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GR-UK writes: "We talked with Infinity Ward's Zach Volker about the new tech set to feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the move away from Modern Warfare.

During the interview he explained why the studio had decided against continuing the Modern Warfare strand of the series: "There was a lot of talk about Modern Warfare 4, there was a lot of discussions, a lot of team members wanted to go in that direction, but after a lot of discussion we ultimately we decided that Call of Duty: Ghosts was the direction that we wanted to go."

As most of you already know, Ghosts is set to feature on next-gen consoles, including the recently announced Xbox One. We asked Volker what it was like working with the new tech: "We push ourselves as hard as we can to make sure that we can eek out as much as we can of the hardware of whatever system we're on, so we can get the best looking game possible."

The new power of the next-gen consoles offers opportunity to improve immersion. The Infinity Wa...

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Chapter111798d ago

"Well my job was very difficult. I had to port over all the animations from Call of Duty 4 because the guys from the last 6 games managed to lose them somehow. It took a few hours, but after that my job was done and I got to play golf!"

nirwanda1798d ago

Looks ok definitely an improvement visually but it sounded like they haven't fully committed to next gen by saying we didn't want people on current gen console to feel like they have been left out.
So I ain't expecting it to break new ground.

SexyGamerDude1798d ago

Yes!!!!! Can't wait for the arm hairs!! Oh, and the scars!!

venom061798d ago

and sadly, this exact same guy has confirmed that the supposedly new next-gen engine, really ISNT new at all... just another upgrade to the one that everyone hates... false advertising???? start watching @ 4:48...

MrAnderson1797d ago

"daaah so I made a dawg, did I do gud bawss?"

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