Microsoft: Xbox One will offer 'the best-looking games in the living room'

Xbox One's chief product officer March Whitten has claimed that the console will offer "the best-looking games in the living room" - despite PS4's specs appearing to provide more raw power to developers.

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windblowsagain1549d ago

Just no!

I'd look at what PS4 brings personally, as most of the best looking titles are on the PS3.

Naughty dog on PS4. Ahh I cannot wait.

BiggCMan1549d ago

Actually yes it will, because I won't be using my PS4 and PC in my living room :D

thechosenone1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


and of course Mr.Whitten is lying mofo.

greatest gif ever conceived
neogaf user: SunhiLegend

BigFnHooters1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

"Of course he's lying."

He knows he's lying.
Gamers know he's lying.

But this means that unlike Nintendo, Microsoft is going to:

* Continue to spout BS about the Xbox One being in the same league as the PS4 in graphics

* Microsoft's huge number of gaming media drones are going to feed off this BS to make sure they trash every amazing PS4 exclusive's graphics

* Microsoft will continue their sickening practice from last gen of using contracts to force third party developers to gimp their games graphically down to Xbox levels instead of utilizing the full power of the PS4

Just look at what Nintendo did with the Wii and Wii U. They made systems that were weaker than the PS3/PS4 but they were completely honest about it.

The tiny number of Xbox fans left are constantly crying about how unfair they feel the gaming world is treating them. It's crap like this...

aCasualGamer1549d ago

Okey, lets put this to perspective just from the two console reveals:

1. Killzone: Shadow Fall looked better than Call of Duty: Ghosts( do remember, Call of duty will also come to PS4 so it's not even an exclusive )

2. Driveclub looked better than Forza 5

3. Infamous: Second Son looked better than Quantum Break

4. The PS4 specs that were shown from Sony event are better than the Xbox One specs that were shown from Microsoft event

5. Inorder to run the OS of Xbox One, there seems to be lots of RAM required more so than the PS4 atleast, which in turn means that the 8GB DDR3 in the Xbox One isn't enough to even touch the 8GB GDDR5 in the PS4 and means that Sony has more RAM and power for their exclusive titles and in the hands of the top graphical developers out there, there is no chance Xbox One can produce "the best looking games"

There, I just gave this delusional March Whitten five reasons why Xbox One won't have the "best looking" games.

That-Guy1548d ago

Microsoft, show us the games and then we'll talk.

Braid1548d ago

How about the bedroom, or the attic, or the basement? Will it have the best looking games there as well?

Oh cut it will you, they didn't even talk about the type of RAM and the GPU specs. They didn't even show any actual gameplay, and then comes this. Very convincing, if you ask me.

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delicia1549d ago

He just means we'll watch NFL and pretend it's a Madden game.

Nodoze1549d ago

You know; Football (fantasy), Basketball (fantasy), ESPN, NFL etc

Those games. At least that is what I got from the conference.

They are not talking about videogames, they are talking about basketball games, football games etc all the TV content.

mmccarthy41549d ago

15 apparently im geussing 6 or 7 out of that will be core games though which still isn't terrible

LoveOfTheGame1549d ago

So X1 has no games and the PS4 only has games but no console.

If only we could combine the two.

shinrock1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Will offer. Read.

DonFreezer1548d ago

15 exclusive games you stupid a** ps drone.

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nypifisel1549d ago

Actually tech savvy people have already analysed the two consoles. According to them the PS4 GPU is up towards 50% faster (all parameters included) than what's in the X1.

quenomamen1549d ago

There you go using facts, we dont like facts round these parts partner.

nypifisel1549d ago

I'll just assume you're being sarcastic. So even though I thought there were no need to publish a source since it had already been published above me I will do it, Here you go PARTNER!:

Christopher1549d ago

*plugs PC into TV*

I'm sorry, what were you saying?

Maddens Raiders1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

you mean like the 360 didn't? #stoplyingmicrosoft the PS4 is more powerful. #dealwithit

I_am_Batman1549d ago

So Playstation 4 has more raw power and is easier to develop for but Xbox One will have better looking games? sounds legit.

The thing with the additional processing power through the cloud is:

1. Most people do not have the bandwidth to benefit from it yet.
2. Sony has the possibility to do the same thing with gaikai.

mmccarthy41549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

both use x86 architexture and not really any info on xbox specs(8gb of ram but not what type of ram not that ram directly = power) to say ps4 has more power so .......

I_am_Batman1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@mmccarthy4: Microsoft didn't specify the ram in the conference but they confirmed that they will use ESRAM in the Architecture Panel show. So it's save to say that the type of RAM they are using is DDR3 (Therefore it's save to say it'll be harder to develop for compared to a system with GDDR5 unified memory).

They also said that The Xbox One GPU will be capable of 768 operations per clock. Which means they are using 12 compute units compared to the 18 compute units on the PS4 GPU.

Boody-Bandit1549d ago


"not really any info on xbox specs to say ps4 has more power so ....... "

Fast forward to reality:

You were saying?

Boody-Bandit1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I think it's sad that any one from MS would make such a statement when they did not show ONE game with actual in-game graphics from a gamers perspective. Even Infinity said here is the premiere of Call of Duty Ghost using the in game graphics engine. Yeah cut scenes using the in game graphics engine which all gamers know is more polished than actual gameplay graphics. Even still they didn't look all that great. So what does that say about the actual in-game graphics? Sorry MS. I'm a huge fan of the 360 but I'm not biting on this bait.

Sony didn't show their actual console at their reveal but AT THE VERY LEAST they showed actual games up and running and not trailers and cut scenes.


leogets1548d ago

they were to busy designing the remote control to fit in his pocket for the fake voice controlled demonstration
along side the fake applause to go with it.

Hercules1891549d ago

The ps3 is "supposedly much more powerful" than the 360, yet the 360 is still neck and neck with ps3, compare halo4 gears crysis to kz3, uc, only noticable difference is maybe special effects, lighting and textures are just about the same and im predicting itll be comparable next gen too. If you disagree youre probably just a troll and it doesnt bother me if you disagree, and just remember the ps3 launch games looked like shit compared to the 360 games at the time.

sourav931549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Well, the 360 gpu was better than the ps3's, but the ps3 had a better cpu. Both were of completely different architectures. This time round, they have the exact same suppliers for the innards and have almost identical architectures. Only different this time round is, MS opted for a weaker GPU (1.2 TFlops vs Sony's 1.84 TFlops) and dished out for the 32MB high bandwidth ESRAM (though actually system RAM is 8GB DDR3), with Sony going for the high bandwidth 8GB GDDR5 unified memory. The CPU for both is of the AMD Jaguar architecture.

So when it comes to games (if there any for the One j/k), I think multiplats will look more or less similar for both, with ps4 having a slight edge. Slight only because the devs wouldn't want to make one system look weaker than the other. The biggest difference will be seen, once again, in exclusives. Let's see what they've got in store for us at E3.

cooperdnizzle1549d ago

I think its funny you say, if anyone disagrees they are a troll/fanboy. I think you are the fanboy, there is no way that the ps3 and 360 are close, last of us, beyond two souls, God Of war A, killzone, and uncharted are hands down better than anything 360 has.