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Submitted by Patashnik 995d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One doesn't need to care about core gamers

Microsoft doesn't need to cater for gamers - why should it? It's focus is broader - and some would say, smarter in the long run... (Microsoft, Xbox One)

DaveyB  +   995d ago
Finally! Nice to read an article which doesn't a) completely miss the point and b)is relatively positive bout Xbox One. So tired of reading 'how Microsoft messed up their presentation' articles. It's ony been 24 hours and it's already boring.
NewMonday  +   995d ago
This goes 2 ways, core gamers will not care about the X1
DaveyB  +   995d ago
The point he's making is that with a popular eco system (therefor a large audience) developers will be more attracted to it. If developers are attracted to it, then gamers will follow where the developers go.

'Genuine' core gamers will go where he games are. Games will go to to the most popular ecosystem.

As gamer-focused as Nintendo claim to be - this is what they're missing. The popularlity of their ecosystem is poor, so they're missing developer support.
jimbobwahey  +   995d ago
The problem you seem to be missing though, DaveyB, is that core gamers are integral to the success of a console launch because they're the only ones who will be willing to put down the amount of cash required to own such a device within the first few years of its lifespan.

If Microsoft abandons them, who will be there to buy the Xbox One at release? It certainly won't be the casual crowd.
Freak of Nature  +   995d ago
"XBOX, tell me why you don't care for us core gamers"?

"XBOX, switch me over to my PS4 please"....
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loulou  +   995d ago
so a bunch of n4g fanboys are the voice and know what core gamers want and dont want??

for all these lack of core games on the 360 this gen, i can tell you that my 360 has seen more use than my ps3.

so i did i miss the part where microsoft said the xbox1 doesn't play games? from what i could understand from yesterday was, that the xbox1 is a games console with lots of added features.

the xbox1 will get EVERY 3rd party game that sony gets next-gen, and the only difference will be the exclusives..

looks like a console to me
Kaneda  +   995d ago
@loulou n4g fanboys are core gamers.. This is a game site... and you have a lot of disagreed.
mmccarthy4  +   995d ago
I don't think ms will abandon the core market but it definately will try and bring all groups of people together. I think if kinect 2 delivers what kinect one promised it could add to the core experience if done right but that all depends on how it performs and how devs implement it. I was suprised so few people were impressed with the ui and how quickly everyone dismissed the new ip sinse when does ms release new ips
HardcoreGamer  +   995d ago
syphon32  +   995d ago
It really was a so so conference
Chapter11  +   995d ago
Gamers will never follow a system that requires Kinect, a fee to play used games, and a company that obviously doesn't care about them on any level.
Objective  +   995d ago
Precisely. A progressive business model creates an accessible, popular and functional platform off which developers will be enticed to do their magic. Trying to wrest control of platform and content is an outdated business model. Apple's success is proof of this. Glad MS can see this.
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syphon32  +   995d ago
Not progressive objectively, destructive. For a system who's main patron is gamers.
Raf1k1  +   995d ago
With so much focus on other features and little focus on games I can't help but feel that the X1 would be better suited to a CES reveal than a pre-E3 one.
Alos88  +   995d ago
You know what, DaveyB? I think that if yesterday had gone differently you would be singing a very different tune.
We only "don't matter" until casual gamers take a good look at the price and say "no thanks"- then suddenly, we become vital to the success of a console. What a mysterious occurence.
syphon32  +   995d ago
ZeroX9876  +   995d ago
Then if they don't care about core gamer, how about we remove it from N4G completely?

Most of the fan base on this site are core gamers and I don't see much posting about ios and android games.

My first console pick was PS4 before the reveal of the Xbox one. it didn't change after the reveal. Maybe E3 will bring more positive things for the xbox on the GAME side. I hope so for all the core xbox fans out there who's been supporting them since 2001.
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wishingW3L  +   995d ago
are you really that interested on its cable-box features that you're willing to sacrifice specs, put up with always online and games locked to an account just for that? On top of it pay to play online too?
joeorc  +   995d ago
while on a whole I do agree this is great and A GOOD THING FOR MICROSOFT TO EXPAND INTO but there is a under lining core problem that Microsoft is facing, and that here take a look.

