That Xbox One Reveal Sure Was A Disaster, Huh?

Kotaku - Well, I bet this isn't how Microsoft thought its big day would end.

What could/should have been a triumphant exclamation point, the day the next-gen console wars began in earnest, instead turned into a disaster I don't think any of us saw coming.

No matter where you turned today, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, forums or even people in *gasp* the real world, chances are if you wanted to talk about Xbox One, you ran into emotions that ranged from indifference right on down to hostility.

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iGAM3R-VIII1669d ago

They still have E3!!!!

But I doubt that's gonna change anything. Look at this man though, he seems to sum up the conference...

DragonKnight1669d ago

Pretty much. I mean, when you see the highlights, you can't blame him.

seanpitt231669d ago

Look whats happening at sonys branch,


aCasualGamer1669d ago


Lol, Priceless!


Only thing that might be interesting is Quantum Break, as long as it has zero Kinect features. RYSE from Crytek is not on my interest list as it is based upon full Kinect integration.

Now, what you gotta respect is that 8,20% rise for Sony stock. They didn't even lift a finger and they got that boost. Holy crap, that's f------n respect you can't buy, it's earned through the trust of hardcore gamers.

DragonKnight1669d ago

Looks like someone already has an XboxOne.

Septic1669d ago

They can still recover at E3 but they really need to blow us away if they want to regain our confidence in the system. And I mean REALLY blow us away.

The most disturbing part of the reveal wasn't the console itself however; it was Microsoft's focus and I think you would be very hard-pressed to say at this stage that it was on gaming.

MasterCornholio1669d ago

Im still trying to get the words Sports, TV and television out of my ears after the conference.

DragonKnight1669d ago

One: They could, but when in recent memory has MS had a good E3 showing?

Two: Did you all know that the cheering in the audience was from people MS paid to cheer?

andibandit1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I Think that COD Dog, really saved their conference

Boody-Bandit1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Uh no it didn't.
Infinity showed no actual gameplay footage. In actuality no dev or publisher showed ANY "actual" in-game footage and they "barely" showed any games at all. Their primary focus was the XBOX ONE being an entertainment hub 1st and a games console 2nd.

All I kept waiting for was just ONE game shown in real time with actual gameplay footage. Their conference yesterday was a disaster and has even the most diehard MS fans are nervous and for good reason. There is still so many unanswered questions about always on, used games and rentals, the actual graphics performance, how will Kinect be implemented (optional or required for core games), pricing on XBL and their new services (same, less or more expensive), etc and so on.

MS last few E3 appearances were lackluster and I'm being polite. Their reveal yesterday was nearly an abandonment to the core gamer. They need to have the best show at E3 or they will be behind the 8 ball come Fall regardless of their dominance in North America with the 360. They will be going head to head this time with a company that is primarily focused on the gamer and everything else is an after thought. Where as MS appears to be focus on being an entertainment hub and gaming is an after thought.

Nintendo went this route. They were successful with the Wii (expanding towards a different demographic than the audience of core gamers that brought them to the dance) but how are they doing now?

MS is setting themselves up to go down that same path. Even if the ONE sells well how many of them will be to their once mainstream audience? I am a core 360 gamer and right now I'm so frustrated the XBOX ONE is not a must buy for me. They have to wow me at E3 or for the first time in any console generation I will take a wait and see approach with a new console.

DragonKnight1669d ago

@Brutallyhonest: Uh, you just got trolled.

Boody-Bandit1669d ago

I didn't think he was anything but. I was just unspinning his wishful thinking misguided post with a dose of reality.

HexxedAvenger1669d ago

was that sarcasm.... i hope it was sarcasm lol...

kenshiro1001669d ago

A multiplatform game saved their conference?

CaptainPunch1669d ago

It was obviously sarcasm.

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kenshiro1001669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

He has that 'what the ****' look on his face. xD

I really don't think Microsoft can turn things around at E3. This was a disaster. If they announce games people are interested in, then maybe. Other than that, the ball is in Sony's court.

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Wizziokid1669d ago

very disappointing and they tried to attack sony for not showing the console... least the showed us games with gameplay footage MS

HammadTheBeast1669d ago

Lol, Xbox One looks terrible as well.

Wizziokid1669d ago

I don't get it, did the call it the xbox one because it looks around the same size as the original xbox??

1669d ago
lsujester1669d ago

If it had an LCD screen on the front, it would look almost exactly like my cable box.

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plut0nash1669d ago

The pre-owned issue was what put me off personally.

Blank1669d ago

Exactly my sentiments as well, but aside there is the kinect issue but that needs further clarification to me and sure the design is a miss for me personally but im about the games

plut0nash1669d ago

Also about the games personally. PS4 looks more appealing that way.

ApolloTheBoss1669d ago

Name, Design, all around everything is pure trash, and it's only gonna get worse.

Irishguy951669d ago

@ Article really doesn't