Wii U & PS4 has a better Long Life than Xbox One

The Wii U has a better long life than the Xbox One, so does the PS4. Even the SNES of 20 years ago will show to have a better long life than the Xbox One. What does this mean in terms of long life?

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BattleReach1826d ago

No. PS4 has the longest, then Xbox One. The life of the Wii U has already ended.

Wolfbiker1826d ago

Explain to me how the Wii U life has ended in 6 months with facts and reason.

jmc88881826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Also explain to everyone how a console that needs to 'check in' and get permission from mommy Bill Gates in order to play games contributes to a long life.

10 years from now when there is a new round of consoles out and the Xbox one servers have been turned off who gets to play an Xbox one?

The Wii U could stop every game in production and not make another game at all, yet in 10 years...15 years...20 years....people will still be playing that console.

The point is obvious. There is no expiration date for a NES or a Genesis. An Atari 2600 or a Wii U. Not even an Xbox.

But Xbox one? Sure does. Does it seem weird that you'll be able to play xbox games longer than xbox one and the xbox one isn't even out yet?

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Gamesgbkiller1826d ago

I'm sorry Nintendo .

I said WII U won't survive .

I was wrong :(

ziratul1826d ago

No game console died because of horrible hardware (except handhelds). SOFTWARE! GAMES! will sell ANY hardware. Trust me, If WII U get several 9.5-10 games IT WON't die it will be success!

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The story is too old to be commented.