Press conference introducing the "Samsung Smart TV at CES 2012 that has motion gesture control, voice control and face recognition.

Looks familiar?

The problem for Microsoft is the fact that not just Samsung but you have LG, Philips,Panasonic,sharp,vizio, lenovo,Apple,Google TV. that does not include other topset box'es like sling or cube roku.

ALL COURTING THOSE VERY SAME road maps to attract the same consumer's. So Microsoft just split their consumer target dynamics be a hell of a lot, one of which is going to be quite hard to do will, if Microsoft does well it will be fantastic, if they do not they will have paid dearly for it.

While i Applaud microsoft to moving into this part of the market it is going into a more contested market dynamic than just game console.

I think Nintendo and Sony are taking a better way to challenge this part of the market than what Microsoft is doing, and while i think its good Microsoft is open to doing this.

I think that Microsoft may have a much harder time to compete in this part of the market. but we will see i wish them Luck they are going to need it.
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himdeel  +   995d ago
I agree that if MS can do it right it will be something to see. But I'd argue that most smart TVs already do all of this stuff already and your games are still only a button press away now on the 360/PS3/WiiU.

Lastly as someone who has given up cable a little more than 2 years ago and spend my free time gaming. I'm glad the Xbox One will have the usual suspects of apps for internet TV watchers. All I could think of during this announcement was this is the new Blackberry.
mananimal  +   995d ago
What you just stumbled on is the "Consolidation of ALL THINGS" , that is happening in every concievable market Worldwide, not just entertainment. Its not a coincidence but by DESIGN. All business sectors basically doing the same things to a degree until it becomes a way of life, the norm for people, then no one resist the tyranny any longer. Consolidation......of all things on earth. nations, EVERYTHING etc etc etc. Console wars? lol lol, theres never been such a thing, a lie told to sheeple by the media(they're liars always have been). PS4 will be similarly draconian, you'll see people.

Using an analogy: This Next Gen will seperate the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, gamer freedom lovers from those who wld trade there freedoms as slave minded gamer whimps.

To each his own though. But I would NEVER by a SPY BOX & bring it into my home, I Love my family & my right to privacy. Xbox One is a threat to freedom & privacy. No thanks from this Core Gamer, Never.
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himdeel  +   995d ago
Xbox One only cares about your living room...doesn't matter who's in there.

CONFIRMED: The vents on the new Xbox are so big because its dual purpose is to cool your home in the summer and keep you toasty in the winter.
Patashnik  +   995d ago
I think a lot of what he says is true. If you build an environment that works and becomes popular, everything else falls into place. Look at Apple - it's not the device that;s key - it's the ecosystem that sits inside it. Once you have that developers will follow.

In that sense MS are going about it a sensible way.

Still wish they showed some games though! >_<
mega31  +   995d ago
I read an article how this was Steve Jobs Dream device created by Microsoft LOL :D nice twist
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   995d ago
Stage 1 : Denial
mega31  +   995d ago
LOL why do u care if its denial hes right, people will go towards the all in one system. Look at how apple succeded with the tablet iPad, its games, movies, internet capabilities. People like simplistic things, and the xbox is as simple as simple gets. This will sell very well cause u know the saying, "Simplicity is its own reward"
SexyGamerDude  +   995d ago
I don't know why you are comparing this to the iPad. It's nothing like the IPad. Yes, the IPad had games, movies, and internet capabilities but the main reason people bought it is because you can do all that AND it's mobile and on the go. The main reason people all like the all these mobile devices is because they are smart, easy to use, and mobile.

You cannot put your One away and take it out to play games or watch movies on the train/bus. The ONE is nothing like the IPad.

Why not compare it to Sony's WiFi Blue ray media players? They do everything the Xbox One is trying to do. They offer you all kind of free movie channels and you can watch videos from Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, and other services. Plus, it's much cheaper.

