Xbox One Vs. PS4 – Who Won The Gamers?

SegmentNext - "With Microsoft finally revealing Xbox One, it is time to take a look at how it fares with PS4 with regards to the wants of the core-gamers"

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Foxhound9221824d ago

I think it's safe to say, the PS4 did. Ms better come out swinging at E3

HammadTheBeast1824d ago

PS4: Aimed at gamers and developers
Xbox One: aimed at people who are too lazy to reach for the remote to change the channel.

guitarded771824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


But yeah, PS4 clearly focused on gamers while XBOX One is looking at the living room.

ShwankyShpanky1823d ago

I really don't even get the appeal there. One of my biggest pet peeves is automated call trees where you "talk" to the computer instead of "press 1 for... press 2 for..."

I have absolutely no desire to voice command my TV or console. And amusingly enough, it actually requires more energy (and time) to wave your arms around to change screens and soforth than to click a controller button.

I wonder if people will start seeing more personalized ads on their dashboard... Google has previously discussed systems that remotely activate webcams/microphones and serve advertising based on ambient sound.

And it'll be interesting to see if there ends up being a case where Kinect records or feeds are accessed in a criminal investigation. Go ahead and scoff... the FBI did it with OnStar (it was subsequently ruled that they couldn't do it because it would interfere with the vehicle owners' use of OnStar while it was being tapped, but it was essentially okay if they could engineer the system to listen in without locking out the owner).

Bathyj1823d ago

I cant be the only person who would rather just push a button than bark orders at a console all day.

XBOX! Play games!
XBOX! Watch TV!
XBOX! Play Bluray!

By the time youve said Xbox, I would have pressed to button already. In fact I wonder if its just a subliminal advertising gimmick to have the name Xbox Xbox Xbox repeated over and over till you wake up in the night thinking Xbox. Repetition works.

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Irishguy951824d ago

I read in my local news paper earlier

"The exclusive DLC is what really got gamers talking"

I was shocked, it was represented in a good light..exactly the opposite.

HammadTheBeast1824d ago

For some reason, it's looking like all the Newspapers are bought out. They gave PS4 so much **** for the same things Xbox One does, like no BC.

But they haven't said a word of its problems.

StraightPath1824d ago

E3 LAST chance for Microsoft.

Xbox fans are let to die with Kinect and television programs and are reverting to the ultimate NEXT GEN gaming system that is the PLAYSTATION 4.

Next gen systems


Upcoming Cable set top box.

Xbox one.

Jake_the_Dog1824d ago

I'm not sure if Microsoft could swing its way out of a wet paper bag at the moment.

Foxhound9221823d ago

Sad, but ultimately true.

starchild1823d ago

Oh hell yes the PS4 did! I have gamed on PC more than anything this generation, but Sony built such a beautiful, efficient, and well-rounded console in the PS4 that I think I may choose to game on PS4 as my primary gaming device.

Elzer1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Pupose of xbox reveal: showcase console abilities and focus on games during E3
Xbox E3: Only games! 18 exclusives released all in a years time span.
PS4 E3: Bet you a million bucks you will hear irrelvant/non gaming apsects of the console. Wonder who will be bitching then.
Xbox One Specs: ddr3? Unknown, doesnt matter! Check out the xbox one architecture panel. enlighten yourself. Xbox will have 300,000 servers, microsoft azure cloud computing service to offset the processing load to cloud. Will allow developers to offset computation for engine physics,AI, and rendering.
PS4's online service may just be comparable to xbox 360 current live service.
Those who hate kinect are problably antisocial... No offense.

Happy Xbox One owner scenerio. Enter living room,"Xbox on"..."Check whos online" ..."Call Jake"(skype)... "Hey wassup want to play forza",,,,, "Xbox play forza"... "switch to tv"... "Hey jake news says it'll be raining tommorow guess we can finish halo 5 tommorow",,, jake responds, "ok, man is that cheetos I see you eating making me hungry, hurry up though switch back, are match is about to start". "Skype end call" Epicness!

Happy PS4 owner scenerio: Enters living room, looks for controller, fails to find controller,, walks to console, turns it on. Searches friends with joystick, no friends are online, searches for "play game option" game starts.

Xbox One is future proof.
Hate it or not this is the future of a great gaming experience.

Foxhound9221823d ago

It takes a true fanboy to defend the direction of the Xbox one. I hope you feel righteous now because you will be singing a different tune come launch. Actually probably not, Microsoft could make a system that only plays the windows 98 version of solitaire and you would call it a marvel. So much of what you said about the social "status quo" of future ps4 owners is pure fanboy nonsense. The ps4 will offer the same, if not better cloud and streaming services, except for the fact that it will be free, and probably not required to play games. Let me guess? You love the fact of not being able to play used games as well? You probably also love the fact that the console will require kinect. Most of all you probably love the fact that MS is abandoning their core audience. I feel sorry for your kind. Playstation and Xbox fans almost unanimously disagree with the direction of the Xbox one, yet people like you will defend it to the death regardless of its faults. As for your E3 prediction, that was the most illogically conceived prediction I have ever had the displeasure or reading. You remember the last 4 e3's don't you? Where Microsoft promised tons of exclusives and delivered nothing? Also, do you remember how even at standalone console reveal, Sony managed to showcase multiple promising exclusives and win the hearts of devs, gamers, and investors alike. The PS4 is going all out, starting with games, and building the social aspects around them, not the other way around. Of those "exclusive" games you say, I bet you 80% of them will be gimmicky shovelware games targeted at the causal crowd. Grow up buddy and give up the blind rage.

isarai1823d ago

There's a lot more wrong with the Xbox 1 than lacking games. no amount of games shown at E3 is going to fix the requiring of internet, locking games to a single profile, and requiring kinect

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SexyGamerDude1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

The PS4 won the gamers. MS hate gamers and wants to put as many restrictions on them as possible.

thebudgetgamer1824d ago

My money is behind Sony right now, but we still got a bunch of time for Microsoft to step their game up.

Kingthrash3601824d ago

agreed but sony has just as much time to get even better....

MysticStrummer1823d ago

Yeah hopefully Sony has stopped laughing at the One reveal by now. They need to stay focused and not get cocky. They should release at least a little info between now and E3. Nothing major, but maybe some new game footage or some detail that highlights PS4's superiority.

xamtheking1824d ago

While the PS4 hasn't had a reveal yet, the non-existant reveal STILL did better than the Xbox One reveal

TKCMuzzer1824d ago

In a way your right. Sony wanted to show what he machine was about and some people moaned about no hardware being shown. Microsoft showed the hardware and look where that got them. Sony still have that one to pull at E3, making their conference a must watch.

khowat1824d ago

Obviously the ps4

But MS is being shady

they toot their horn about 15 new exclusives and 8, 8! new ips and where were they to be found at the press conference

they have something for e3

whether or not its enough to overshadow this horrible reveal

we just have to wait and see

plus we all know like 50% of the people on this website love playstation so this place is a wasteland for MS and Nintendo

Conzul1824d ago

Eh, more like 90% there mate.

MysticStrummer1823d ago

"we all know like 50% of the people on this website love playstation so this place is a wasteland for MS and Nintendo"

It used to be quite different. I found this site in the summer of 07 and was amazed at the anti-Sony attitude here.

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