Frustrated With The Xbox One? That’s Okay, Because Microsoft Isn’t Building Its Next System For You

The Next Web ''Microsoft’s unveiling of the Xbox One yesterday caused quite a stir among the gaming community. The mixed messages regarding always-on and always-online (which are two completely different concepts by the way) and pre-owned games didn’t help either.''

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ApolloTheBoss1829d ago

And that's the sad part isn't it? They've completely abandoned the consumer base that made them great to begin with. When the casuals realize how much of a joke this thing is who's gonna be there when there's no one left? Not us, that's for damn sure.

HammadTheBeast1829d ago

Doesn't matter, they've lost touch with pretty much everyone.

Who in the US, doesn't have cable or some form of TV by now? No one.

Who wants to pay to lend games to friends? No one.

Who likes paying for online? No one.

Who will get the Xbox One for something other than gaming? Who knows.

What I know is that my Samsung Blu-Ray player does everything Xbox One does, but gaming and the motion control crap.

NewMonday1829d ago

Samsung is now strongly marketing voice and motion control and streaming, so even the casuals will get mixed messages, and the core are getting the wrong message.

sengoku1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

OMG i'd never thought that i would say this but i miss Bill Gates.
A smart guy that should have stayed on in a more important role at M$

the jar heads that run the show now are just...

Retroman1829d ago

then who are they building it for??? soccer mom's? casuals kids?? Nintendo got that covered.

as APOLLO said: who's gonna be there after the hype died and no one left?? not us, for damn sure.

aman apollo......

_-EDMIX-_1829d ago

After yesterday.....Wi....Wii U looking pretty good right about now. LOL!

Eyeco1829d ago

Now while I was underwhelmed buy the unveil, after looking into it, I kinda see what Microsoft was trying to do.

The problem is we're looking at this from a gamer standpoint as we should, because we are gamers. But we're not looking at this from a business standpoint.

Microsoft is trying to appeal to the middle class family, it's a game box for 14 year old Timmy who just want's to play COD and Madden, a TV/sports box for Dad when he comes home from a long day at work, a casual work out box for stay at home Mom, and a Party box for the whole family or when little Sarah brings her friends over.

But here's the thing outside of little Timmy, Why would Dad care about the T.V side of things when he has a cable box and computer that can do all these things better ? why would Mom and Sarah care about the Kinect 2.0 when she already has a wii or even Kinect ? what incentive would she have to buy the same game over again ? Causals can't tell the difference between that, and besides like we've seen with the Wii-U the casual audience has moved on to Tablets.

In the end it boils down to gaming and given Microsoft's last 3 years and especially after this conference it's becoming clear that they certainly don't care about gaming, It's cool that they had these features and apps, but they shouldn't have spent so much time focusing on that during the unveiling of their latest console, they should have left that all for E3, I guess we're gonna have to wait till E3 to have a somewhat solid judgement.

joeorc1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I talked about this very thing:

The Change up over @ Microsoft and why Hard core gamer's may be worried

did you know this?

I Think there may be a reason why people are a lil uneasy about Microsoft's Focus.


ED fries: Left after 18 year's over at Microsoft help create the xbox platform.

Robbie j Bach now [former Microsoft executive]

Ray Ozzie [now gone]

Peter Molyneux Hall of fame just like Mark Cerny

Also now Gone!

Nat Brown one of the [xbox founder's] Gone

as a matter of fact


Kevin Bachus [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Seamus Blackley [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Ted Hase and Otto Berkes [both founder's of the xbox project and now both are gone]

J Allard

the key people that help create the xbox project and made a pitch to bill gates, all loved Gaming and Were Gamer's at heart, all now no longer with the Xbox Project. look at both Nintendo and Sony's core people in key positions to keep hard core gaming in a front and center focus for their companies. They both has not lost this Many of the people who founded the principle and development of a game console for Gamer's.

they are now gone no longer @ Microsoft!
the founding father's of the xbox project are no longer there, at the event for XBOX One Ed fries was on the video screen when they did the intro but do you know where ed fries is now?

At the OUYA Android game console project!

Ed was the very person to get halo on the xbox, was also the key person in helping Microsoft snag rare. and after 18 years he's now gone from Microsoft, but still in the game console biz, but now promoting another game console over the very console he helped start!

that is pretty telling in my opinion!

DevilishSix1829d ago

The good old days when they guys behind the xbox and 360 were still at MS, gamers had a voice. Those guys are gone. Now all thats there is Spencer, Greenburg, Harrison, etc. and they are just a bunch of tools. They use smoke and mirrors and insult their fanbase. MS is going to take a big hit in this next gen.

turgore1829d ago

Sucks for them. Good for consumers with a brain. They can clearly realize the PS4 is the way to go (or PC).

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MasterCornholio1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Sony built the PS4 for gamers and Microsoft built the XBOX One for TV lovers?

Thats the message i got from the conference.

Wikkid6661829d ago

The first point is that PS4 and Wii U both do gaming. As will One, so in the world of business you have to set yourself apart from your competition. MS chose the entertainment route.

Point two... MS clearly stated that e3 is where they are showing the gaming side of the console off.

CerebralAssassin1829d ago

Why the disagrees people? that's exactly what they said... If they already have the gaming scene on lock then why would you not show the new stuff it can do. Why waste a reveal of a new system showing us games we know is coming out when e3 is next month?

bednet1829d ago

Cause that's how you reveal a game console, by showing the awesome games that will come out for your new game console...

MS just did exactly what Sony did with the PS3, but much worse, they did not focus their does everything!!! Too much is too little in this case.

maxgamehard1829d ago

Yes both PS4 and Wii U does gaming. The xbox One will also do some gaming. But the PS4 and Wii U do not charge a fee for used game or online play. Sony didn't make move mandatory and the PS4 and Wii U did not make every 24 hour internet checks mandatory. PS4 and Wii U also do not require games to be installed to the hard drive.

People are really upset at these aspects and are upset that the xbox one puts entertainment before games.

Wikkid6661829d ago

The Xbox One will do some gaming? WTH does that mean? It does just as much gaming as any other console.

Xbox One doesn't put entrainment before gaming. Why talk about something, when it's a given fact that it does it?

Sorry the days of putting all your eggs in on basket are over.

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I_am_Batman1829d ago

I don't need 8GB of Ram to watch tv though and I won't pay 400-500 bugs for a freaking cable box.

joeorc1829d ago

"Microsoft built the XBOX One for TV lovers? "

Microsoft built the XBOX One to face this , and other such hardware companies that make TV's:

Press conference introducing the "Samsung Smart TV at CES 2012 that has motion gesture control, voice control and face recognition.

Looks familiar?

that was CES 2012! that was just samsung, now think Phillips, LG, panasonic, hell even Sony with their smart TV's!

cleft51829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Microsoft is totally bringing back the VHS/Betamax player and I am all for it.

Veneno1829d ago

I can't wait to play those game tapes!

Bathyj1829d ago

Game tapes are no fun. I had a tapedeck on my commodore64

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The Meerkat1829d ago

MS have done something that has never been done before.

They have united N4G!

This place has never been so peaceful.

Ace_Pheonix1829d ago

Did the Green Ranger die yesterday?