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Submitted by DPAD Dave 920d ago | news

Microsoft: Xbox One will offer 'the best-looking games in the living room'

Xbox One's chief product officer March Whitten has claimed that the console will offer "the best-looking games in the living room" - despite PS4's specs appearing to provide more raw power to developers. (Microsoft, PS4, Xbox One)

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windblowsagain  +   920d ago | Well said
Just no!

I'd look at what PS4 brings personally, as most of the best looking titles are on the PS3.

Naughty dog on PS4. Ahh I cannot wait.
BiggCMan  +   920d ago
Actually yes it will, because I won't be using my PS4 and PC in my living room :D
thechosenone  +   920d ago | Funny

and of course Mr.Whitten is lying mofo.

greatest gif ever conceived
neogaf user: SunhiLegend
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BigFnHooters  +   920d ago
"Of course he's lying."

He knows he's lying.
Gamers know he's lying.

But this means that unlike Nintendo, Microsoft is going to:

* Continue to spout BS about the Xbox One being in the same league as the PS4 in graphics

* Microsoft's huge number of gaming media drones are going to feed off this BS to make sure they trash every amazing PS4 exclusive's graphics

* Microsoft will continue their sickening practice from last gen of using contracts to force third party developers to gimp their games graphically down to Xbox levels instead of utilizing the full power of the PS4

Just look at what Nintendo did with the Wii and Wii U. They made systems that were weaker than the PS3/PS4 but they were completely honest about it.

The tiny number of Xbox fans left are constantly crying about how unfair they feel the gaming world is treating them. It's crap like this...
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aCasualGamer  +   920d ago
Okey, lets put this to perspective just from the two console reveals:

1. Killzone: Shadow Fall looked better than Call of Duty: Ghosts( do remember, Call of duty will also come to PS4 so it's not even an exclusive )

2. Driveclub looked better than Forza 5

3. Infamous: Second Son looked better than Quantum Break

4. The PS4 specs that were shown from Sony event are better than the Xbox One specs that were shown from Microsoft event

5. Inorder to run the OS of Xbox One, there seems to be lots of RAM required more so than the PS4 atleast, which in turn means that the 8GB DDR3 in the Xbox One isn't enough to even touch the 8GB GDDR5 in the PS4 and means that Sony has more RAM and power for their exclusive titles and in the hands of the top graphical developers out there, there is no chance Xbox One can produce "the best looking games"

There, I just gave this delusional March Whitten five reasons why Xbox One won't have the "best looking" games.
Masta_fro  +   919d ago
The reaction...

That-Guy  +   919d ago
Microsoft, show us the games and then we'll talk.
Braid  +   919d ago
How about the bedroom, or the attic, or the basement? Will it have the best looking games there as well?

Oh cut it will you, they didn't even talk about the type of RAM and the GPU specs. They didn't even show any actual gameplay, and then comes this. Very convincing, if you ask me.
JoGam  +   920d ago
Xbox One offers the best looking Games in the Livingroom.
What Games?
halo show game.
delicia  +   920d ago
He just means we'll watch NFL and pretend it's a Madden game.
Nodoze  +   920d ago
You know; Football (fantasy), Basketball (fantasy), ESPN, NFL etc

Those games. At least that is what I got from the conference.

They are not talking about videogames, they are talking about basketball games, football games etc all the TV content.
mmccarthy4  +   920d ago
15 apparently im geussing 6 or 7 out of that will be core games though which still isn't terrible
mmccarthy4  +   920d ago
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LoveOfTheGame  +   920d ago
So X1 has no games and the PS4 only has games but no console.

If only we could combine the two.
shinrock  +   919d ago
Will offer. Read.
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hot4play  +   919d ago
The Price is Right
DonFreezer  +   919d ago
15 exclusive games you stupid a** ps drone.
nypifisel  +   920d ago
Actually tech savvy people have already analysed the two consoles. According to them the PS4 GPU is up towards 50% faster (all parameters included) than what's in the X1.
quenomamen  +   919d ago
There you go using facts, we dont like facts round these parts partner.
nypifisel  +   919d ago
I'll just assume you're being sarcastic. So even though I thought there were no need to publish a source since it had already been published above me I will do it, Here you go PARTNER!:
Christopher  +   920d ago
*plugs PC into TV*

I'm sorry, what were you saying?
Maddens Raiders  +   920d ago
"Xbox One will offer 'the best-looking games in the living room'" -
you mean like the 360 didn't? #stoplyingmicrosoft the PS4 is more powerful. #dealwithit
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I_am_Batman  +   920d ago
So Playstation 4 has more raw power and is easier to develop for but Xbox One will have better looking games? sounds legit.

