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Submitted by Prcko 997d ago | news

UK Xbox Marketing Director - Xbox One: "E3 is absolutely all about the games"

Last night's grand unveiling has caused confusion. Xbox UK marketing chief Harvey Eagle has some, but not all, of the answers
What a difference an evening makes. When I sat down to talk with Harvey Eagle at a hosted live-stream session yeterday, Xbox UK's marketing director seemed happy, relaxed. His countenance suggested that, but for a few buffering issues handling the feed from the official event in Seattle, everything had played out as expected. The plan had come off without a hitch. (Xbox One)

Zezo  +   997d ago
yup all about games..

Prcko  +   997d ago
-Superman-  +   997d ago
E3 is about games... like last 3 E3s... Kinect games...
He says about games... but kinect games? multiplatform games?
EVILDEAD360  +   997d ago
15 exclusives 8 new IPs.

Either way, if they show games for the core and the casual, while leveraging Kinect and the multi-media the system is going to fly off the shelves.

E3 is going to be fun to watch

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Lvl_up_gamer  +   997d ago be correct its

15 exclusives to be released within the first year of the Xbox One's release and 8 of those are exclusive "franchises" as they said. 8 new exclusive franchise is bigger then an IP because IP can insinuate that it's only 1 game where a franchise could consist of many IPs within that franchise. :)
Raf1k1  +   997d ago
Yes, E3 is about games.

Hopefully they'll remember that for their show.
One4U  +   997d ago
like my name ?
aviator189  +   997d ago
nice name.
johnnoarms  +   997d ago
not for me.
Mario18  +   997d ago
You copied that name off of reddit
Raf1k1  +   997d ago
Dude, it's awesome.

Be proud :)
Yi-Long  +   997d ago
Well, we've seen what Microsoft had for the last 3 E3's....
.... which was a complete focus on Kinect games and dashboard apps, so I really wonder if it will be any different this time around.

After last night's presentation, any hope I still had left, has pretty much vanished.
Munky  +   997d ago
As I stated in a previous post, I really hope that MS blew their "non gaming services" load yesterday and keep E3 100% about the games. They have to sway the opinion of many gamers at this point. To be honest, I still cannot believe they f*cked up the conference that bad yesterday... It's almost unreal how seemingly out of touch they are from what gamers rally want.
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wishingW3L  +   997d ago
games locked to an account, non-removable HDD, online is a requirement, pay to play online... None of these stuff will change you know.
mega31  +   997d ago
Well, About the non removable HDD you can attach a USB drive and have an incredible amount of storage, second with this damn online requirement, everyone is giving a crazy story each time, i would wait for E3 on clarifying the matter, cause all these articles are just causing confusion, one person says this another says that, its everywhere, so its best to wait it out, no need to get annoyed.
ricochetmg  +   997d ago
How many gamer and casuals alike care about their console being able to watch tv ?
wantonGamer  +   997d ago
It won't be all about games.

If in a conference where you have the opportunity to show what the general direction of your console is gonna be you focus 90 % of your time on TV then that should tell you enough.

They could've shown 50% TV 50% games yesterday and during E3 do the same. 50/50. At least then the world wouldn't be mocking the console reveal now. Why would you want your console reveal mocked ?

The forces that push MS to be so focused on TV are the same forces that will make them tone it down with the gaming nonsense during E3.

I mean, by that logic Sony's E3 should be all about TV because they showed plenty games in the PS4 reveal. But no, if you're sensible you reveal your console in a nutshell during such conferences. And in a nutshell the Xbox One is 90% about TV.
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ricochetmg  +   997d ago
Most of the features are null if you got a tv and a tablet
The Great Melon  +   997d ago

Many of the features are null if you don't have a cable box also (like me).
Kran  +   997d ago
At yesterdays Xbox Event, it was 50% TV, 35% sports and 15% games. E3 will be 40% TV, 30% sports and 25% games... and 5% kinect. I BET YA!
kwyjibo  +   997d ago
I think it was a bad move saving everything to try and "win" E3. It'll just get lost in the noise.

