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How An Xbox One Used Game Fee Could Be A Windfall For Consumers

WGTC writes: Based only off the statements from the Microsoft representative speaking to Wired, this sounds like (and is) a horrible anti-consumer plan. However, if all that is required to install and play used/borrowed games is a small fee, this could end up being a huge windfall for consumers at the expense of Microsoft and third-party publishers. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

Philoctetes  +   486d ago
I think it's already been confirmed that the "small fee" is the full retail price of the game.
Wedge1082  +   486d ago
From everything I've seen, nobody has officially confirmed anything... Other than that the whole idea is stupid.
4Sh0w  +   486d ago
Philoctetes do you have a link where this is confirmed.

Anyway the author's scenario is rubbish because its already been stated that the 2nd user will need the disc to play, which is same as it is now, the only difference is the original owner can play without the disc after its downloaded. If the original owner sells the game to a store he loses the license code and he can no longer play without the disc.
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morganfell  +   486d ago


Luke Plunkett, Grand Marshall of the Sony Hate Parade confirmed this cost as well.
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Diver  +   486d ago
Phil is correct - the fee is the game price. They keep saying fee because it sounds like a smaller sum than full price.
TheHip14  +   486d ago
Ya I haven't seen any confirmation on the fee but it's an awful idea.
Grimhammer00  +   486d ago
Phil Harrison stated it in an interview yesterday with kotaku I believe. It is confirmed. Full retail price for used license. And keep in mind that the console must connect once every 24hrs to play these games. DRM garbage.
Wedge1082  +   486d ago
I've seen that, and I've also seen where they are just flat out refusing to say what they will do exactly.

I can't fathom GameStop being okay with Harrison's plan.

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