The thing with the additional processing power through the cloud is:

1. Most people do not have the bandwidth to benefit from it yet.
2. Sony has the possibility to do the same thing with gaikai.
mmccarthy4  +   920d ago
both use x86 architexture and not really any info on xbox specs(8gb of ram but not what type of ram not that ram directly = power) to say ps4 has more power so .......
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I_am_Batman  +   920d ago
@mmccarthy4: Microsoft didn't specify the ram in the conference but they confirmed that they will use ESRAM in the Architecture Panel show. So it's save to say that the type of RAM they are using is DDR3 (Therefore it's save to say it'll be harder to develop for compared to a system with GDDR5 unified memory).

They also said that The Xbox One GPU will be capable of 768 operations per clock. Which means they are using 12 compute units compared to the 18 compute units on the PS4 GPU.
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Boody-Bandit  +   920d ago

"not really any info on xbox specs to say ps4 has more power so ....... "

Fast forward to reality:

You were saying?
Boody-Bandit  +   920d ago
I think it's sad that any one from MS would make such a statement when they did not show ONE game with actual in-game graphics from a gamers perspective. Even Infinity said here is the premiere of Call of Duty Ghost using the in game graphics engine. Yeah cut scenes using the in game graphics engine which all gamers know is more polished than actual gameplay graphics. Even still they didn't look all that great. So what does that say about the actual in-game graphics? Sorry MS. I'm a huge fan of the 360 but I'm not biting on this bait.

Sony didn't show their actual console at their reveal but AT THE VERY LEAST they showed actual games up and running and not trailers and cut scenes.

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leogets  +   919d ago
they were to busy designing the remote control to fit in his pocket for the fake voice controlled demonstration
along side the fake applause to go with it.
maxgamehard  +   920d ago
This gif pretty much sums up whats going down.
Rainstorm81  +   919d ago
Hercules189  +   920d ago
The ps3 is "supposedly much more powerful" than the 360, yet the 360 is still neck and neck with ps3, compare halo4 gears crysis to kz3, uc, only noticable difference is maybe special effects, lighting and textures are just about the same and im predicting itll be comparable next gen too. If you disagree youre probably just a troll and it doesnt bother me if you disagree, and just remember the ps3 launch games looked like shit compared to the 360 games at the time.
sourav93  +   920d ago
Well, the 360 gpu was better than the ps3's, but the ps3 had a better cpu. Both were of completely different architectures. This time round, they have the exact same suppliers for the innards and have almost identical architectures. Only different this time round is, MS opted for a weaker GPU (1.2 TFlops vs Sony's 1.84 TFlops) and dished out for the 32MB high bandwidth ESRAM (though actually system RAM is 8GB DDR3), with Sony going for the high bandwidth 8GB GDDR5 unified memory. The CPU for both is of the AMD Jaguar architecture.

So when it comes to games (if there any for the One j/k), I think multiplats will look more or less similar for both, with ps4 having a slight edge. Slight only because the devs wouldn't want to make one system look weaker than the other. The biggest difference will be seen, once again, in exclusives. Let's see what they've got in store for us at E3.
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cooperdnizzle  +   919d ago
I think its funny you say, if anyone disagrees they are a troll/fanboy. I think you are the fanboy, there is no way that the ps3 and 360 are close, last of us, beyond two souls, God Of war A, killzone, and uncharted are hands down better than anything 360 has.
The_Infected  +   920d ago
Yea but they're saying they're using cloud power with the 300,000 severs soon posing Xbox Live. So yea technically they have serious power to play with.
Lior  +   919d ago
is it me or its the wii u burial at E3 when sony and microsoft show off the games
MRMagoo123  +   919d ago
i think its gonna be a burial for the xbone, i am thinkinh a wiiu is looking better than it at the mo. ps4 seems to be miles ahead at the mo
Cyfyxtfg  +   919d ago
Xbox possibilities got me hype. the show however did not excite me as much as i had hoped
3-4-5  +   919d ago
So it's in the living room and the cable is hooked up and somebody wants to watch a show, but you want to play games.......