Not even TV lovers will love this thing. Give it up. You're not convincing anybody.
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mega31  +   995d ago
Im not convincing anyone, lol, jeez, im saying everyone likes simple, this is simple. Tv lovers will love this thing, half of my friends parents want to buy this because of the tv thing, and THAT IS DEPRESSING. Xbox moved away from gamers because they have the opinion that this should be an entertainment box. And i never compared xbox to ipad i just said look at how apple succeeded with an all in one device.

An all in one device is perfect for everyone, im not happy, but at the same time i know why they chose this route. We are gamers, there aren't enough of us in the world, and MS wants to have a console in every home, well guess what no matter what you say this is the best way to do it. TV integration, and Skype and all this. This is going to be in a lot of homes.

There will be an XboxOne in a lot of homes this year because well, its an entertainment hub. Thats it, nothing to it.

Im disappointed in the way Microsoft chooses to handle it but in the long run, this will make them A LOT of money.

Im getting PS4 and XboxOne, so ill have best of both worlds cause they both are unique in their own way.
ebreda  +   995d ago
Mega31 is absolutely right. Unfortunately, there's NOT enough of us real gamers to make MS the fortune they want.
They came from 20 or so million Xboxes to 70 or so million 360s, and EVERYONE agrees MS did almost everything right this generation (except for missing some exclusives towards the end of the cycle). And all this marketing/investment/hard work has gotten them 70 million hardware sales.

Realistically, how many consoles could MS expect to sell next-gen, IF they did everything we wanted? Say, tons of exclusives games, best hardware, etc? How many? 100 million? 120 million at the most? Is that what Sony expect to sell? 150 million maybe?

Now look at where Apple and Samsung are. That'a what MS wants. There's simply not enough of us gamers to buy 250 million of Xbox Ones, if only because a gaming machine is what it is, and it's geared towards a very specific crowd, and that is us and us alone.

Nintendo effectively broaded gaming appeal, and the most they got was 100 million Wiis sold. That's it.

MS was very clear about wanting to sell a all-in-one box (it even showed those exactly same words during the event), and with that they are aiming at everyone who enjoys sitting on the couch and watching TV, and maybe playing some games too. They're not coming for US, they're coming for everyone else, and maybe some of us too, if they're smart about system exclusives.

MS is now following a whole different path. Sony wants to sell game consoles, and that will probably guarantee them 150 million sales, because as a gaming machine, the PS4 is an absolutely beast of a system. MS on the other hand is heading for the all-in-one/media center set-top box, and they can realistically sell a lot more, if only because they have a very different demographic to cater to.

Is it good for us real gamers? It doesn't seem so, because the gaming aspect has apparently been neglected. But it really doesn't matter to MS, because they have a much wider potential market waiting for them.
urwifeminder  +   995d ago
Is it something to do with fruit? so many labels these days I know I like the box1.
sly-Famous  +   995d ago
Of course MS doesnt have to care about core gamers because Sony will.
maxgamehard  +   995d ago
I am shocked at how many Xbox fans are cool with what M$ did. What is E3 going to change? There will still be mandatory installs, mandatory every 24 hour internet checks, mandatory kinect, used game fees.

Are people cool with this, cause i am not.

I have bought every console this gen and last gen but this next gen i will only own a Wii U and PS4.
Brazz  +   995d ago
Sure! they don't need to care about core gamers that spend tons of money on AAA games, good network service, DLC and other stuf.
They need focus on casuals, that are problably on facebook/tablet/smart phone games and put theirs consoles colecting dust whit just 2-3 games...
End sarcasm...
Ms need the core gamers! they made Xbox 360! and they will destroy Xbox one if they get betrayed by MS...
Patashnik  +   995d ago
The answers in the title.

Microsoft don't need to 'care' about core gamers.

Not,'Microsoft doesn't need core gamers'

If anyone thinks everyone is going to abandon Xbox One because of one conference they're delusional.

Microsoft doesn't need to directly target core games in the same way as they did - they can broaden their focus.