For the reveal, they've got the press all to themselves, and they chose to ignore their core audience. You need to energise the gamers first, they're going to be the ones evangelising your system, they're the early adopters.
mega31  +   997d ago
I agree more games or sneak peeks should be there, but maybe because of them being behind they couldn't show anything, or just wanted E3 all for games, and get the stupid stuff out of the way. Ill tell u this my UNCLE LOVED the tv stuff LMAO with the sports and fantasy stuff, he loves it. I guess that presentation catered to the people who want an all in one device, NOW I HOPE in E3 it caters to me A GAMER
Minato-Namikaze  +   997d ago
You know i was thinking that there was no way thay they could be 6 months behind with there 1st party games but after yesterday that may have very well been the case.
mega31  +   997d ago
Probably they were behind, of course there maybe reasons but we wont know till E3, but we shall wait and see.
The Great Melon  +   997d ago

I have to agree that the implementation of the TV stuff was slick. Smart TVs in theory should be able to do most of the stuff Xbox One showed, but their implementation in practice is severely limited and under-powered. Watching my roommate use the fantasy league integration on his Vizio is painful. There is no reason why that app should be so slow in 2013.

I wish Google could kick up their game and get television makers to place decently powered android device in their display and make Smart TVs actually smart. If this were to happen a lot of the allure that the Xbox One in regards to its TV functionality would disappear in the future.
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Tultras  +   997d ago
No no man. 30% games and 99% of that 30% will be kinect.
a08andan  +   997d ago
Imagine an E3 conference where 75% of all games shown are some sort of Kinect-integrated games. Then it doesn't matter if their E3 conference is "all about games". They need to really really blow the hardcore audience away, otherwise, as a gaming platform, they are doomed.
mega31  +   997d ago
No point in theorizing, it'll waste time, we just gotta wait and see. Nothing else can be said or done, im excited for both Xbox and PS4 its gonna be nice
a08andan  +   997d ago
I have no doubt that both consoles will be amazing. The XboxOne appears to be a fantastic product, but certainly not for the "hardcore" gaming audience. For Sports/TV-enthusiasts it appears to be the perfect device. If they show mostly Kinect-integrated games at E3, it will still be a fantastic product, just not for the "hardcore"-gaming community. Which I like to believe I belong to. That is my opinion :)
Hanso  +   997d ago
Marketing Director...seems legit

Blank  +   997d ago
Yes! Thank you! Last person to trust in all this I prefer hearing from the horses mouth and not the yes man which he is a yes man considering he makes sugarcoating marketing decisions MS makes thats the mans job and admittedly in the past they succeeded but this next gen announcement its a harder fight because the vets and hardcore gamers are together and all on this and im talking about the nonfanboys that played since before I did which admittedly is in the nes era yeah young but I know anticonsumer practice when I see it and when a game is a great experience, atlus is my love that is all.
wantonGamer  +   997d ago
Lie to me
mochachino  +   997d ago
Didn't they say that the last 2 E3s and then spent most of the show talking about Kinect.
mega31  +   997d ago
They wasted so much time on how the kinect is this and that, they forgot about the games. Which is why i think they decided to do that stupid conference yesterday to get the bull out of the way. Im hoping anyway.
wantonGamer  +   997d ago
At the risk of all this mockery that is going on now ? Surely they could've predicted this would happen.

It's funny when people believe this. It's like Sony should've spent all of their conference in february talking about PS3/PSvita sales, just to get it out of the way. So that they can focus 100% on games and PS4 during E3.

Not gonna happen, what you saw yesterday is what you're gonna get.
Ashlen  +   997d ago
There are no games that I would buy it for.
sandman224  +   997d ago
I have a feeling Microsoft will bring it at E3. They know its important for the Xbox. I'm sure they're going to shut us up with exclusives.
mochachino  +   997d ago
It will be mostly Kinect and CG concepts for "planned" exclusives.
Greenpowerzsick   997d ago | Spam
green  +   997d ago
From a gamers point of view, i was completely underwhelmed by what was shown yesterday. But i am always like to be optimistic so will reserve judgement till i know what these new IP's and games we will be getting on the new XBOX.

