UK Xbox Marketing Director - Xbox One: "E3 is absolutely all about the games"

Last night's grand unveiling has caused confusion. Xbox UK marketing chief Harvey Eagle has some, but not all, of the answers
What a difference an evening makes. When I sat down to talk with Harvey Eagle at a hosted live-stream session yeterday, Xbox UK's marketing director seemed happy, relaxed. His countenance suggested that, but for a few buffering issues handling the feed from the official event in Seattle, everything had played out as expected. The plan had come off without a hitch.

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-Superman-1860d ago

E3 is about games... like last 3 E3s... Kinect games...
He says about games... but kinect games? multiplatform games?

EVILDEAD3601860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

15 exclusives 8 new IPs.

Either way, if they show games for the core and the casual, while leveraging Kinect and the multi-media the system is going to fly off the shelves.

E3 is going to be fun to watch


Lvl_up_gamer1860d ago be correct its

15 exclusives to be released within the first year of the Xbox One's release and 8 of those are exclusive "franchises" as they said. 8 new exclusive franchise is bigger then an IP because IP can insinuate that it's only 1 game where a franchise could consist of many IPs within that franchise. :)

Raf1k11860d ago

Yes, E3 is about games.

Hopefully they'll remember that for their show.

One4U1860d ago

like my name ?

Yi-Long1860d ago

.... which was a complete focus on Kinect games and dashboard apps, so I really wonder if it will be any different this time around.

After last night's presentation, any hope I still had left, has pretty much vanished.

Munky1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

As I stated in a previous post, I really hope that MS blew their "non gaming services" load yesterday and keep E3 100% about the games. They have to sway the opinion of many gamers at this point. To be honest, I still cannot believe they f*cked up the conference that bad yesterday... It's almost unreal how seemingly out of touch they are from what gamers rally want.

wishingW3L1860d ago

games locked to an account, non-removable HDD, online is a requirement, pay to play online... None of these stuff will change you know.

mega311860d ago

Well, About the non removable HDD you can attach a USB drive and have an incredible amount of storage, second with this damn online requirement, everyone is giving a crazy story each time, i would wait for E3 on clarifying the matter, cause all these articles are just causing confusion, one person says this another says that, its everywhere, so its best to wait it out, no need to get annoyed.

ricochetmg1860d ago

How many gamer and casuals alike care about their console being able to watch tv ?

wantonGamer1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

It won't be all about games.

If in a conference where you have the opportunity to show what the general direction of your console is gonna be you focus 90 % of your time on TV then that should tell you enough.

They could've shown 50% TV 50% games yesterday and during E3 do the same. 50/50. At least then the world wouldn't be mocking the console reveal now. Why would you want your console reveal mocked ?

The forces that push MS to be so focused on TV are the same forces that will make them tone it down with the gaming nonsense during E3.

I mean, by that logic Sony's E3 should be all about TV because they showed plenty games in the PS4 reveal. But no, if you're sensible you reveal your console in a nutshell during such conferences. And in a nutshell the Xbox One is 90% about TV.

ricochetmg1860d ago

Most of the features are null if you got a tv and a tablet

The Great Melon1860d ago


Many of the features are null if you don't have a cable box also (like me).

Kran1860d ago

At yesterdays Xbox Event, it was 50% TV, 35% sports and 15% games. E3 will be 40% TV, 30% sports and 25% games... and 5% kinect. I BET YA!

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