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PS4 vs. Xbox One: I Know Which One I'm Buying

After seeing the PS4 reveal a couple months ago, and now the Xbox One reveal that just happened, here are some initial pre-E3 reactions towards the showdown. (PS4, Xbox One)

icarus1970  +   871d ago
So sad to have supported this brand for over a decade and for the past few years, many of us gamers have held out hope for Microsoft to see the light. They have not and have failed us. Do they not realize it’s us, the gamers, that will be there waiting in the rain to buy their console, not the soccer moms! I will give them a final pass till E3 then many of us can move away from the Xbox brand. Sad day yesterday.
zbg31610  +   871d ago
Personally yeah I'm all about the games, and on sites like this the xbox one will be trashed since its a site for actual gamers.

But just look at the original wii, it was a joke and yet it made a killing. Better doesn't always translate to success.
seanpitt23  +   871d ago | Funny
PS4 Baby!!!!

And he knows it,

Brazz  +   870d ago
The WII was an isolated case, so it was a success because it had appeal to casual (casual living today in the world of tablets and smartphones and consoles consider secondary objects) because both ps3 and xbox360 was a big crap in the beginning, high price, "lights of death", etc ... and, finally, the PS3/360 cannibalize each other's market, if the 360 (or ps3) were alone he would probably already be in the region of 120 million
SugarSoSweet  +   871d ago
Well said I can tell that came from the heart
GT67  +   871d ago
PS4 VS. XBOX 1: i know which one im buying.

me too PS4 all the way baby!!!!!!!!

Nunchez  +   871d ago
Yeah exactly if they don't show something awesome at E3 I'm done. As of now its its not looking good at all.
raWfodog  +   871d ago
I love the Playstation brand but, as a gamer, I'm seriously hoping that MS turns this around. I play the games that I want regardless of the system. I own console from all of the big 3. If there are fanboys out there hoping for the demise of the Xbox brand, please realize that competition breeds innovation and we need these two (maybe 3) corporations to keep the pressure on each other.
UltraNova  +   871d ago
Gotta to agree with you on some extend but no one can deny the fact that MS used hardcore players like a lot of us here to give a shot on living room domination..it took them some time but the xbox one revealed their plans..
BOLO  +   870d ago
Too late.
S2Killinit  +   871d ago
As much as I agree with you I hope people here realize that just because MS is leaving the core gamers hanging, doesn't mean doom for them. In fact what they are doing is cashing in, they may actually stand to benefit from their moves. They may outsell the PS4 which would be an even sadder day than yesterdays announcement. I really hope that Sony can focus on the hardcore while at the same time incorporating the casuals to a degree where both can survive otherwise we have to say goodbye to hardcore gaming on consoles as we know it.
lol I have up in 2007!
3sexty rulzzz  +   870d ago
totally agree with your comment. It was and is a sad day for gaming, not just for us xbox fans but for gaming in general. I hate that it had to come to this. All of those green boxes I have under my tv will stay there. I will not buy the xbox one... no more live subscriptions for me
snake_eater  +   871d ago
Now i understand why EA dropped their online pass bull

This industry is going down hill...
Pintheshadows  +   871d ago
I knew worse news was in the offing when they announced they were dropping them. Sad times.
hesido  +   871d ago
Yes, I hope Sony is not in on this either. Remember the trash talk EA did on Nintendo, could it be partly because they did not give in to second hand offline pass fees?

I don't think MS can act alone in this, but there may be some sort of agreement between two major console producers, under pressure from publishers. If MS does this thing alone, it is madness, that's why I think they can't be so brave and Sony may have also bent under pressure (I sure hope not)
Conan-O-Brady  +   870d ago
That could very well be what went down. E3 is gonna be very interesting.
Nunchez  +   871d ago
And here I thought EA were coming to their senses. Damn.
Jek_Porkins  +   871d ago
I know which one I'm buying too!
ger2396  +   871d ago
I think we all know which one your buying.
MRMagoo123  +   870d ago
how in the hell does this jek porkins guy have that many bubbles when he is a 360 fanturd and this site is "run" by sony fans apparently?
Hicken  +   870d ago
Yeah, everybody knows which one you're buying. You couldn't say no to the Xbox if it killed your dog, made strudel out of it while you watched, and forced you to eat it.

As a gaming console- and we're all gamers here, right? so that's what we should be most concerned with, right?... right?- the Xbox showed little to nothing exciting. In fact, it hinted at or outright displayed many things we should be vehemently discouraging.

But not you. No, you'll stick by Microsoft no matter what. Despite how blatantly anti-gamer and anti-consumer it is, you'll be there day one to throw away your money.

Yet, somehow, you have the nerve to call ME fanboy. And name me among the ranks that supposedly run this site, while you keep collecting bubbles.

