that offers me less.

Edit: The disagrees are hilarious. Disagree all you like. It doesn't change the truth.

BattleTorn1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

I have my fingers crossed that Canada will be the first to get support.

I know Telus already has the 360 supported for being an Optik TV box..

I couldn't really care though. I don't watch TV, at all. Only online.
I wouldn't have cable at all if it wasn't for the fact that Ive negotiated my ISP bill (with Optik internet and TV) to below what having high speed internet alone would be.. ;)

T21854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

yeah I'm in canada too (obvious lol) and none of the sht you think would work within North America works at all, Netflix is a great example, so I have no faith that Rogers, Shaw, or Telus will convert the Xbone to any type of cable box, especially Shaw who has a huge monopoly here in BC.
In other words, why the hell would I buy a Xbone to sit there and pay monthly for it too? Same as my 360 just sits there now, no new games that are anyway worth money.
On top of that, Ps3 being bluetooth, I will still be able to use my headsets, keyboard, mouse, etc... on ps4. Xbox? as usual they want you to buy all your sht over again... not a chance.

Edit - yes lol at your disagrees you clearly stated facts, its only the worst fanboys that just disagree with anything you say that they don't like.

ceballos77mx1855d ago

Tell me about it the cable where I live in Mexico sux

nypifisel1854d ago

Not only that. Live TV is seriously outdated in Europe. The future is streaming content on demand. So why the hell did Microsoft focus so much on a dying medium? PS4 can do EVERYTHING the Xbox can, except the Live Tv interaction.. Which if not already dead at least is dying... I believe this whole thing is a serious misdirected focus on Microsoft part and begs the question whether this high-tech modern company really goes with the times or simply decided ten years ago to dominate your living room and kept going with it, failed to see it lost it relevance :S

s45gr321854d ago

What do you mean live tv is outdated in Europe?

Here in the states is a battle between cable/satellite television vs Netflix, Vudú, Hulu plus, etc. Sadly when it comes to sports you need satellite/cable television.

nypifisel1854d ago


Tv cable boxes are being replaced by internet streaming services. In Sweden for example every singe channel has its own streaming service, I never look at live television.

T21854d ago

@s45gr32 - that's true in canada as well, but you would be surprised how many sports are streamed live on the net if you look these days... sometimes a small fee is attached but it's cents compared to your cable bill.

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Thepharaoh1856d ago

It wil lstruggle not to cry at the insult.I mean come on microsoft Sony Showed some pretty awesome stuff with their reveil and you didn't even show any of your real exclusives.Give the ps4 some challenge

DivineAssault 1855d ago

Its very possible that Wii U outsells the Xbone

OlgerO1855d ago

LOl that might be going a bit to far.

forum671855d ago

Skeleton , He-man is coming after your precious trolls.