Gamedaily: Top 25 PSOne Games of All Time

Gamedaily writes: "Parappa, Tenchu, Colony Wars, and warhawk made our top 25 list. Did your favorite PlayStation game make it?

25. UmJammer Lammy (SCEA)

This sequel-in-spirit to Parappa the Rapper features a dynamic new play style, along with several memorable songs and characters. An appearance by Parappa only adds to the game's charm.

24. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (Activision)

Forget dressing up in black and trying to hop over your back fence. If you REALLY want to be a ninja, your first stop should be Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. The swift gameplay, cool ninja weapons and bloody action are enough to keep you coming back for more."

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Breakfast3891d ago

Am I the only one who like ff9 better then ff7?

Danja3890d ago

No dude...i thought i was the only one..who thought FF9 was the best FF game released on the PS1...

it was just EPIC....but my fave FF game is...FF6

Harry1903890d ago

but ff9 is my second personal favourite.
technically speaking,
it was flawless.

The Closing3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

FF9 was the only rpg I've ever finished or for some reason cared to even play for that matter. Awesome game.

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NovusTerminus3891d ago

I think that FF9 and FF7 are the best two FF games. But I cant choose which I like more.

Breakfast3891d ago

me, too. I would have liked ff8 but i couldnt get passed the first boss on the fourth disc :(. I did not like any other ff after the ps1.

Cyrus3653891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

So #1 is Metal Gear solid...What do you guys think the best game on PS one?

madness3891d ago

it helps to read the articles

Cyrus3653891d ago

I read it...I was asking, do you think it's the best game on PS1. :P

Harry1903890d ago

top spot.but it would be an ex-aequo for me.
both mgs and ff7 should be no1.not a bad list.
got all of them of course.

Soren the Cat3890d ago

My number 1 would be either:

MGS- Sony, you had better bring this to the American PSN!
FFVIII - At least back then I was more of a Squall guy than a Cloud guy
Jumping Jack Flash - the sense of jumping through the air in this game still makes me smile
Battle Arena Toshinden- An amazing launch title, it really set the boundary between 16 and 32 bit games

The Closing3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Mgs ofc like always.

KidMakeshift3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Fear Effect 1 & 2 should've been in there

Final Fantasy 9 never gets any love

NO_PUDding3890d ago

Abe's Odyssey!?


Driver 2!?

I mean really....

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Kaz Hirai3891d ago

A truly revolutionary console that destroyed Nintendouche's iron grip on the industry! Only the infinite wisdom of Emperor Kutaragi could create a console as perfect as this!
Perhaps the third greatest console of all time! (After the PS2 and PS3 of course!)
Sony Soldiers, let's all take a few minutes to remember the many hours of joy we had with the very first PlayStation!


Harry1903890d ago

it's the greatest.
the precursor.
which drew first blood.
it's legendary.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33890d ago

I am Humbled(in a nice way)by your words Kaz;)

eagle213891d ago

I will come back later when the steam

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