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Wii U & PS4 has a better Long Life than Xbox One

The Wii U has a better long life than the Xbox One, so does the PS4. Even the SNES of 20 years ago will show to have a better long life than the Xbox One. What does this mean in terms of long life? (Dev, Industry, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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dazzrazz  +   803d ago
BattleReach  +   803d ago
No. PS4 has the longest, then Xbox One. The life of the Wii U has already ended.
Wolfbiker  +   803d ago
Explain to me how the Wii U life has ended in 6 months with facts and reason.
jmc8888  +   803d ago
Also explain to everyone how a console that needs to 'check in' and get permission from mommy Bill Gates in order to play games contributes to a long life.

10 years from now when there is a new round of consoles out and the Xbox one servers have been turned off who gets to play an Xbox one?

The Wii U could stop every game in production and not make another game at all, yet in 10 years...15 years...20 years....people will still be playing that console.

The point is obvious. There is no expiration date for a NES or a Genesis. An Atari 2600 or a Wii U. Not even an Xbox.

But Xbox one? Sure does. Does it seem weird that you'll be able to play xbox games longer than xbox one and the xbox one isn't even out yet?
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Gamesgbkiller  +   803d ago
I'm sorry Nintendo .

I said WII U won't survive .

I was wrong :(
ziratul  +   803d ago
No game console died because of horrible hardware (except handhelds). SOFTWARE! GAMES! will sell ANY hardware. Trust me, If WII U get several 9.5-10 games IT WON't die it will be success!
Firan  +   803d ago
PS4 & Wii U for me. Not to forget 3DS & Vita. Sony & Nintendo combo is the best combo.
HexxedAvenger  +   803d ago
Same here! PS3/PS4/WII-U 3DS/Vita all the way!
Jek_Porkins  +   803d ago
I already have a Wii U, but I think there is a lot more to learn about the PS4 and the Xbox One. I know the consensus is that the PS4 is going to win next generation without even selling a console, but I got the feeling that Microsoft plans for the Xbox One to pick up steam along the way.

Bottom line is, jury is still out, and to jump to conclusions is just idiotic right now.
Captain Qwark 9  +   803d ago
this was the first sensible thing ive seen said about it lol. funny thing is, they said this conference wasnt about the games so im not sure why everyone is making a big deal about it. now if at E3 they dont show off many of these 15 exclusives and all the games coming out at launch, then i understand the backlash but at the moment, it just seems like a bunch of trolls trying to bash the xbox to feel better for a few moments
christicehurst  +   803d ago
My personal issue is the Pre-owned games and how that will affect people. The OS looks fine and I'm sure the games will be good too. I do worry at times on how they model the Xbox One as a entertainment system and not a gaming system. Will this be the start of moving away from games as a primary feature in the next decade or so.
Gr81  +   803d ago
Have to realize that M$ isn't alone in their stance on used games. Sony will share a similar policy. And when they do confirm this I wonder if you Sony fans will be as hard on Sony as you are M$.

Sony relies heavily on third parties too. This isn't about cheerleading for a company. This is about gaming turning hostile towards gamers.
Captain Qwark 9  +   803d ago
sony also didnt doesnt have BC, didnt even show off the console or its interface, the only thing its "adding to the gaming experience" is a share button and a small touch pad on the top of the controller. they didnt detail a new trophy system, talk about used games policy, reveal price or release, or really anything else. they showed off plenty of new games which is great and come E3 im sure we will see little new games and mostly those again. nothing wrong with that. at E3 we will also see the games ms is offering too which means by the end of it, ms will actually have shown off more of the xbox one than sony did the ps4.

i think people should relax a bit and see what happens at E3 before going bananas over a reveal that stated before it started there wouldnt be many games
InTheLab  +   803d ago
Don't you think this info would be out there if that were the case?
Gr81  +   803d ago
Not at all
Look at the backlash M$ is getting right now for their stance on used games. It is deafening. Sony skated around the issue. They keep talking about M$ 'always online' a mistake, how come no word on used game fees?

The only thing Yoshida confirmed was that used games can be played on PS4...and? That isn't even answering the question.

I expect the PS4 to have much in common with Xbox1.
InTheLab  +   803d ago
You know what I think? I think it's a desperate deflection to bring up the PS4 potentially blocking used games in the passive way the Xbox One does.

You have no evidence other than what's right in your face, so all you have is baseless speculation.

There was an element of truth to every rumor about the Xbox one and because they're all negative, die hard defenders are now pointing at Sony saying "they might do it too...they're just as bad"...with no evidence what so ever.
Gr81  +   803d ago
Desperate Deflection?
All you have to do is read between the lines. Listen to what is not said.

All you have is hope Sony doesn't go this route. Sony already implements online passes and fees and such doesn't it?

We will see in 3 weeks what Sony does. I just hope that you are as critical of them as you are with M$. Otherwise you may be seen as a hypocrite.