There is NOTHING about this that makes sense. Not your blind loyalty, not your proclamations of fanboyism, not how this site works. Frankly, I'm having a hard time believing you're not a more articulate version of urwifeminder, who's obviously a troll, as no one can possibly SERIOUSLY still think the Xbox One is better than the PS4.
N47H11  +   871d ago
At the end of the day, im going to buy a games console to play games, and for me Sony has shown alot more in the way of games on the PS4 than Microsoft has for the Xbox one.
hennessey86  +   871d ago
I no I'm buying a PS4
But you would be a complete tit to write off the Xbox just yet, I'm waiting until E3 then I will decide
Raf1k1  +   871d ago
A lot of us have been saying a similar thing for the past few years. This E3 will be MS's last chance to convince me to buy an Xbox One.
SexyGamerDude  +   871d ago
At E3 they will be showing games. After what I heard about they One at the PR, even if they have good games, it's a no no. Too many restrictions and Nickle and diming. You have to pay a fee to play used games, pay a fee for online, and also pay the fees for the Streaming companies. On top of that, they aren't setting restriction on the pricing. So you can get charged 70 dollars for a game if that's what they wanted.

I am a Xbox 360 owner and I had hopes for this. I thought MS actually cared for the gamer. Now I see that they are nothing but money whores.

I will say this though.

PS3 > 360 = Hell no!

PS4 > One = Yeah, looks like it.
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kayoss  +   871d ago
Can I ask why the
Fishy Fingers  +   871d ago
I'll probably end up getting both for they're exclusives, but as it stands, the PS will probably be my primary console much like the latter part of this gen.

Still got E3 to come so who knows, but I wasn't over impressed by what they've shown so far.
vitullo31  +   871d ago
i would have gotten both for exclusives but ms just seems to want to rip people off and they wont even admit it
TwistedMetal  +   871d ago
ill be buying the ps4 and then a wii u later on when smash bros and other titles hit the market. not touching the xbox one not for even one second. its dead to me.
SexyGamerDude  +   871d ago
That's why I'm waiting to buy a WiiU. It probably would have done better if they released SSB at launch. WiiU has potential, it's just lacking games.
PigPen  +   871d ago
Coming from PS Universe, I know what console you're buying too. Lol
MRMagoo123  +   870d ago
the same console any sensible person would buy that doesnt want to pay 3 times to play a second hand game, which as we all know is also the more powerful console by a large margin. the ps4 is going to stomp the new xbox into the ground this time round not just beat it.
PigPen  +   870d ago
What exactly are you trying to say. So everyone who don't want to buy a PS4 is not sensible. You sir is talking crazy.
Wizziokid  +   871d ago
after both conferences the PS4 had me sold the Xbox One did not.

E3 will be the deciding factor if i'll be buying an Xbox One but I know already the PS4 will be in my house this year.
Intentions  +   871d ago
I know which one I'm getting [first].

But in the end I'll eventually be getting the other.
vega275  +   871d ago
I'm not writing off ever getting the xbox one. I'm just not getting it day one as I once was. I was so disappointed with what they did yesterday and how games will be tied to one account or pay a fee just to play. I like kinect and some of the games for it. But it shouldnt have to be required to use the system or you have to be online at least once a day.
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zbg31610  +   871d ago
The only thing I liked about the xbox one was the sleekness of the interface and the pretty internet explorer browser. Sony obviously has the better console, I just hope their interface looks as cool, I'm a bit of a sucker for that
nirwanda  +   871d ago
Yes it looks good but how much of a hit is the processor taking to run 3 OS' s at once.
Look at pc's one of the first thing you do with a shio bought pc is try and get all the shovelware off to maje it run faster or with an android phone roit it and pull all the crap off it.
I hope sony keep it simple, share button, cross game voice chat, and a half decent home screen with separate apps for everything else.
Sarobi  +   871d ago
I know E3 will be the final stage to show us what's what, but I'm just not liking anything I hear about X1.
hesido  +   871d ago
You meant XBone.
Droid Control  +   871d ago
I'm buying a PS4 cause I'm all about the games, and so is Sony!

I just hope The Last of Us, Beyond, and GTA 5 are coming out on PS4 as well as PS3 since its not Backwards compatible
MasterCornholio  +   871d ago
As someone who doesnt watch TV much but loves video games.

I would choose a gaming console over a KinectTVBox (my impressions from the conference)
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GT67  +   871d ago
that should have been the new name KINECTTVBOX 1
SugarSoSweet  +   871d ago
Playstation 4 all the way the Xbox One cnt compete on technical spec level the CPU and GPU is much weaker
patsrule316  +   871d ago
As a person who had an original Xbox and has 2 Xbox 360s, and a vita, but doesn't have a PS2 or PS3....I am going to wait until Christmas 2014 to decide which one I will get. Both the PS4 and Xbox One had items in their presentation that I am very skeptical about. For PS4, I don't trust the Gakai gaming service to work where we can play lag free games run over their web service instead of over the box, and I don't trust that I will be able to play PS4 games on my vita lag free. For Xbox One, I flat out don't trust the hardware. After 6 months, my original Xbox was getting dirty disc errors on a daily basis, I got 3 red rings of death on my 360, and the Kinect didn't remotely live up to what they promised. So for each system I want to hear from people who have had each of the new systems to see if they lived up to what they promised.