Now what ?
Blank  +   920d ago
Great link here goes the MS PR speak normally im not negative about console but their conference didnt show squat sure there is E3 but if it really is THAT GOOD AND "BEST" show it after kinect 1 they had me fooled in the xbox one reveal nothing but CGI trailers but nevertheless im still keeping one open eye for their E3 conference no matter how dwinled my faith is in their vision.
maxgamehard  +   920d ago
That article is a good read

I was concerned about the following statement though --> "The funny thing about game consoles is that it’s usually the lowest common denominator that determines the bulk of the experience across all platforms."

I hope that the game developers try to utilize as much of the power as possible. It would be upsetting if they don't utilize that extra PS4 power.
Boody-Bandit  +   920d ago

This is what defined the direction MS is headed vs their competitor' "quoted from the article: The Xbox One still gives game developers a significant performance boost over the previous generation, but also attempts to widen the audience for the console. It’s a risky strategy for sure, especially given the similarities in the underlying architectures between the Xbox One and PS4. If the market for high-end game consoles has already hit its peak, then Microsoft’s approach is likely the right one from a business standpoint. If the market for dedicated high-end game consoles hasn’t peaked however, Microsoft will have to rely even more on the Kinect experience, TV integration and its exclusive franchises to compete."

In other words MS made sacrifices for gaming to go after a different demographic (social media, tv, sports fans) other than gamers. This is what I'm worried about and I honestly think this will bite them in the ass.

Even though I'm a 360 fan I have always said MS appears to only have 1 foot in the door of this industry. Now it's as if they just have the door open and pulled back the one foot while pondering to shut the door and head in a different direction.

From a business standpoint this might turn out to be a good move for MS but for gamers we will have to wait and see. I not only have my doubts but I'm not hopeful they have their once core audience interest at heart anymore. I went from an absolute 1st day camp out over night if I have to must buy to a wait until E3 and maybe even weeks up till launch. Right now MS has to win me back because, although I will more than likely get an XBOX ONE, I'm less than thrilled with the direction they obviously are headed.

If Always on, Kinect camera has to be connected at all times and used and rental games fees are a reality? I might possibly sit this one out. At the very least wait for several months or upwards of a year.
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isarai  +   919d ago
i like hw people disagree to a comparison of facts
greenpowerz  +   920d ago
I will just post this quote from myself.
"Xbox Can and will use Azure cloud computing plaform. Its hardware specs are just to assist with cloud computing streaming for more advanced applications and gaming needs. MSFT's new cloud system and new servers are not just for content.

MSFT is trying to do something HUGE and BOLD and people are just not getting it. XBOX One's specs don't really matter because it true specs are in the cloud on advanced servers.

Xbox One in reality does not have console hardware limitations. It will be pumping out games on par with PC long after other consoles are maxed out, that is MSFT's vision and design.

I'm very excited... MSFT invested most of Xbox's One's capability in the Cloud with powerful state of the art servers to help Xbox One off laod computing for perfomance not possible on any hardware and some PC's because it's processing is streamed from hardware not possible to own"

Really excited. What people are complaining about mostly has all to do with misunderstanding this. I'm not sure how people are claiming PS4 is more powerful based on an unknown custom Xbox One CPU and what type of RAM used with the rest of the hardware in each platform.



It would mean always online for enhanced games or versions of games not possible anywhere else. That doesn't mean people can't use the lesser versions of games or standard multi plat and exclusive games. Yes if you wan't PC level games for years to come you need online, it doesn't mean people without online will have nothing.

It will be essentially a high end PC marketplace for full games or just to enhances and game in general if developers wan't to. It means Some Xbox One games will be released along side PC version Virtually Unchanged long after other consoles are maxed out.

Fixed processing power on the console itself is a thing of the past with XB1

I honestly think this is the real root of the haters crusade.
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Double_Oh_Snap  +   920d ago
How much cloud computing will they honestly be able to offload to people with broadband connections?
Maybe MS is looking to the future when more people have fiber.
At least then the idea seems to make more sense.

