Secret PS3 Exclusive Game, Mass Effect 1 and 2 Coming to PS3, In Game XMB Ready And More From OPM UK

Playstation 3
Lost: The Video Game - 5/10
Army Of Two - 6/10
Blacksite: Area 51 - 5/10
NFL Tour - 4/10
MX Vs ATV Untamed - 5/10
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - 8/10

God Of War: Chains Of Olympus - 10/10 *OPM GOLD AWARD*
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law - 5/10
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus - 7/10
The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift - 5/10

Playstation 2
Buzz: The School Quiz - 7/10
Wild Arms 5 - 7/10
The Spiderwick Chronicles - 5/10
Phantasy Star Universe - 7/10
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - 4/10
Odin Sphere - 8/10

- The BBC reckons sony has an amazing secret game in the works for 2009

- Capcom is developing Dead Rising 2 for mulitple platforms including PS3

- Team ICO's new game has links to Norse myths

- Mass Effect and its Sequels will come to PS3

- Sony already has a in-game version of PS3's XMB up and running

- Netflix will soon offer movie downloads straight to your PS3

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mighty_douche3924d ago

bah... just another "wooow for Digital Downloads" article... Remember how many of these we had a few months back during the format war? Oh thats right, None.

I'll take a disc mate....

Harry1903924d ago

of the month.this is going to reach meltdown.wwwooooohhhhoooooo

mighty_douche3924d ago

WHAT THE HELL??? This isnt the story i posted on^^??????

MorganX3924d ago

Nothing wrong with digital downloads. Tehy just won't replace discs. They are a compliment. When renting, donloads are actually preferred for me. To own, it's all about the disc.

mikeslemonade3924d ago

Wow these are some juicy rumors.

sonarus3924d ago

bring on the digi dwnloads i knw i will only dwnload it once just to test it out lol. same with xbox live only dwnloaded once frm there.

-The super exclusive game is tears of blood.
-i dnt mind a 2009 gow release as long as its completely shatters every other ps3 game on the market. 1080p and 60fps a MUST. I want to see crazy animations and crazy blood. Don't let us down santa monica.
-Bring on dead rising 2. Lost interest in the first 1 so doubt i'll go for the 2nd.
-can't wait to see the new team ico game. Please WOW me team ICO with your bastardized games.
-I really really really want mass effect on ps3. Though i have a 360 my ps3 fanboy side kinda wants to eat up those 360 exclusives like X360 ate up the ps3 exclusives. Regardless i doubt mass effect 1 is going anywhere but ea would do it if they could.

Lifendz3924d ago

I thought a game published by MS stayed exclusive forever? Anyway, good news for Sony. Proud of ya!

Glad to be a gamer3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Fair enough the reviews from the mag should be approved but the rumours have no evidence to back them up. its just some guy posting on a forum.

As for Mass effect its good to see ps3 fans showing love to this game(i thought gears was the only game that was good on the 360 lol) but if you want to play it your gonna most likely have to buy a 36o just like you need a ps3 to play mgs4 and well Me it is worth a 360 on its own, truly immense.

Anyways guess you guys are gonna havea flame war so enjoy.

P.S @Sonarus just as i was starting to believe you wern't a fanboy...Do you actually have a 360 and have you played mass effect? Cos im guessing from that comment that someone who felt so strongly about the ps3 to say that would not purchase a 360. i could be wrong but i think its a friends 360 that you sometimes play on. There is also the fact you said gears 2 and ninja gaiden 2 are only games you wanted to play on 360 in a previous post which is what most Sony only owners say to make out these are the only good games for the 360.

sonarus3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

lol nah i have mine but i hardly play it thats all. In fact these days i hardly play any console. I typically just play a couple of rounds of warhawk and thats it. I havn't played mass effect and if i was to ever play it, i would play it on 360 but that doesn't mean i don't want it to ps3. Like i said my fanboy side wants to see the 360 lose those exclusives. 360 snatched up a lot of ps3 exclusives so with everyone that is lost it is essentially ps3 pay back. Like i said i already played dead rising amusing at first but the save system was too dumb for me to play it any longer. If dead rising 2 came out i wouldn't buy it on any system unless it had better save system.

Don't get me wrong i do not support both sides equally, i support the ps3 because they have the games i am most passionate about. I am not waiting for mass effect to hit ps3 and i am pretty sure i would have already beaten the game by the time mass effect 2 comes out. I really don't have time to play long games so i am holding off for may when i get out of school. I will pick up mass effect, maybe lost odyssey, and then mgs essential collection and get to work.
Also as for gears and ninja gaiden 2. To be 100% honest i really don't want to play gears all i want to play is ninja gaiden 2. Thats because i loved sigma so much(never played black) and playing DMC4 has made me see how much more superior gaiden is. As for gears of war 2 i honestly think i over played the first 1. It was the first true next gen game to come out and i guess that is why everyone was excited about it. I loved the cover based gameplay as well. However we have already seen games surpass their graphics and their cover gameplay has gotten boring (especially after playing uncharted so much).
As for the other 360 games i think too human will suck and i don't like the analog control option the are working with. If it doesn't suck i will get it because those are the type of games i love. Fable 2 i never played fable 1 so i can't get excited but i hear it will be great so we will see. Banjo kazooie i will probably get. but we will see. Left for dead not interested in it. What other 360 game is there?

P.S. you cannot approve the reviews and leave the rumors behind. If he is lying about rumors then he could be lying about reviews as well

Glad to be a gamer3924d ago

Fair enough. I guess you guys had to put up with the mgs4/ff13 rumours i just wish that these types of rumours would not be posted unless there is some thing to back up them up otherwise its just a waste of time really.

