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The Xbox One Has One Major Problem

Fortune Tech: ''Microsoft's Xbox One is being touted as the only peripheral your TV needs—except for your cable box, the only thing it apparently can't work without.'' (Xbox One)

Majin-vegeta  +   801d ago | Funny
One problem?How about trying over 9000 problems!

Godmars290  +   801d ago
Definitely looks like they have one major issue: lost of gamer trust.

Sure they've got the Halo Madden and COD crowd, but past that?
Objective  +   801d ago
Haha that's a very very big crowd you just mentioned there... Is there a bigger crowd you have in mind?
guitarded77  +   801d ago
I am put off by the XBOX One as much as anybody, but I don't think anyone should be too surprised. MS is following the same plan they've had with the 360. Just carrying it over to next gen.

At least they have 15 exclusive games to show with 8 new IP's. But if they continue to follow the course, over half will be Kinect 2 games... and that wouldn't surprise me.
NewZealander  +   801d ago
you say they have the halo croud like thats a small bunch lol

anyway going on what ive seen so far its day one for me, xbox one looks amazing, only thing im not sold on is no backwards compatibility, but hey my 360 will still be hooked up anyway!

dont like kinect being always on? unplug it when the consoles not in use, problem solved!
G20WLY  +   801d ago
^Objective, I have a far bigger crowd in mind; it's called 'Everyone Else'!!! :P
EVILDEAD360  +   801d ago
Lol @ the article. It's not a problem at all.

Xbox one can't replace your Cable box. It will simply supplement it into ONE (lol) input.

It's a simple HDMI-In situation that's optional. If it does what MS says it will do then it'll be huge + for any cable owner with a standard box.

I loved the voice stuff as I use Kinect now to pause and play movies.

Nes_Daze  +   801d ago
@ Objective, try the rest of the world crowd...
A2X_  +   801d ago
4Sh0w  +   801d ago
Godsmar you guys are overeacting or just trolling. I like the legit criticism, nothings perfect. I cant speak for everybody but neither can you but personally I have full confidence in micro delivering a great gaming platform. Gamers may have bad feelings about some choices but I doubt it will seriously have a huge impact as long as there are games people want to play. Its funny I never hear you guys frown endlessly on online passes when sony does it and I bet if they introduce some similiar used game fee you guys are'nt going to give up on sony. I predict this all in one strategy is going to be very appealing, I'll bookmark this post and we'll see if I'm wrong, but I wonder what will be you guys excuse will be when its selling out?

As for this news I dont think its micro fault if you dont have cable, plus you still can do everything else except cable tv stuff, also even by his own analysis theres you are talking about a very small group.
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JackBNimble  +   801d ago
Sony has nothing to do with online passes, that would be publishers like EA & Activision who implement that. And online passes are completely different from what MS is planning on doing with XB1.There will be no borrowing or renting games on XB1 platform, only buying.
AliTheSnake1  +   801d ago
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GT67  +   801d ago
"X1 has one major problem"

Gr81  +   801d ago
That isn't even the biggest problem! Though it is pretty high on this list. The whole damn thing is lame. I can't think of a positive atm regarding this Box.
aviator189  +   801d ago
dedicated servers for all games on X1?

that isn't a positive thing?
Gr81  +   801d ago
I'll give you that
But no backwards compatibility? Used Games Fee?
mmccarthy4  +   801d ago
@Arius Dion The have a fee because after you install your game the disc is no longer required i would not be suprised if used games from gamestop or other retailers came with some form of redeem code or a lower price. If not used game sales would definately plummit.
HammadTheBeast  +   801d ago
^ WHy is this BS system even in place?
DonFreezer  +   800d ago
Yeah just like me.I can't even think something positive about the ps4.
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urwifeminder  +   801d ago
Can do no wrong for me I am as devout as you fellow sony gamers enjoy your games.
isyourhouseonfire  +   801d ago
As a Microsoft fan, I have to admit I was worried about the nextgen due to the lack of information coming from MS. After yesterday, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. MS brought the heat and the world's most powerful gaming publisher brought the most powerful game - COD Ghosts - as if begging to be on Microsoft's team. I realized at that moment that Activision knows something that we only sort of know: The XBOX One is the king of nextgen. I'm relieved and excited!
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Ron_Danger  +   801d ago
You do know CoD is multi platform, right?
punisher99  +   801d ago
"The XBOX One is the king of nextgen. I'm relieved and excited! "

