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Submitted by DPAD Dave 993d ago | news

Will Microsoft Points carry over to Xbox One? "No news" says Microsoft

Microsoft has told that it has "no news" to share regarding the future of Microsoft Points - including whether or not the virtual currency will carry over to Xbox One. (Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Root  +   993d ago you would probably think to yourself

"Well better spend them fast on some XBLA titles"

Then realise that you can't transfer XBLA titles on the Xbox One
mega31  +   993d ago
well no, you can still keep your points but im sure they will just be converted to the value, so like 800 points is 10 bucks, so instead of 800 points you'll have 10 bucks in your account
Skarlett   993d ago | Spam
mega31  +   993d ago
LOL do you know that? has E3 come? all you saw was a reveal for a console nothing else. What if PS pulls a used game thingie on E3. Dont be quick to pull the trigger my friend. It can backfire
ger2396  +   993d ago
Then why didn't he say that?
Typical-Guy  +   993d ago
The question is, will Xbox Live be paid or not ?! For multiplayer t least !
Nunchez  +   993d ago
Yeah unfortunately XBL is still going to be a paid service.
Typical-Guy  +   993d ago
So you still have to pay to play the other portion of your game that you bought with your money, and still have to pay to play your brother's or friend's game that they bought with their own money.... So it's a ONE system with multiple fees need to be paid.... UNfuckingBELIEVABLE
mega31  +   993d ago
Well all they said was current subscription they did not say what needs to still be paid, in fact no mention was made on what gold or silver will get, or if the membership becomes like a ps plus sort of thing, no one knows
Blank  +   993d ago
@typical guy
All im saying its MS they love subscription fees and monoplies (do your hw on windows OS fanboys) of course its believable why ruin an easy source of revenue?
Ashlen  +   993d ago
If I had to bet on anything regarding live the only things I'd bet on are higher prices and more ads.
SOULJER  +   993d ago
Fuck points. I hated that shit on the 360.
Yehshuah  +   993d ago
you will have to pay a fee to make it carry over

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