Definately play Me as its immense and if you love trad jrpgs you've gotta play Lost odyessy for me its up there with ff 10 and ff 12.

sonarus3924d ago

yea i def will find time to get the game. Just that i am quite busy don't want a game i won't be able to finish. Cus once i start a game i can't stop till i finish.

godofthunder103923d ago

i don't know about the other rumore but mass effect 1 and 2 will not be coming to the ps3.don't get me wrong,i think that they shouldn't even have exclusive games,i belive that every game should be on all the system not just one person said, mass effect will be on the ps3 just as soon as mgs4 will be on the 360.the reason why is that micro owns mass effect and sony owns mgs4 and that's the facts,so why would sony or microsoft give the others the right to use their own games when they are fighting for the same people to buy their if people sit down and think then they will know that it's a rumor just like mgs4 was.mgs4 will only be on the ps3 and mass effect will only be on the 360 so if you want both games the only way to have them is to buy both systems and that a fact,so the 360 owners that want mgs4 will need to buy a ps3 and the ps3 owners that want mass effect will need to buy the 360.

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decapitator3924d ago

Sorry about that man, I changed the post. I get you though..:)

Massacre3924d ago

Damn, am hyped. Btw, GOD:CoO is my first candidate for handheld GOTY this year.

INehalemEXI3924d ago

Crisis Core handheld Game of all time and ye4r

DrPirate3924d ago

Both were benchmarks in Handheld gaming.

God of War gave me an experience I thought I could only find on a console.

Crisis Core was a full fledged 3d real-time action RPG. Absolutely astonishing stuff.

power of Green 3924d ago

For Dead Rising to come to PS3 that would mean MSFT did absolutely nothing in telling Capcom they were intrested in keeping the series on Xbox.

PS3 fanatics post some stupid ass sh*t I just don't understand and can't figure out how it is useful.

Danja3924d ago

well Maybe Capcom realised that they need to make more money from the game and with the PS3 software sales almost matching that of the makes sense for got DMC4 so quit B!TCHING...

I guess it's the 360's turn to start losing exclusives to the PS3..!!

Kaz Hirai3924d ago

Dead Rising 2 is coming to our console! Looks like Nazisoft doesn't care about this game, they didn't even BRIBE Capcom to keep it exclusive to your "console"! Enjoy your BLEAK FUTURE, you ARROGANT SWINE!


power of Green 3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

The troll contributor trolls fud that makes his toy look better and the other worse so much! he is running out of material to use hence the complete rubbish post.

This tactic spreads lies and helps Sony combat the 360, this is its only purpose.

You can see the effect it has from idiots like #4 in the gamerzone. Netflix was intrested in bringing its service to consoles and you can see what Sony fanboys do with this fud first hand right in this site! with #4 in the gamerzone.

Phil Harrison Mk43924d ago

I'd rather not have any xFlop360/P.C(same thing!)cast-offs anyway!!!
Keep your games i've never heard off!!!
I'd rather(TRULY!!!)have -
The Getaway 3
+HOME!!! ;-P

carl ps33924d ago

me 2 Phil, if i want boring games i'll get them 4 my P.C[or the xBoX 360, not that i'll ever buy1]
Playstation brand has got the games i want

whoelse3924d ago

Are you in denial?

Oh silly question! You are!

Snukadaman3924d ago

With the moderators slowly deleting doodle aka nasim/tunatunak/nicholascage24 /shmee's various looks like they are starting too get on the ball with this double account nonsense..If themart and pog were one person, Im sure one of them would be gone by now with the amount of crying nasim did when the crackdown began on him...use your common sense droids...ohh wait....common sense isnt a droid trait.

doodle3924d ago

You bastar* FUCBOT

you have 4 ACTIVE accounts at N4g.

FucTARD why would CAPCOM stick to a console which is already dead in even USA. You GAYBOT theres just no doubt in anyone's mind now that you are MART aka POG.

Others Snukadawoman aka MART aka POG was caught redhanded by resistance

Thats right MART and POG are the same person

SUP3R3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

[email protected]
You crack me up.
Even though it's the same post over and over I still can't help but laugh everytime I read them.
Thanks :)

Snukadaman3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

thats themart and pog....lets see some proof about me doodlebop..if not....please shut the fark up and quit putting my name in with those 2 and adjust your tin foil hat.

Fat Bastard3924d ago

Snukadaman is a retarded baby, who agrees?

gambare3923d ago

Cry more POG cry, your tears are so sweet

Pain3923d ago

Q. what make a Xbot hate Games? even the Ones they Praise a Superior?

A. when they Get a PS3 port lol

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chaosatom3333924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

- Mass Effect and its Sequels will come to PS3
It's time for sony to steal xbox's exclusives. But seriously they didn't bring it to the ps3 in the first place is because they didn't how to develop for ps3. Most games became exclusive for 360 because of it.

- Capcom is developing Dead Rising 2 for mulitple platforms including PS3
same goes here. Lets hope that the team knows how to port.

- Sony already has a in-game version of PS3's XMB up and running
of course, they do. They are waiting for the right moment, like home or gta iv.

- Netflix will soon offer movie downloads straight to your PS3
- Might as well do it to compete with xbox.

toughNAME3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

I almost agree with the first part. After all those stolen exclusives the 360 has I think the PS3 deserves it fair share of 360 exclusives.

But let's remember, these are forum rumours.

heyheyhey3924d ago


actually this is coming from the OFFICIAL playstation magazine- who have great inside sources

mikeslemonade3924d ago

However it is a magazine and they may not have heard some of the rescent news.

NO_PUDding3924d ago

They don't have great sources.

Infact their sources are as feeble as ours, I can tell you for sure.

Team ICO norse Mythology? They were blatantly lookign at a blog that mentioend Fenrir. And by being so vague they have got their backs covered incase it isn't norse.

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