Nobody's saying Microsoft can completely abandon the core gamer. They can however, afford to shift their focus a little....
joeorc  +   995d ago
"Nobody's saying Microsoft can completely abandon the core gamer. They can however, afford to shift their focus a little"

shift their focus a little?

they are moving the xbox platform into a market that is more cut throat than the dedicated Games console market. and this could be very big if it pays off, but in my opinion they are going to be fighting such a large up hill battle that Microsoft may not be able to concentrate on this part of the market and the dedicated games console part and put forth as much focus to each area as many would like.

we will see but when a company does what Microsoft is doing right now, history has shown the focus of the platform suffers. and right now Microsoft for all we know could very well beat that trend and be one of the first to do it. but im not betting on it.
Brazz  +   995d ago
change a little? 40 min. of tv and halo series bullshit and barely 20 min for games is a little change??
Either way, i have to agree that 1 bad conference will not afect MS in dramatic way, but not only was this conference that showed the way that MS is taking. The last two years of Kinetic focus and all the latest E3 in which the main theme were applications for xbox show that Microsoft is moving away from the primary goal of a cosole! games!!
I'm not saying it's the end for MS, so I'm saying abandon the "Focu in games" is stupid, because "casual" are in the market for smartphones and tablets, consoles are secondary for them! Also anything that was presented adds something "really subastancial" in my entertainment, I mean voice command will not stop me from seeing Breaking bad and game of thrones!
And one more thing! Ms aiming for this "casual gamers", correct? So why the hell are they throwing things that definitely will only work in the USA! Most of the things presented will take years to reach in Europe / Asia / South America ... This is bullshit!
I have faith in Ms, I still think they can do amazing things! They just need to understand that Games is the main focus, not applications that probably will only work in USA.
stuna1  +   995d ago
But in this situation I don't think they can have it both ways! Anyway you look at it, there are going to be some casualties of war.
strigoi814  +   995d ago
Say Hi and you will receive hello back get the logic?
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Supermax  +   995d ago
But yet the Xbox one has every game the ps4 has except first party ips and vise versa.being a multiplayer gamer I'm more excited to here ms is spending money to go from 15000 servers to 300,000 servers.
goldwyncq  +   995d ago
And we don't need to care about it either.
pecorre  +   995d ago
Yeah, Nintendo did not focus on gamers last gen. You know what? The Wii had one of the worst attach rate ever. Third party games were simply not selling. This lead to poor third party support. Not caring about gamers for a game console is a very bad idea in the long run.
Patashnik  +   995d ago
They also had one of the best-selling consoles of all time - which must have really sucked for Nintendo...

Not bad for a Gamecube in a white box and a new controller! ;)
DaveyB  +   995d ago
lol, yeah, I'm sure Nintendo looked at how much money the Wii made them and thought - 'I think we made a terrible mistake with all this cash we have'.

'I can't believe we messed up by having one of the best selling consoles of all time - what a disaster.'
LeCreuset  +   995d ago
I think you're missing the "in the long run" part. Companies will often take a loss on the console, because game sales are more important. There's a reason Nintendo had to put out the Wii U this early, despite being the last out with the Wii, and there's a reason the Wii U is having problems now. And no I'm not a Nintendo hater. Have a Wii and a Wii U.
stuna1  +   995d ago
@ DavyB

And oh yeah, I guess that why the WII U is struggling now!

The issue with a lot of people is, they look at things in hindsight! They focus on the here and now, seldem do they look at the impact their decisions will have in the forseeable future! This is the type of rash decision that Microsoft is making at this point.

In the event that they don't succeed, what do you think they'll do? Come crawling back to the same consumers that they so nonchalontly walked away from! And what are the consumers suppoesed to do, welcome them back with open arms?
Baka-akaB  +   995d ago
Nintendo had the allure and appeal of a never seen before (at least in the mass market) gaming gimmick .

The Xbox One got none of that . Smart tv might be crap at it compared to the xb1+kinect 2.0 combo , but they still already provided what's proposed so far , and already keeps on improving it .

