Raven Software And Neversoft Assisted Infinity Ward In Call Of Duty: Ghosts Development

Polygon: ''Following Call of Duty: Ghosts official reveal during Microsoft's Xbox One event, Infinity Ward announced that Raven Software and Neversoft supported the studio during Ghosts development.''

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JsonHenry1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Raven? I remember back in the 90s thinking what an awesome studio they were. Maybe there is hope for this new CoD after all?

and by "hope" I don't mean sales. I mean breaking the mold set by Modern Warfare and being a bit of a new standard/benchmark for the series.

Skate-AK1669d ago

Raven has been working on COD since Black Ops 1. They did the DLC maps and user interface in BO&MW3. They make the DLC so the studio can get right to making the next game and patching the old one.

JsonHenry1669d ago

I was completely unaware of this. So basically there is nothing new about Raven helping. Great news story.

csreynolds1669d ago

Oooooooooooooooold news. This information hit the web months ago.

mega311669d ago

Seriously I can tell u this, BF4 already won, because this, it just looks the same, and three different companies working on it, Yikes

famoussasjohn1669d ago

You didn't watch the video they showed yesterday then. The jungle they showed us looked pretty damn impressive, especially for COD standards.

Cueil1669d ago

is there a skateboarding section of the game or is Tony Hawk going to make a cameo?

mega311669d ago

They take talented companies and just make them work on a generic shooter, like seriously Stop, your all ruining the game

r211669d ago

Poor Raven :C Really wished Activision would give Singularity another chance and give it a proper sequel. Loved that game.

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