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Microsoft predicts 28% growth in next generation console market

Microsoft predicts 28% growth in next generation console market (Next-Gen)

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yugovega  +   712d ago
maybe in sony and Nintendo's market share. you can't grow the market by making a product the almost everyone is disappointed in. at least Nintendo still have believers, Microsoft as lost a lot most of theirs in one day.
DarkHeroZX  +   712d ago
yeah I'm pretty sure MS got their data by taking Sony's spread sheet and putting their name on it. After the conference you should have seen facebook. Almost all my die hard 360 friends where let down and are jumping ship. Even on official Xbox one pages I see a lot of 360 fans hating on what they saw. And the fact that Sony shares increased by 9% yesterday and MS only increased by .52% shows how investors feel about next gen.
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Tewi-Inaba  +   711d ago
growth in what?

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