Also PS4 has Gaikai, same exact future concept.
They even touched on it back in February.
Along side there plans for remote play and game streaming instantly.
#3.1 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(34) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Munky  +   920d ago
But that would mean that "always on" would be required, which in the end is not a good thing for gamers.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   920d ago
Hilarious.Specs don't matter now? It's all about the magical, fantasy specs floating in the cloud? Well isn't that magnificently convenient.

Do you even look at the stuff you write sometimes?
kenshiro100  +   920d ago
Please step away from the Microsoft koolade sir. You'll develop a brain freeze and stop functioning like a normal human being within seconds.
hot4play  +   919d ago
I think you meant Microsoft "waterkooler"... :p

Related video
thechosenone  +   920d ago
And do you think they'll offer this cloud gaming service to everyone who buys XBone or just the ones who pay for gold memberships?
McScroggz  +   919d ago
I'll help you out on this one.

When a game developer is making a game, they are NOT going to design it to use the cloud as more computational resources. That would mean for everybody who isn't connected to the cloud for whatever reason will have parts of the game that simply will not function correctly. It's like building a calculator that needs another calculator to do multiplication.

Now, I'm not a game designer. I suppose it's possible developers could design a game for the PS4 and use the Cloud as a way of making up for the difference in power, I just don't think it works that way.

But even IF the Xbox One used the Cloud for computations, thus increasing the power of the console in a way, the PS4 would have the same capabilities with Gakai. Simply put, putting your stock into Cloud computations as a way of making up for the XBO being less powerful than the PS4 is kinda weak dude.
Optical_Matrix  +   920d ago
AndandTech and Digital Foundry says you're lying. In fact, the goddamn specs say you're lying. Please...stahp!
SlavisH2  +   920d ago
since m$ offically stated i can play games at 4k this may be true
swishersweets20031  +   920d ago
i call bs on their claim :p
McScroggz  +   919d ago
Sony is leading the charge of 4K TV's, and even then the PS4 will not play 4K natively. There's almost no reason to think the XBO will.
bub16  +   920d ago
i play in a bedroom, seeing as kinect must always be connected, will it work for small rooms this time?!
SexyGamerDude  +   920d ago
I know, right? It's going to be pretty hard to watch porn in the living room while the kinnect is watching your every move.
#6.1 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
The Great Melon  +   920d ago
I didn't realize how big of a room was required when I bought my Kinect last year. The Kinect couldn't even begin to see me unless I was standing on my bed. I had to move it to my living room only to discover I still needed a bit more room for comfortable movement. I hope they have decreased the minimum range with the new iteration of Kinect.
mcstorm  +   920d ago
I think they will of changed the way Kinect works on the One. If you look at hat they said about what it can track ect I see the camera having an auto focus depending what game you are playing.

If you look at some of the gestures he was doing I was thinking I could do this when playing a game by mistake so I think the One will have some software running that knows not to go some of the gestures when you have a controller in your hand.

I also think it will depend on the developer on what Kinect can now see and look for and I also think the Kinect will be able to scan the room to work out its zoom.

I would expect we will see a lot of answers at E3. I have my xbox in the front room so for me its not going to be an issue but im sure MS will of looked into people with smaller rooms this time round as Kinect comes with all consoles.
mega31  +   920d ago
Maybe they are referring to Illumiroom??
grassyknoll  +   920d ago
Don't believe their lies.
kenshiro100  +   920d ago
...It's not even about games anymore?

Again, whoever came up with this should be fired. Investors should pull out from this sinking ship.
-Falaut-  +   920d ago
Really?! They'll probably unlock that extra processor for developers. CSCPUx2 v2.345 (CheerleaderSynthesisComputati onalProgrammonationalUniverse).

Plus it's just going to be better because Xbox.
solidworm  +   920d ago
Looks like that 33% more grunt for the ps4 means 33% better looking games on the ps4 then....awesome.
GotHDGame  +   920d ago
Look, PS4 and Xbox One's games are both going to look great. Personally I will see next gen on Wii U and PS4. One thing that really bugs me and it has nothing to do with why I do not want one, but it looks like a PC tower on its side. UGGG.
Bhuahahaha  +   920d ago
but but i nevr play games in our living room. lol
kidding aside microsoft doing the jack of all trade master of none thingy.

they forgot why people buy console in the first place.
Greenpowerzsick   920d ago | Spam
cyhm3112  +   920d ago
microsoft is trying to lie to people now, so pathetic, don't believe them! funny see how this dickhead use his words,"i think" that means it is his OPINION not FACTS that XBOX ONE is going to have best looking games. And he try to play innocent by saying he know nothing about how PS4 works, so if later, it definitely will happen, PS4 games turn out much better looking, he doesn't have to pay responsibilities, because it is just opinions. I can say "I think Microsoft should sell this stupid xbox business for the sake of the gaming industry".