More like completely and utterly delusional. What does COD ghost have to do with microsoft anyway when this game will also be on the PC and the PS4??
Gimmemorebubblez  +   801d ago
"I realized at that moment that Activision knows something that we only sort of know: The XBOX One is the king of nextgen. I'm relieved and excited!"

MS was having a three-some with two whores, EA and Activision. EA and Activision only hopped in to bed with MS because MS paid them well.
bub16  +   801d ago
The Xbox One Has One Major Problem.

EdgarOD   801d ago | Bad language | show
Kingthrash360  +   801d ago
smh...ive been smh since 10 into the conference.
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Software_Lover  +   801d ago

Microsoft better get their $h!t together by E3 or it's a wrap!!
SegaGamer  +   801d ago
Not one thing yesterday made me smile, it was a complete let down from start to finish.

There were some things good about the Xbox One but i couldn't get excited by it because of all the other problems it has.
firelogic  +   801d ago
I don't see the benefit of the live tv feature. It's not like I can just buy the X1 and cancel my cable subscription. I still need to pay my monthly tv bill and I still need to keep my receiver. So instead of it being receiver>TV. It's receiver>x1>TV. What's the big deal?

Last I checked you can pause your game and switch over to live tv since the NES. Oh mean suspending gameplay to watch TV? You can do that with the PS4. Suspend at anytime, instant resume. And it has instant-on. Whether you're pushing buttons the x1 controller to get to tv programming or pushing one button on your tv remote to switch inputs, it's the same amount of work.

As for NFL football, you can only watch the games you already have access to. Not like you get sunday ticket for free.

That said, they're all just options and options are good. But it's not good when they cram a console full of options that the consumer has to pay for and can't remove.
sway_z  +   801d ago

Don't try and blame PS fans for these articles....



joeorc  +   801d ago
last cycle it was Wii60 was the start of the combo Wii+360

this time its ps4U = PS4 "for" (4) and "you"(U)! LOL..BUT ITS ps4U..PS4+WiiU
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True_Samurai  +   801d ago
That was so lame -____-
How about WiiOne? Yeah I like that combo better
AceofStaves  +   801d ago
The major problem it has is it's lack of international appeal. MS has branded the XBox One as a home entertainment hub, touting its TV features, etc. But those TV features are US-only. Canada is on the same continent, and yet our media licensing rules are so draconian that we have one-tenth the Netflix selection of the U.S. market. Never mind the situation in Europe.

So, unless MS has plans to offer a 'stripped down' version of the console that basically just plays games, we non-US gamers will end up paying more for a console that offers us less than it does US gamers.

Some may argue that the US is the largest gaming market, and while it may be true that it's the largest single market, but let's not discount the rest of the world. While MS may be in negotiations with TV providers in other countries, the track record for licensing internationally is pretty dire.

MS has chosen to brand the XBox One as an entertainment unit rather than a game console, which is great if you live in the USA. Hopefully, E3 will provide a slate of compelling software for the One. If not, we international gamers will be left out in the cold.
mochachino  +   801d ago
I too live in the digital dark ages in Canada, which is one of the reasons I stopped paying for Live. Same price but half the features and all the content (movies, TV, dls, etc.) costs more.

There's no point in getting an Xbox one if the main selling point is multimedia features I can't use.

I see why 360 sold better in American only. For most if the world, may as well go for the console with better looking/running games.
stuna1  +   801d ago
How anyone can disagree with you is beyond me! Everything you said is fact and relevant.
tiffac008  +   801d ago
I totaly agree, those TV stuff is useless outside NA. A good majority of us will not even get those services. Having another console dedicated only for gaming sounds like an ideal solution that could be the Xbox 360 Arcade version of the XONE.
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swishersweets20031  +   801d ago
Yup. cablebox!:P

this vids funny.