If I had to grade the systems only on the reveals, I would give PS4 a B+ and Xbox One a D. PS4 had some features that didn't speak to me, and some things that made me worry, but as a gamer they spoke to me and what I care about. I thought the Xbox had some features that looked neat, but weren't what I carde about. Its nice that I can control tv with my voice and so on, but it isn't what I really care about. I still expect that Xbox will have awesome games, and so will PS4. So it comes down to wanting to see which one actually delivers on the promises they are making. If either system doesn't work they way they are promising right now, they won't give refunds.
True_Samurai  +   871d ago
Xbox One
BladerunnerZX  +   871d ago
This statement sums up the Xbox One and Microsofts current policies :

"Microsoft’s intentions are abundantly clear: the Xbox One is aimed squarely at those who wish for a do-it-all, fancy set-top box which is packed to the hilt with multimedia capabilities and can ensure the company never misses an opportunity to cash in on its consumers. The ever-shying Xbox controller is sadly the last remaining sign that Microsoft still actually cares about gamers; because the above decisions present undeniable and damning proof that they do not. "


Microsofts Xbox One is not only anti consumer but it is heavily ANTI GAMER.

All gamers must see that all of the restrictions that Microsoft has built into the Xbox One such as no used games and an always online requirement ( the Xbox One must be connected every 24 hours even to play single player games) are heavily geared toward restricting both your usage of the Xbox One and nickel and diming the consumer into oblivion.

As a gamer for over 30 years I ask the gaming community as a whole Please do not buy an Xbox One.

Do not support these anti consumer tactics.
babis1974  +   871d ago
Microsoft did a huge mistake last night.They shoot themeselves in leg. i don't have an x-box but i was hoping to see something good. i was bored to death. it was an anti-gaming show. i know they will try to make a difference in E3 with exclusives and more games but they are not alone...
FunkMacNasty  +   871d ago
It was more than just "anti-gaming"... it was anti consumer!!! With thier stupid nickel-and-dime plans.. total utter bullsh*t
JW1080  +   871d ago
Playstation 4 for me. Stuck with just PS3 the last gen and don't regret it one bit. Playstation is where it's at for me.
FunkMacNasty  +   871d ago
I wanted to get both consoles. But after what I heard yesterday, forget it. My living room will only have a PS4 for next gen gaming.
Tales RPG addict  +   871d ago
My living room will have a PS4 & Wii U. No XBOX ONE.
cheesefan23  +   870d ago
Very upset that I cannot play my 360 games on the Xbox One. Why would Microsoft do this? People would be much happier if they made this a feature. Advancement in technology bullshit is what it really is. Popping in MW2 would be a great feeling.
Steampunk3000  +   870d ago
Like most folks, I will only buy one system. Back in the day, I had a ps2. When it came time to upgrade, the Xbox 360 was about $300 cheaper than the ps3. So I became loyal to Xbox and dumped Sony. This time Xbox will be less powerful than the ps4, cost the same, have all sorts of useless add-ons (does anyone really use all the useless crap they pack into Xbox live?), end buying used games or renting games, and include all sorts of frustrating fees and charges for game content, as well as, the unwarranted invasions of privacy that seem to be all the rage at tech companies these days (sooner or later we will learn that microsoft is selling customer information to marketing firms derived from kinect sensors on inactive xboxes). Microsoft no longer sees us as customers to whom they should aspire to attract by providing valuable goods and services but as serfs that can be squeezed for a few extra coins.

Wii was successful because it was cheap and revolutionary. It was also a fad. Do a lot of people play wii anymore? It no more than a niche market now. Xbox will have decent sales because non-gamers will buy in. But 2 or 3 years in, Xbox games will not sell like ps4 games because seriuos gamers will mainly be playing on ps4s. Developers will flock to Sony. Microsoft will make excuses. But Microsoft seems to be run by marketing geniuses these days. Windows 8 is being widely panned for the same kind of cross-platform marketing crap.

This time around Sony is getting my gaming dollar. Buh-bye Microsoft. Buh-bye $60 per year Xbox live subscription. Instead of hiring so many marketing folks to figure out how to separate this mere serf from every penny, you should hire an economist to teach you about competition, the free market, and taking customers for granted.
BigDollarZoe954  +   870d ago
1OddWorld  +   870d ago
I will be buying a PS4 at launch. I also am buying the new PS-Eye and an additional controller, three launch titles and PS+.

I am going all in on one console and not looking back.
Max-Zorin  +   870d ago
I was gonna get both, but MS just went full anti mode. Looks like I'll be getting just the PS4 and calling it a day. It's really no point of seeing what they do at E3. Their last few conferences did nothing but have us scratching out head.
S2Killinit  +   868d ago
guys the official trailer for Destiny is out. Its pretty cool

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