The best and worst EA games

ONM writes: So EA are making Wii U games after all but what can we expect? Well, we already know that the likes of FIFA and Madden won't be appearing on Wii U and while people who don't like sport won't be fussed about that, we wouldn't mind seeing another Boom Blox-style game or a Henry Hatsworth on Nintendo's console. We certainly wouldn't want another Ninja Reflex

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kirbyu1766d ago

What about the Goldeneye game EA made for N64? Was that one any good?

xamtheking1766d ago

I dunno
Was Mirror's Edge any good either?

GT671766d ago

lets see 8 need for speed games after UNDERGROUND 2

kirbyu1766d ago

Boom Bloc shouldn't be on the best list. It should be on the worst list.