Seriously, people make stupid mistakes, some people will believe this dickhead.

People like this guy think they can fool people, they can fool people but just the stupid ones, beware!! don't buy the Xbox One!
#15 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
wantonGamer  +   920d ago
Please just stop, it's embarrassing at this point.
Greenpowerzsick   920d ago | Spam
Supermax  +   920d ago
15,000 servers to 300,000 that's a big investment
sway_z  +   920d ago

Be prepared for MS spin now they realize how incredibly lame that reveal everyone is expecting an Xbox One miracle a E3.

The next gen will be about PC/PS4 and Wii U as far as unique non Multiplat games go...Driveclub looked better than Forza 5 and very little of DC was shown.

"Xbox Go Home" ....funny lol
#19 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
SonyPS4  +   920d ago
Well MS said the Xbox360 has "the best lineup of games, period" but we all know that is really down to opinion. As for best looking games, we'll see, but I bet my money on the PS4 for that. That being said, the best looking games has little factor into my console buying decisions. I'll get a Wii U and a PS4 based on one important factor: games. Nintendo and Sony are damn good at delivering entertainment from a gaming standpoint.
urwifeminder  +   920d ago
Will be the only games in my living as I have my pc in another so yes very true.
stuna1  +   920d ago
They are so confident that fanatics are going to buy their Beta Max player, that they have already started their irrational horn blowing, with nothing to show for it! Like I said yesterday, The Last of Us looked better than anything shown for Xbox 1! And that's a PS3 game.
Typical-Guy  +   920d ago
They said this on the Xbox 360 and still PS3 exclusives looked waaaay better. They can talk all they want but reality is another thing.
Hercules189  +   919d ago
What are you smoking?
Greenpowerzsick   920d ago | Spam
TheGrimReaper  +   920d ago
I doubt it will offer the best looking games after reading several articles.

I've just realized this as I've looked at this pic
Nice, big fan! Overheating shouldn't be a problem.
On second thought: Damn, how do I prevent dust assembling inside of X1?
#25 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
joeorc  +   920d ago
hey thank you Grim, for that pic. you can see there is a 2.5" sata hard drive there in back of the processor fan. with vents on the rear and sides it should be able to vent heat pretty well. There is also Passive heat pipes it looks like incorporated inside the Heatsink under the fan. the fan look's like a 70 MM maybe or 85 mm fan pretty big , but good for a soc that puts out some heat.
USMC_POLICE  +   920d ago
Idk I love forza but drive club looked better graphics wise.
phantomexe  +   920d ago
not that it matters but the ps4 does look alot better for gamers. Some of the things MS talked about were cool but most of it people can do already. What i'm most happy with is the halo tv series. I'm sure there will be more to show at E3 but i hope they focas on games and nothing else. I don't thing MS can keep up with sony and nintendo first party titles so there going have to buy timed exclusives. E3 is going be good.
insertnamehurr  +   920d ago
1200 teraflops make the new xbox 4x more powerful than the previous one, and, if forza4 or even forza horizon looked good for an actual gen game, forza5 will look great too for a next gen game, but, id like to see some gameplay cause the GGI looked too good, at least we have seen pics of driveclub where it shows actual gameplay and it does look promising. Im getting both consoles but ps4 will be my main one, just like my ps3 is while my xbox360 collects dust everyonce in a while.
mochachino  +   920d ago
Sure sure, disregard that 3 gigs of inferior RAM is used to run programs in the background leaving 5 vs 7 and an inferior GPU, the "cloud" will make our games look better...I think.
seanpitt23  +   920d ago
I feel kinda sorry for Xbox fans....... errrrrrr no I don't! Lol

Playstation has always ruled in my world never bought a Xbox and never will.
#30 (Edited 920d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
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