I completely understand Microsoft's desire to capture the living room and the direction they are taking from what they showed yesterday is the right one (infact, i 100% expect the PS4 to launch day one with Google TV built in), but they are making a few mistakes if they claim that they have gamers interest at the core of the system.

Microsoft for once needs to be a bit more vocal, they need to hold separate conferences for games and another one for TV entertainment etc and they need to be done back to back. If they want to use E3 for games, then that is fine but don't show me any TV crap. Save that for another conference and let me know that the said conference will be all about TV, Music and Apps. Then when i tune-in, i know exactly what to expect.

Yesterday, i was expecting to see games, unfortunately i did not see any and what was shown did not appeal to me apart from the Remedy game and that really did not show anything.
Munky  +   997d ago
Yup, totally agree with you man. The time dedicated to games wasn't overly impressive at all... show something in game at least.
Munky  +   997d ago
And where was Alan Wake 2 dammnittt!?!?!?!?
WildStyles  +   997d ago
Microsoft having "games" at E3 doesn't cover up all the anti consumer bs they implemented in their system.
strigoi814  +   997d ago
All of their games to present at E3 are mostly multiplat with exclusive DLC's just watch
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   997d ago
Even IF this year's E3 ends up being about the games, the real question is how long until they lose focus again. The year the 360 launched (and a year or two after that) they we're more focused on games more than anything but ever since 08/09 they completely forgot about the games and focused on trying to make it an all around entertainment device instead
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kenshiro100  +   997d ago
It should have been about games during their conference. They just lost a potential customer. I've been waiting for years for a new Killer Instinct and they do this crap. Even new IPs would have been amazing.
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swishersweets20031  +   997d ago
so how many of those games involve kinect?
WeAreLegion  +   997d ago
They didn't even do the entertainment aspect of the console correctly! What makes you think they'll get the games part right?

Our tablets and phones can already connect to our televisions and quick switch to any channel. You can also watch television on your tablet or phone with most cable providers.

What were they thinking?
Kaneda  +   997d ago
This is what M$ thinks of gamers. Fat, eating potato chips, watch tv, and play video games...

Thanks Eric Cartman for it!
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LoveOfTheGame  +   997d ago
That is a complete lie. I always have Cheetos present.
Rai  +   997d ago recently years if I remember correctly MS has talked more about T.V sports and movies than games at their e3 conferences.
alb1899  +   997d ago
They did what they sopose to, show the console, aspects, controls and operating sistem.

From the beginning Microsoft said that the games will be show at E3.

What really impressed me of the XBOX ONE is the cuantity of the servers: I mean 300thousand servers just for XBOX LIVE......just this information is a success and show us that Microsoft knows what keep us playing 360. The XBOX LIVE for the XBOX ONE will be massive!
cyhm3112  +   997d ago
they will show 10 games, 3 kinect games, 3 multiplatforms, 1 exclusive arcade, 2 exclusive new ip
maniacmayhem  +   997d ago
All the new games shown don't mean a thing if I can't use my Gamefly. I know, I know I have already been told PC/Steam has taken this route and they have a better service but here's MY deal. I'm an avid gamer and I just can't afford every game that I would like to try out and more than half of the games I played this gen have been mediocre to down right terrible. Thank gawd for Gamefly.

If MS can't find a solution to make Gamefly games work without a fee then they can show pure crack on disc and I wouldn't buy in.
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rainslacker  +   996d ago
"We are building the Xbox One to support the trading and re-selling of used games. We are working through the policies of how that will work right now, but we will not block used games."

Here's a pro tip for you MS. It's not something you have to work for. It's pretty much a given used games will work if you don't try to impede it in any way...much like it's been since the first console to date.

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