Related video
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joeorc  +   801d ago
to make matter's worse check out this related video

stuna1  +   801d ago
I think Microsoft has researched the fact that there is tech out there similar to kinect, but I think Microsoft is trying to offer that same tech at greatly reduced price! Thereby undercutting any competition and making basically any tv a smart tv through kinect, but at a fraction of the price and also with the added ability to play AAA games.

It's actually pretty clever.
joeorc  +   801d ago
"I think Microsoft has researched the fact that there is tech out there similar to kinect, but I think Microsoft is trying to offer that same tech at greatly reduced price! Thereby undercutting any competition and making basically any tv a smart tv through kinect, but at a fraction of the price and also with the added ability to play AAA games."

Lower cost against Samsung? or LG? i really doubt that , i understand what your saying but i think Microsoft may be facing a very steep uphill battle.

there is multiple model's right now already these are 2012 by the time the xbox one comes out these will be cheaper.

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mochachino  +   801d ago
If Xbox wanted to revolutionize TV it would have worked out a deal with all the networks that allowed people to watch any available show at any time for monthly fee, akin to Netflix but all encompassing. TV programming is stuck in the 70s, all XBox is doing is introducing a really cool Cable box and TV remote.
ZeroX9876  +   801d ago
Microsoft target isn't just sony and nintendo anymore, it's way bigger than this. they want to be the major company in entertainment in overall, not just gaming. Their target is apple, google tv, tablet users, gamers, tv watchers, motion control fans, etc.

If they're successful, it will be a great product, but can they overtake a market already well established by many other big names? only the future will tell us, but as of yesterday announcement, I'm not one of them. yet.
jhenri  +   801d ago
This may actually be their undoing as it's starting to look like they are trying to hit too many markets at one time. You never want to over extend yourself
McScroggz  +   801d ago
Let's just think about what Microsoft showed yesterday;

If the XBO is plugged into your cable box, then it can almost instantly switch between your apps, all with voice commands and hand gestures. Ok, that's kind of cool I guess. Is that really a game changer? Because the console is clearly not focused on games, so if you want the XBO I hope improved entertainment navigation is really enough to outweigh the lesser performance, anti-consumer practices and likely not as strong of a 1st party lineup.

I only took two positives away from that press conference. One was the 15 1st party exclusives in the first year, though I'm skeptical how many are just timed exclusive, Kinect games and XBLA games (though the latter isn't a bad thing). The other is the 300,000 servers. I'm not a multiplayer fanatic, but to those who primarily play COD that might be enough for them. Does Sony and Gakai have the infrastructure to match the quality of that? I doubt it, but I have no idea. To me I'm not going to pay for a service like Xbox Live Gold, but to those who are willing it seems Microsoft is assuring a quality service that might actually be worth paying something for IF you are that dedicated of a multiplayer.

Everything else was bad.
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Greenpowerzsick   801d ago | Spam
bunt-custardly  +   801d ago
Am I missing something, but currently I use SKY GO on my Xbox 360 which does not require the SKY box at all or any cables, just the account.
Thatmattkid  +   801d ago
There's another major problem that no one has mentioned yet.

So imagine it, your playing forza and it pops up that you have a skype call waiting. You answer skype:

You: "hello?"

Me: "Xbox off!"

*Xbox shuts down*


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Nicholasgliss  +   801d ago
That's hilarious man, I needed that thanks!
claud3  +   801d ago
It was revealed, is the problem
AD705  +   801d ago
So you would still need your cable box and be subscribe d to your cable provider to watch tv on the X1?
Welcome2Die  +   801d ago
99 problems and its name is one!
clarkdef  +   801d ago
Xbox One! *small print - TV not included*
godofboobees  +   801d ago
Yeah the ps4

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