Just saying.
InTheLab  +   803d ago
Of course I'll be as Critical but we're talkin about what if's and not what is. What is, is MS has made terrible decisions with it's console and it does not matter what might happen with another console. We're talking about the Xbox One and in it's current state, it is a poor console and the worst offering I've seen from MS since the HD DVD disaster.
josephayal  +   803d ago
for next gen my money is on PS4 but I'm a huge fan of Halo and will definitely be buying one. I don't care what the console looks like '1990 VHS' . As long as I can play the games and stream video that's all I need to know
Triforce079  +   803d ago
Well with all the eshop games on wiiu now and coming soon their are tons and tons of games hitting the eshop half of which you can only get on steam so a really good start for Nintendo in terms of the digital space sales have been solid on retail games on the eshop as well,yes most retail games are just slightly enhanced 360/ps3 games,but with more recent games like,Splintercell and Human revolution DC and Batman origins ect look alot nicer than the ps3 counter parts and with games like Wonderful 101,Beyonneta2,Windwaker,X,COD Ghosts,Watchdogs,Mariokart U,3D Mario,Smash bros U,Retro's projects,plus games we havn't heard nothing about,i'd say come dec 2013,the WiiU will be the most wanted console,and all these games will have proper Nextgen visuals.
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Gr81  +   803d ago
Wii U
Has its issues as well. An account system tied to the hardware? Lame. Gamecube Remakes such as Pikmin and WW? Lame.

However, ability to play used games with no fee? Backwards Compatibility? All pluses.

Its funny but, with corporate conglomerates such as M$ and Sony, this is the natural progression for them to take. This is why Sega's demise as a Console Maker was devastating. This Third Party Cartel has the industry circling the toilet.
Joegrine20  +   803d ago
Pikmin remake? no sir. Its a sequel. Only remake it has is Wind Waker. Get your facts straight
millzy102  +   803d ago
pikmin 3 isn't a GameCube remake, that's like saying halo 4 is an Xbox remake, also WW is far from lame, bet you havn't even tried to play it, other than gotta agree.
o-Sunny-o  +   803d ago
When PS4 came to the stage they gave what people wanted a good pile of info. They got 1st party games, they got Developers working on games, they got specs, they got new features, and they are on the ball. Wii U they came to the stage and showed their devotion to their newest feature the controller for games and future possibility. Xbox One came to the stage showed they switch from app to app and came up with a new substitute cable box feature barely coughed out game info. I see clearly whose devoted to gaming and the future of gaming. Sony and Nintendo should be supported because I want to play the games that are from experienced companies. Thanks Sony and Nintendo. ^~\\
1upgamer99  +   803d ago
WOW, I did not know about the used game situation on the XBox One. Look I understand XBox fans are going to be fans and that is fine, but it is going to be pretty expensive to start up with next Gen Xbox. I still think that Microsoft will do something in the way of contract and you buy the system for much less. That means a bill every month.

I am picking up PS4, and if Microsoft blows my mind in the next few years, then I will get ONE. Good luck Xbox fans.
hellvaguy  +   803d ago
Unfortunately, I foresee sony doing same exact thing with used games. It's why they didn't announced their intentions on the subject of used games. Also, neither system is BC from the get go.
Belking  +   803d ago
lol..we know that is some BS.
o-Sunny-o  +   803d ago
Owning the next Xbox is like owning a new car you'll be done paying at the end of your life. Pirates do still exist they just wear suits with Microsoft tags. Sorry guys... T-T
Masterman280  +   803d ago
PS4 and Wii U for me
lema008  +   803d ago
Got to admit Sony's looking good right now. There's going to be stiff competition this next gen, good for gamers.. Verdict is still out on the Wii U for me. Should be able to decide to commit to buy this holiday season. Also waiting until E3 for more info on both consoles before making a decision.
Triforce079  +   803d ago
Wiiu is the best Nextgen console i'm sorry but a second screen that really does act as a second tv is awesome and gets my vote as the best feature of any nextgen console right out the box,buying a £200 handheld doesnt count,second best feature is Miiverse its amazing and the best place for honest opinions on games ect.
Bumpmapping  +   803d ago
Yes PS4/Wii U it is!
PopRocks359  +   803d ago
Never thought I'd see a comment like this from you (or anyone else on here, frankly). But then I never thought a bad Nextbox conference/news flush was possible either.
WiiUsauce  +   802d ago
Wii U + PS4 combo= a lot less expensive than a gaming PC, and a ton of great and exclusive content that will never be on PC and Xbox One, plus free online and other app like features.

PS4 will be my main multiplat machine and to play Infamous Second son and more exclusive Sony IP's, Wii U for some exclusive 3rd party deals (i.e. Sonic and who knows what else will come next) and of course, Nintendo's exclusive franchises and unannounced IP's.

Sony and Nintendo are gonna be about the gamer this gen, and that's who we should be supporting and giving our money to, so that the gaming side of this industry continues to grow. Microsoft just care about shitty dude bro games and useless TV features that nobody wants or asked for.

my two most wanted games based off gameplay:
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ylwzx3  +   803d ago
There is so much BS tied to the Xbox One I can not even seriously think about buying one.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   802d ago
Xbox 1 gonna get 15 exclusives and I already know 10 of them are Kinect games I'm sick and tire of this Kinect bullshtt I owned one for two months and sold it on craigslist MS need to realize core gamers don't like jumping around like idiots in they living room PS4 and Wii U will do it for me when it comes to next gen.
Triforce079  +   801d ago
The IGN rumours ages ago did include tons of info and yes there were a good few kinect games,a kinect version of monster hunter ? and omni and wiiu share alot of future titles,and also to note is lots of the wiiu rumours came true.

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