It's a completely different scenario
SOULJER  +   995d ago
They think were all idiots. They tried to sell us a VCR looking thing, that just a new super expensive cable box. With a butt ugly camera remote. Then charge us to use the damn thing. Like if I had sucker tattoo to my @$$. F-THAT.
LeCreuset  +   995d ago
You don't commit to casual. Casuals are casual for a reason. You count on casuals, and eventually you get burnt. Secure your core, then see if you can pick up some casuals. Relying on casuals is like building a house on a shaky foundation.
Hicken  +   995d ago
I knew it would happen. The denial of Xbox fanboys is incredible.

If this were some other device Microsoft were ALSO fielding, it'd be no problem. But the Xbox is their GAMING CONSOLE. And the LAST thing they're thinking about for their GAMING CONSOLE is... oh, look at that: GAMING.

Yeah, go ahead and continue to not care about core gamers. Let's see how well this thing does without the people that give it that first foot in the door.
MikeMyers  +   994d ago
They have invested 1 billion dollars into GAME studios. Not media, not music, but GAME studios. They will also have 15 exclusives in the first year alone, 8 of which are brand new ip's. Plus all the well known publishers like Activision, EA, and Konami (yes, that was Hideo Kojima in that video showing support of the system).

Why don't you wait until E3 where they said time and time again that's when they will shower us with games before you go on your crusade on how they forgot about gamers.

I think some people just crave attention. If after E3 they are all XBLA games or Kinect games and no interesting ones I'll join you in bad-mouthing them. But so far the odds are against you. We've seen a new ip from Remedy, which oddly enough you never mentioned even though so many here rave about Beyond: Two Souls (myself included) which is what it reminded me of. We'll also see a new Forza on the next Xbox, not the 360. We will witness a 1st party racing game on new hardware. Is that game not aimed att he core gamer? Why did you forget that one? What about Call of Duty Ghosts, is that not a game for the core gamer who PS3 owners seem to buy in droves? Or are PS3 owners not core gamers?
turnerdc  +   995d ago
If everything went how N4G users predicted then...

The Wii would of failed.

The Xbox would of failed (N4G users swore Microsoft would be dominated by industry giants Sony and Nintendo).

The PS3 would of completely dominated years ago.

The Kinect would of failed (N4G users swore no-one would buy into this "motion" gaming thing).

The 3DS would of failed.

The PSP and Vita would of dominated (ironically because they were more powerful "multimedia" machines while the 3DS "only" played games).

Xbox Live would of failed (N4G users swore no-one would of paid for online gaming).

I tend to take N4G user predictions with a grain of salt as we definitely represent the minority in this industry. Most users here seem to have a very narrow view of the industry and are very resistant to change.
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KillrateOmega  +   995d ago
So the argument being made here is that MS doesn't need core gamers, because they are offering "mainstream entertainment channels – that your average ‘person’ – not ‘gamer’ – can easily identify and connect with."

This and that joke of a reveal imply that MS is trying to sell us an entertainment system first and a gaming console second (After all, most of the people watching that reveal were gamers and MS only showed 20 minutes of games. Even less when take out Call of Duty, a multiplatform game). But the problem with this, is that the majority of the entertainment apps that they are offering can be accessed on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

If I have any one of the aforementioned devices, what is my incentive to get the One when I already have a reliable way of accessing these entertainment apps? Why spend that considerable amount of money to first purchase the console and then pay for LIVE as well?

The PS4 will also have entertainment apps, though it almost certainly won't have as much of the them nor to the same extent as the One.

If the incentive to get the One is supposed to be the fact that it will also offer the consumer the ability to play next-gen, console-level games, then why get One when the PS4 will offer the same thing? On top of that, the PS4 will have more power behind (as verified by their individual console specs) and will offer more exclusives - which might look a little better as well since they are exclusives and do not have to account for the One's different and slightly less powerful hardware. Not to mention that those 3 OSs will surely take up a bit of that 8GB DDR3 RAM.

Unless you REALLY love entertainment apps and Halo, Gears, Forze (which will be competing with GT, a multiplatform series), and Fable, then I see no reason why you would want to drop the money for it.
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contradictory  +   995d ago
gaming console doesn't need to cater to gamers?
what is this the fucking opposite day?!?

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